OMF V10C10 Randomly Brought Over

Before news from the battlefield could arrive, there were naturally others who would. As soon as she heard that Jing He had woken up, Bai Fen made her way over to his palace. Her husband would have liked to follow as well but as the Heavenly Emperor he couldn’t very well leave his palace when the realm of their allies was currently under attack and reports might be sent at any point. Thus, Rong Su was coldly left behind.

Seeing her son sitting on the edge of the bed, Bai Fen’s lips curved up into a beautiful smile. “Ah, child, you’re finally awake!”

Jing He got to his feet, still holding the little beast in his arms, and inclined his head. “Mother.” Judging by her words, his trial had been on the longer side. Qiu Ling should have been worried. No wonder he had gone out to find a pet for him. And now, he wasn’t even there when he woke up and would only find out after the battle. It was such a pity.

Thinking of how long of a time he had made Qiu Ling wait, Jing He’s heart felt uncomfortable. He had really put him through a lot. It would have been much better to do a trial earlier. Just why had his father waited so long to send him to the mortal realm?

Bai Fen saw her son in a daze but she didn’t think too much about it. Waking up after a trial was a confusing matter. You couldn’t remember at first and sometimes, it would even be hard to remind yourself that you had missed some time. You would only notice the small signs of that throughout the upcoming days, being reminded over and over again that there was a gap somewhere in your memories. It only got better after you started to remember but then, that in and of itself was a troublesome matter as well.

She sighed, went to grab Jing He’s hand, and pulled him to sit down at the table. “Did Yi Zan already tell you about the dragon realm?”

Jing He nodded. “He did. Does uncle have any news?”

Yi Zan had left the two of them alone and was now guarding together with Qiang Wei and the heavenly guards in front of the door.

Bai Fen looked over there and shook her head. “Your uncle only received news of an impending battle. We don’t know anything else. If Yi Zan and Qiang Wei couldn’t tell you more, I’m afraid nobody can.”

Jing He nodded, his heart heavy. “It should be dangerous. Especially so for Qiu Ling as their king.” He might not know much about war or fighting but he did understand a principle like killing or capturing the other side’s leader to achieve your goals. Since that was the case, Qiu Ling should be in the most danger.

Bai Fen patted his hand, not sure what to say. So much had happened recently and she was well aware that Qiu Ling’s situation hadn’t been the best either. Now, her son was awake. It didn’t need a genius to figure out that something had gone wrong. “Qiu Ling would never let anything happen that separates the two of you. You know how much he loves you.”

Jing He lowered his gaze in response, not wanting to admit it. But yes, knowing Qiu Ling, he would fight tooth and nail even if it was just so he could return to him later in the day and tell him with a smile that he was glad that he had woken up. Qiu Ling just was like that.

Bai Fen sighed. “Still, I get your worry. This battle came so suddenly. We didn’t have an inkling. Either way, you shouldn’t worry about that. I’m sure Qiu Ling will be back soon. Even if it takes a little longer, it will be because he has to oversee the aftermath of the battle.”

Jing He nodded. “Yes, I assume so. Qiu Ling surely wouldn’t leave that task to others.” Qiu Ling had always taken a lot of time to accompany him but in a situation such as this, his duties as the dragon king naturally needed to come first. Jing He was aware of this and he wouldn’t begrudge it either. No, that Qiu Ling put his people first simply showed what a splendid ruler he was. If anything, it made him feel even more enamored with him.

He smiled to himself and couldn’t help but look at the small beast again. He pulled it up from his lap, carefully setting it down on the table. He hadn’t dared to ask Yi Zan too much since they weren’t familiar but since his mother was here now, he figured he could show some curiosity at least. “Mother, I was told this was something Longjun had left for me. Would you know more about that?”

Bai Fen looked at the small best and reached out to poke its head, giving a bright smile. “It’s not like he told me but I know he randomly brought it along one day. It should have come from the mortal realm and it’s been here ever since.

“It looks a bit useless but it’s actually quite strong. The magical abilities aren’t anything to look down on, at least.” Her smile turned a little forced at that. She couldn’t help but remember that it had apparently been this little creature that saved her son’s life when Zhong Jing Yi attacked him.

This wasn’t anything to bother Jing He with before he started to regain his memories though so she forced herself to put that emotion away and instead focused on what else she knew. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much. “I guess there isn’t more to say about it. You should ask Qiu Ling when he comes back. Anyway, have you thought of a name yet?”

Jing He looked up in surprise. “Does it not have one?”

Bai Fen raised her brows. “It shouldn’t.” At the very least, she couldn’t imagine Qiu Ling bothering to name a small creature. Even him thinking of bringing this along had come as a surprise to her. But then, that had likely been out of simple paranoia. Looking back now, it was good that he had felt like it though.

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