OMF V10C3 Long Live the King

At this moment, Jinde was at the edge of the battle, taking care of a bunch of demons while keeping half an eye on his husband. Seeing Leng Jin Yu fight, he couldn’t help but be reminded of the past.

Originally, when they had met, he had used the elegant swordplay of the Jian Yi Sect. He had tried to keep some of that splendor hidden while undercover in the Yun Zou Sect but of course, it shone through here and there and a true master was able to see the difference.

By now though, something had changed. The base of what he did were still those elegant sets of movements but they had become faster, fiercer, more unbridled. Maybe the closest description of what Leng Jin Yu was doing now was to say that he had merged Chun Yin’s fighting style into his own, incorporating it bit by bit until they truly became one.

It had an unrestrained feeling without lacking the maturity that Leng Jin Yu exuded. In a sense, it was a lot like his husband himself. Of course, it was also reassuring to see this. Clearly, he didn’t need to worry about him too much. No matter what trickery the demons used, he’d be able to deal with it. They probably wouldn’t need to linger on the outskirts of the battlefield for too long.

Just then, he felt his transmission stone pulse. His brows shot up and he moved over to Leng Jin Yu’s side. “My dear, protect me for a bit, will you?” There weren’t that many people who could casually open a transmission with him. At this moment, everyone in the dragon realm who knew him was on this battlefield save for one person: Xiang Yu. If anything was up with their child, he wanted to know immediately so he couldn’t ignore this.

The image that sprung up wasn’t Xiang Yu though but Xiang Yong instead. Jinde’s brows raised even higher. “Adviser Xiang Yong? What’s the matter?”

Xiang Yong’s expression was still solemn. “Zhong Jing Yi was killed. His Majesty isn’t in a good state. We could use some help.”

Jinde’s expression fell as well. Your lover dying — even if it was just a temporary reincarnation — was the worst thing that could happen to a dragon. The previous matter with Jing He had shown that and he knew from experience what it could do to your state of mind just to be apart for a long time even if your soul wasn’t bound. “I will be there in a moment.”

He cut the connection and turned to Leng Jin Yu who was fighting off the demons, his teeth already gritted.

He had heard and, of course, he also worried about Qiu Ling. While their relationship couldn’t be called anything but complicated, they were still on good terms and things were looking up, especially with Qiu Ling’s sibling thrown into the mix. If something happened to him now … he wasn’t sure if he could forgive himself for that. “Let’s go.”

Jinde nodded and the two of them brushed the demons close-by out of the way and then rushed toward the middle of the battlefield. Clearly, that should be where things had happened. After all, the demons would never let go of this opportunity.

Jinde had been pissed off since the moment he found out that Jin Ling had come to the dragon realm and actually threatened his child. Now, a new worry had been added to that one. Why did everybody think today that they could hurt his children? He wouldn’t let them!

Thinking of that, he gritted his teeth and rushed out even faster, soon seeing Qiu Ling on the ground who was clutching Zhong Jing Yi’s lifeless body. Jinde could feel the anguish from Qiu Ling even from this distance. He knew that feeling. He had felt the same when Jian Heng told him that Chun Yin had long been killed by that woman.

No dragon should ever have to go through that. No, no person should, no matter which race they were from but for the dragons, the dread this scene caused was even worse. If this was anyone else, if this wasn’t only the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation, Qiu Ling would never be able to find love again after this. In fact, he wouldn’t even be able to keep his life.

Two of his children almost killed in one day. Jinde roared when he realized this and he shot up into the sky, the veil on his hat billowing in the sky, a few strands of golden hair dancing with the wind. “Nobody hurts my children!”

He stared at the demons with bloodshot eyes, his claws that had still been retracted before emerging at once. Above him, the clouds that had long since spread above the battlefield thickened, rumbling with thunder.

For a moment, there seemed to be a lull in the battle. Dragons were creatures of air and water and the weather followed their call. The stronger they were, the fiercer the storm they could call upon. If you had many of them come together, the effect would naturally be bigger but the storm that was brewing right now spelled major trouble for the side of the demons.

Yong Hai stared up at the figure in the sky, his expression changing from the previous smugness to anger. “Drag that bastard down for me!” He couldn’t let the dragons regain their morale. If they did, they would once again be at a disadvantage.

After all, their king dying was one thing but at the end of the day, he was only one strong person. As long as somebody else took over heading the battle, the dragons could still rally behind them. That was how the current king had been crowned and it might very well be how the next one would be as well. And this man up there was precisely the kind of person that could make the dragons listen to him and take up the mantle even if it was right after the old king’s death.

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