OMF V9C381 A Vantage Point

Jing Yi hadn’t expected much. Xiang Yu usually wasn’t one to talk unless you coaxed him and he wasn’t as good at that as Qiu Ling or Jinde. Those two had a special way of talking to Xiang Yu that others simply couldn’t compare to. If he had to describe it, he’d have to say that they managed to look at him and his status as a fallen god and then completely ignore it, simply to treat him like an adorable five-year-old. It was odd to watch if you knew what was up.

He shook his head and left the courtyard, not thinking about it further. Anyway, Xiang Yu would make sure that Jinde’s and Leng Jin Yu’s child was safe. He didn’t have to worry about that. No, right now, he only needed to find a place from where he could have a good look at the battlefield.

He didn’t know where Qiu Ling would be or if he would even be able to see him but it was worth a try. If he couldn’t be with him to support him, he at least wanted to do his best to not stay completely ignorant. Anyway, that was about as much as he could do with his current skills. Just being an ascended deity didn’t make you a good fighter, after all.

As for a good place to watch from … there were a few he could think of. Qiu Ling had shown him around the capital since they had come here so he was familiar enough to choose a spot fast and make his way over there. The closest was a pavilion of two stories with a viewing platform surrounding the second. It wasn’t that tall but most buildings here only had one floor so it should be enough to look past them and the wall surrounding the city. Not to mention that the pavilion was closer to the wall anyway and the taller buildings were usually closer to the middle of the city.

Jing Yi reached the gates of the dragon king’s palace and hurried outside. He stopped there though, first glancing over the square in front and then down the street that led past to make sure he didn’t run into any trouble.

Well, it didn’t seem like he’d have to worry about that. The square and the street were completely quiet with not a soul in sight. It was odd seeing this place like that which was completely contrary to the otherwise bustling city. It was even worse with the sounds of the battle being blown over by the wind.

Jing Yi furrowed his brows, glancing in that direction. He had never experienced a battle like this. The closest he had gotten to that was when Jin Ling kidnapped him. But back then, Jin Ling hadn’t actually intended to fight. He had simply wanted to use him to get Qiu Ling to do his bidding. So at that time, things had been rather quiet.

Now, the sounds made his hair stand on end but he forced himself to continue looking over there. He could actually see part of the battle from here but not being at a good vantage point, he couldn’t make out many details. He definitely couldn’t see Qiu Ling. He did see the winding figures of several dragons though and he heard their roars, although he couldn’t say whether those were ones made out of pain or frustration or anger or whatever else it was one might feel in such a battle.

He felt a chill hearing them though and rushed in the direction of the pavilion that was closer to that side of the city. Running down that street, he could already see the pavilion in the distance. His heart beat fast, still fearing what might happen.

Finally, he reached the street leading directly to the square where the pavilion stood. He turned the corner only to stop in his tracks. There was actually somebody walking up the street toward him.

The man looked up at the same time and raised his brows. “Jing Yi?”

Jing Yi was taken aback, feeling like he hadn’t seen this person before, but he still nodded. Anyway, there were lots of people in the palace and them remembering him was always more likely than him remembering all of them. “Yes. Why aren’t you out there?”

“Oh.” The man smiled and waved. “Some things can only be done from the inside. You shouldn’t worry about that. Were you trying to get to a safe place?”

Jing Yi shook his head and pointed at the pavilion. “No, I was … looking for a vantage point to see the battle.”

The man stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder. “That one? I don’t think it’s a good spot.” He turned back to Jing Yi and smiled. “How about I take you to a better place where you can really see everything from?”

Jing Yi blinked his eyes in surprise. He already wanted to accept but suddenly couldn’t help but feel that something was odd about this. He didn’t know this man and there was a battle waging outside. He probably shouldn’t run around this much. “That … thank you for the offer but I think this will be alright.”

“Sure.” The man raised his hands. “It was just an offer anyway.”

Jing Yi felt relieved and hurriedly nodded. “Then I shouldn’t keep you any longer.” He rushed out again, his gaze on the doors of the pavilion.

When he passed the man the guy reached out and grabbed his arm. “Well, then again, I still need you for something.”

Before Jing Yi could understand what was going on, the street around them vanished, and was replaced with noise. Something dropped in front of his feet and he stared at it in a daze before realizing it was a body. Raising his head in a daze, he found himself right in the middle of the battlefield.

The man next to him smiled. “Well, blame your love life for your bad luck.” Then, his claws plunged into Jing Yi’s chest.

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