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Jing He wasn’t sure if this person knew about his trial. According to the robe he wore, he was a senior official so he might be privy to that kind of information. But then, he wasn’t even sure if the God of Justice was aware.

Yi Yun finally figured that he couldn’t just stay silent. Anyway, the only problem with telling a person more about what had happened over the period of their trial was that their perception could be changed. In this case though, this matter had only little to do with the crown prince directly.

“We are indeed quite busy. Recently, the relationship with the dragon realm has been tightened and some effects on our laws have become clear. We were doing research together with some of the half-bloods from the dragon realm to work on that issue.”

Jing He’s brows raised faintly. “I suppose with the battle in the dragon realm, that effort had to be paused.” Inwardly, his thoughts went somewhere else though.

This senior official had said that ‘the relationship with the dragon realm has been tightened’. It was a vague statement in how it didn’t mention at all how this had happened or what exactly had changed. But either way, it could only be good for him and his relationship with Qiu Ling.

Before his trial, his father had always regarded the dragons as outsiders despite the fact that they were their allies. Now, if laws were being changed and the relationship strengthened, then his private relationship with Qiu Ling might be able to proceed more smoothly. Thinking of this possibility, his heart beat faster.

Yi Yun inclined his head. “Yes, adviser An Bai was informed shortly before the impending battle and led them back to the dragon realm. I have no further information though.” He couldn’t help but glance to the side, spotting Qiang Wei who was looking at them not too furtively.

Jing He himself only had little information so he wasn’t sure whether he should say something but since they were on the topic … “As far as I am aware, the demons finally retreated.”

Yi Yun gave a hum. “That is good to know. I’d presume it will take more time for adviser An Bai and the rest to return. Either way, this matter doesn’t need to be solved immediately.”

Yes, since the Son of Heaven had awoken, the dragon king himself shouldn’t be in danger any longer. And while this could concern others, there didn’t seem to be any current cases. At the very least, he hadn’t heard of any from the Palace of Fate and the investigations in the Court of Justice had yielded no results either.

Back at the table, Qiang Wei put down the book before he could crumple any of the pages. He knew what this official meant but … he was afraid it wasn’t as easy as he imagined. Not that their current research would be able to help much. You couldn’t just get around Tian’s curse. It was what it was.

He glanced at the Son of Heaven and suddenly felt depressed. Their king … he had been so in love with him. Now, the death of this person’s reincarnation for the trial might send him spiraling or even cause his death. In the end, would they ever have the wedding they had imagined? If not, then … that would be too pitiful!

He looked down, trying not to show his thoughts on his face. He couldn’t let the crown prince find out about any of this before he didn’t get further news from the others. Before it wasn’t clear what exactly was happening to His Majesty, all of these were only speculations, after all.

His gaze fell back onto the pages and he blinked his eyes in a daze. He picked the book back up and stared closely at the painting on the left page. Then, he raised his gaze to the little beast that was acting cute on the crown prince’s arms, lying on its back and stretching its front paws to play with his hair.

Qiang Wei’s lips twitched and he faintly cleared his throat. “Your Highness?”

Jing He turned to the side, his gaze puzzled. “Adviser Qiang Wei?”

“Uh … Would you mind having a look at this?” He raised the book but didn’t turn it around. He simply didn’t know what exactly to do.

Jing He was still just as puzzled but he nodded. Turning back to Yi Yun, he inclined his head. “It seems there is something important. I shouldn’t keep you from your work either way.”

“Of course.” Yi Yun inclined his head as well and then watched the Son of Heaven walk over to Qiang Wei’s side. He gave the dragon another look before turning around to get back to his own work. Even though he really would have liked to go and ask about further news, he didn’t want to disturb the crown prince so it was better to wait.

Jing He stopped next to Qiang Wei. Putting the books down on the table, he took the seat next to him, and then looked at the page that Qiang Wei motioned at. Seeing the painting … his gaze dropped to the little beats in his arms, trying to compare.

The fur of the beast in the book was roughly the same as the small one he was currently holding, just that not all of it was black. Instead, there seemed to be a few strands of red or golden fur. But then, that might also be an artistic rendition of the flames that could leap up from the body of the beast.

Other than the fur, the rest seemed similar as well: The sharp claws, the short pointed ears, the long tail that would wave through the air or grab onto something as if it was a paw as well … it was all there. The only difference was that the beast in the book looked more mature with the facial features having turned fiercer.

He turned to Qiang Wei, surprised that he had actually been looking at beasts as well and even seemed to have found the solution this fast. “This is …?”

Qiang Wei raised his brows and hurriedly closed the book to look at the front page and find out what he had actually grabbed. “Uh … a mythical beast?” Suddenly, he wanted to facepalm. How had their king given the Son of Heaven a mythical beast of all things?! Although, then again, this seemed exactly in line with the type of shit he usually did so why was he still asking?

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