RMN C469 Questionable Design Choices

Yan Hong Min looked over his shoulder, pausing for a moment before he turned back to the shelf, rummaging around again.

Mei Chao Bing raised his brows, not sure what this was supposed to tell him. Was there a way to ensure their disciples wouldn’t be injured or not? When using spiritual energy, you wouldn’t injure yourself but that didn’t mean you couldn’t injure the people on your own side. Spiritual energy had no eyes, after all.

And when using an offensive magical tool, this was even more so true. Unless Yan Hong Min had prepared, that was. But it didn’t look that way. So much for the perfect strategy to use on the demonic practitioners. It seemed like all of that was a pipe dream.

Yan Hong Min didn’t acknowledge his words at all and even stopped handing him magical tools. Instead, he seemed to be looking for something. After a while, he left the shelf and went to a chest on the other side of the room. Pushing back the lid, he bent down, rummaging around for another minute or two. Finally, he gave a yell. “Hah!” He pulled something out and triumphantly turned back to Mei Chao Bing, holding it up.

The other disciple looked at the thing in his hands. It was … well, he wasn’t sure how to describe it. There was some kind of arc and … two elongated pieces of fabric sticking out on top. He really didn’t want to make any comparison but … “Bunny ears?”

Yan Hong Min’s expression froze and he glanced at the object in his hands, finally clearing his throat. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. This is a magical tool sensor!” He put on a dignified expression but his stance had turned a bit too stiff to not notice.

Mei Chao Bing slowly nodded. It looked … odd but if Yan Hong Min said it was useful, he’d believe it. Anyway, so far, he had already seen one or two of Yan Hong Min’s creations that could be summarized with the words ‘incredibly helpful but follows questionable design choices’.

He cleared his throat and tried to stay open-minded in light of the crisis they were facing. As long as this sensor could help, that was enough for him, no matter how ridiculous it looked. “So, what exactly does it do?”

“Well, it senses magical tools.” Yan Hong Min handed it over and motioned at his head. “You put it on.”

Mei Chao Bing stared at him for ten seconds, feeling that his original guess really wasn’t that far off. But then, what was looking ridiculous for a bit? He raised the sensor and put it on his head, his brows furrowing. “That’s a bit tight?”

Yan Hong Min nodded, not missing a beat. “Well, yeah, I made that according to the head size of my little junior. He was only eleven or so at the time. Don’t worry though, I can adjust it for you!”

Mei Chao Bing nodded as well, not sure what to make of this. After putting the thing on, even though it was extremely uncomfortable to wear, he noticed that there was some kind of … feedback.

At first, he hardly even realized. His spiritual sense had always worked auditory and since he was almost constantly using his spiritual sense since the day his Master had betrayed the Teng Yong Sect, he was used to a higher than usual amount of noise around him. He could ignore it most of the time though, meaning that he would only notice signals that were out of the ordinary.

Because of this, it didn’t immediately register when there were some sounds added. Anyway, they were low and hardly factored into what else he was hearing. But then, when he slightly turned his head to adjust the fit, he picked up louder sounds, making him pause.

Now that he focused on it, he realized that this … thing on his head was giving feedback similar to his spiritual sense in how it made a sound whenever he faced the direction of a magical tool. Because Yan Hong Min’s study was full of them, the sounds were near constant but when facing an especially strong one, a very crisp sound would ring out to alert him.

He gave a hum, feeling that it actually wasn’t total garbage. “How strong a signal can this sense?” For him who was already at the nascent soul stage, this wasn’t all that helpful. He could simply use his spiritual sense to reach the same result. But then, for the younger disciples, this might be helpful.

Yan Hong Min pursed his lips. “Well, I’ve adjusted it several times whenever I made a strong magical tool. So far, it definitely senses everything up to the early nascent soul stage. It might even be able to go up to the late stage but I didn’t have anything to test that so it’s just a guess based on the materials I used.”

His own level wasn’t very high so he mostly relied on Zhi Guan to bring him things that he could do his tests with. His first senior martial brother loved going out on missions and didn’t even mind giving away his rewards, simply treasuring the experience, so this usually wasn’t a problem.

Still, there were only so many things Zhi Guan could do as a single person. Thus, often enough, he was missing some items to be able to finalize his research in a timely manner. This sensor had pretty much turned into one of the victims of this problem, only ever getting updated when everything else had been taken care of.

Mei Chao Bing slowly nodded. This was already very good. In fact, just like Yan Hong Min’s other inventions, this could have a benefit in battle. After all, it clearly didn’t need spiritual energy to work and even if it did, you wouldn’t need much of it. That could spare the younger disciples from exhausting themselves while still giving them an early warning when confronted with a magical tool. In fact … “Senior martial brother Yan, is there any chance you could change this sensor to the point where it could sense not only magical tools but all spiritual energy? Like … a portable spiritual sense?”

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