RMN C491 A Bitter Pill

Yan Jian Hong held out his hands with his palms up. “Alright, hold up your hands like this.”

Yun Bei Fen was confused but he still did as he was asked.

Yan Jian Hong nodded and turned his own hands over so their palms were facing each other. “As I said before, you can transmit spiritual energy through any part of the body. The back is really convenient but since you’re supposed to observe, I’ll transmit the energy through our hands for this.

“This time, don’t just watch with your eyes and spiritual sense but also listen to how your body feels when the energy enters your body. This will give you a better idea of how to adjust the flow.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded with his eyes still just as wide. To be honest, he felt a bit overwhelmed at being asked to do so many things at once. But then, maybe it wouldn’t be as difficult when it was actually happening.

Yan Jian Hong waited another moment so Yun Bei Fen could prepare and then carefully extended a thin line of spiritual energy. It traveled from his palms down until it touched Yun Bei Fen’s and then looked as if it sunk into his skin.

Yan Jian Hong glanced at Yun Bei Fen’s expression, trying to guess whether he was getting it. Unfortunately, that expression was still the same one as before so he could only try to ask directly. “You see that it works the same way as before, right?”

Yun Bei Fen nodded. To be honest, the most shocking part about this was likely how the red priest was able to accurately manage his spiritual energy like this. If he thought of his own attempts to use it to make a shield or throw an attack, then he barely managed to make those evenly thick everywhere, and learning that had taken several days.

In the end, his shields were very thick though and the attacks couldn’t be flung in a straight line. In comparison, the red priest was only using a very thin layer of spiritual energy and it advanced steadily, not wavering the slightest bit. Yun Bei Fen had to admit that he was mostly awed by this and not even the purpose of this skill any longer.

Yan Jian Hong stopped sending his spiritual energy out after getting his confirmation and gave Yun Bei Fen a deep look. “Alright, did you sense how it felt when entering your body?”

Yun Bei Fen hesitated and then shook his head. “I didn’t.”

Behind them, Elder Baili facepalmed. He couldn’t say that he was surprised but still, would it hurt his little disciple to once behave like a normal cultivator?

Yan Jian Hong only smiled though. Maybe it was because he had decided to teach the boy himself earlier or because this was the first time so he wasn’t as frustrated from past encounters like Baili Chao was. Either way, he didn’t lose his patience.

“That’s alright. Did you notice anything else?” Surely, he should have done something. The boy had stared right at what he was doing so he didn’t believe that this was without any results. The tricky part was finding out where he stood so they could advance further than this.

Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips. He had also seen his Master’s reaction so he had felt like he had done something wrong. Well, he naturally had since the red priest had told him to also focus on how the energy felt but he hadn’t done that because he was preoccupied. He felt guilty but he also knew that it wouldn’t change anything. Thus, he simply resolved to do better next time!

He thought for a bit and then explained how smooth the red priest’s transmission of the spiritual energy looked. It might not be much but at least it could prove that he had watched very closely!

Yan Jian Hong’s brows shot up and he nodded happily. “Yes! Very good. This is indeed something that is important. I’ll demonstrate again for you in a bit but basically, a steadier transmission feels more comfortable for the person receiving it. You can still transmit the energy even if it’s a bit more uneven and it won’t necessarily hurt but it can be uncomfortable.

“Now, I believe you’ve seen everything there is to see so for the next demonstration, just close your eyes and focus on the sensation of the spiritual energy entering your body. Try to feel it for a moment and then we’ll stop again for a short break and you can tell me what you found.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded and closed his eyes, already calm again. If it had been his Master, they both might have given up in frustration by now but with how calmly the red priest went about everything even with setbacks, Yun Bei Fen was back on board in no time.

At the side, Baili Chao pressed his lips together. Actually, seeing him like this, he couldn’t help but feel that some of the deficits Yun Bei Fen had were also due to him.

Clearly, if you really took your time to explain every aspect of something and show him a skill bit by bit, the boy was able to figure it out a little. He might not get everything at once but he understood the gist of it and then saw one detail on the first try and maybe another one on the second.

Yes, his comprehension ability might not be good but a good teacher was able to work around that. The red priest … he was that type of teacher. He had the patience to sit through Yun Bei Fen’s surprise and failed attempts and simply continue going. He didn’t lose his temper or got vexed and showed any impatience.

Yun Bei Fen … he probably needed that kind of Master. So yes, maybe part of why he only knew so little skills right now was also because he as his Master had failed him. That really was a bitter pill to swallow.

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