RSH Stratagem 39: Comfort the One You Love! (2)

Jing He might not be feeling like he was doing much but actually, Qiu Ling indeed felt very comforted. Anyway, Jing He seldom took the initiative. In fact, it might not be wrong to say that he never did. But right now, even though it still couldn’t be said that he had done much other than taking his hand for a short moment, he had still gone ahead and hugged him back when he asked him to comfort him. That was definitely a win.

To him, that past was from a long time ago. Yes, it made him sad to think about it but he knew it couldn’t be changed anymore. Now, he could only look forward to the future.

He had lost one family but he could get another one, a family that would be created with the person in his arms. He was sure of that. So yes, just being hugged by Jing He reassured him that he would indeed have a future. What a comforting thought that was!

Qiu Ling held him quietly for a moment before he turned his head, his lips seeming to inadvertently brush over Jing He’s cheek. In fact, there was absolutely nothing inadvertent about it. He was so close. And right now, Jing He seemed more than willing to take a step toward. Shouldn’t he take a bit of advantage of that? Anyway, it wasn’t like he hadn’t done this before.

Jing He felt a soft touch and couldn’t help but freeze in Qiu Ling’s arms. Even though he should know better, he was still surprised. And yet, he continued to hold onto him. Only his fingers curled slightly, grasping at the dark fabric of Qiu Ling’s robe, betraying the desperation in his heart.

He closed his eyes, trying not to let Qiu Ling realize what kind of agitated state he was in. He deliberately slowed down his breath so as to not give himself away. He couldn’t do anything about his heartbeat though. Surely, Qiu Ling would notice. They were this close together after all.

Qiu Ling indeed noticed that something was different. He was sticking close to Jing He and after six years of getting along with each other, he had a certain understanding of him. Naturally, he expected the situation to cause some kind of reaction. The small details that Jing He tried to cover up, he noticed them clearly. But of course, he didn’t mind.

He smiled to himself and then pulled back a little, his happiness obvious in his gaze when he looked at Jing He. “Thank you. I do feel better already.”

Jing He slowly opened his eyes and looked at him, not sure what to say. Did he indeed feel better? He could hardly imagine it. He hadn’t done much after all. He thought for a moment and then tried to find the right words to reassure him further. “What happened … it can’t be undone. But even though the soul-devouring dagger has that kind of effect, I’m sure that Heaven isn’t blind. Good people will have a way out.”

Qiu Ling faintly tilted his head. To be honest, he didn’t believe in that but hearing it come from Jing He’s lips, he still nodded. “You know, maybe you’re right. Even if a regular reincarnation can’t be done, maybe there’s still something that will happen in the High Heavens. Anyway, who knows what is going on in the supreme ruler’s mind? Surely, if there is somebody who can save a person, it’s him.”

Jing He nodded. He had always loved the stories of the supreme ruler and his lover, not doubting a word. Hearing something like this, he naturally agreed.

Qiu Ling tilted his head, once again reaching up and brushing a strand of Jing He’s hair back that had fallen to the front. “Time and time again, you will talk about him like this. You really must have a high opinion of him.”

It wasn’t like they hadn’t talked about this before but it was still a bit inexplicable to Qiu Ling. Anyway, no matter how many stories had been passed down, it was still something that had happened in the far past. And no matter what, the supreme ruler was still the one who had cursed all of the immortal races.

To have such a high opinion of him, it seemed a little strange. A lot of people would honor him in a way where they knew he was out there and his position was high. It might not be wrong to say that he was feared among them because they knew that they were nothing in Tian’s eyes and killing or even eradicating them completely could be done with just a snap of his fingers. And yet, they looked up to him, admiring precisely that strength that had made their lives so much harder already.

But Jing He’s feelings seemed to surpass that fearful way of looking up to Tian. Yes, maybe it wouldn’t be wrong to say he worshiped him in a sense where he admired every part of him. In his eyes, there was not just strength but also the person who had lived in the Nine Heavens for a long time and been somebody’s lover. In fact, maybe Jing He was even more focused on that part. Just look at how he had collected the poems Tian wrote for his own husband!

Either way, considering how reclusive Jing He usually was and how he didn’t intact with people much, it sure was strange to see him express such feelings for a person. It gave him the feeling that he had a lot to live up to.

Jing He faintly smiled at that, his fingers still clasping Qiu Ling’s robe. “You must think I’m strange for being like this. Anyway, it was a long time ago but it’s not like there is any hope of ever seeing this person. It’s just that … I grew up hearing these stories and I can’t help but think that it is very beautiful. Even though there is no definite happy ending to his tale, he just seems so … true in everything he does.”

Qiu Ling nodded and couldn’t help but lean closer again, his breath brushing against Jing He’s skin. “I think I can somewhat see the appeal. Anyway, that person is a special existence. It’s not strange to feel like this. I am sure there are others out there who think the same as you.”

Inwardly, he couldn’t help but dwell on the words ‘true in everything he does’. That seemed to give him a special insight as to what exactly Jing He admired so much about that man. It was also something that could help make the two of them become closer.

Jing He nodded. To be honest, he had no idea what others thought but it didn’t matter either way. No, the important thing was what Qiu Ling thought. If it was too weird, then in the future, he wouldn’t mention it again. But it seemed that Qiu Ling really didn’t care. That was good. He didn’t want to have to hide in front of this person. Even if it was about small matters, he would be happiest if he could just be honest about it. After all, it was a lot of effort to hide so many things every day.

Qiu Ling continued to watch him and seeing the gentle expression in his eyes, he leaned even closer than before. Now, they were only a hair’s breadth apart from each other. “You know, even if it’s the supreme ruler, hearing you talk about another man like this will still make me jealous.”

Jing He’s gaze flickered. It had been lowered before to not give his feelings away but right now, this meant that he saw just how close Qiu Ling’s lips were to his own. To be honest, he hoped that Qiu Ling would bridge that gap and kiss him. He could pretend to be surprised if he did, then after that … Well, he also didn’t know what to do after that. He should probably pretend that it hadn’t happened while inwardly cherishing the memory.

Qiu Ling continued to look at him couldn’t so he couldn’t help but notice that his gaze seemed unsteady. He indeed wanted to lean closer and just go ahead with what he had thought of but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Instead, he reached out and pulled Jing He’s hands into his own, lowering his head. “Well, a bit of jealousy isn’t bad but I shouldn’t overdo it.

“Anyway, nothing is official yet. I guess I can’t be too demanding.” He chuckled faintly. After thinking about it for a moment, he still leaned closer, his lips once again brushing over Jing He’s skin. He didn’t dare to kiss him on the lips. After all, he knew how easily Jing He was scandalized. He did allow himself to pick a spot a little closer though. You could call that taking small steps to finally reach his goal. By the time they got married, there wouldn’t be a problem anymore if he wanted to kiss him on the lips. At the very least, he hoped for that.

Qiu Ling pulled back and then cleared his throat, figuring that maybe now was a good time for implementing his plan after all. “Speaking of find memories … Do you remember how I gave your father a jar of wine on the day we met?”

Jing He nodded, his cheeks flushing crimson. “I do.” Although, it was a bit wrong to say that Qiu Ling had given his father that jar. Instead, it would be more accurate to say that he had directly handed it to him. He also hadn’t said a single word about his father, addressing him instead, the congratulations turning into words of love.

Qiu Ling nodded faintly. “That wine, did you get a single sip of that?”

Jing He shook his head, his face still flushed. “No, my father wouldn’t let me drink. Longjun probably remembers that I only recently came of age. Drinking wine isn’t suitable. The effect would be too strong.”

Qiu Ling gave a drawn-out hum and couldn’t help but reach over. He clasped Jing He’s chin and tilted up his head. “You know, people have been telling me that you only ‘recently came of age’ since the day we met. But now, it’s been another six years. How recent was it, actually?”

The flush on Jing He’s cheeks deepened. “Not … not that long ago. At that time, it hadn’t been two years.” He hesitated but then couldn’t help but add another sentence. “I remember that at that time, there was also an envoy sent from the dragon realm.”

Qiu Ling winced inside. An envoy, yes. Surely, he hadn’t gone himself. Otherwise, he and Jing He would have met even earlier. Now, he really regretted that he hadn’t taken his duties as king of the dragon race a little more seriously. Two more years with Jing He … that sounded absolute heavenly.

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