OMF V9C355 Just Like Him

While the four of them went to take care of this matter, a person slowly walked into the corridor, his gaze darting around.

It was surprisingly easy to find a person with the description ‘a stunning beauty with golden hair and golden eyes’ in the dragon realm’s capital city. Just asking a random person or two would not only give you the name they went by but also where they lived. If you asked at exactly the right place, you’d even get a description right down to the corridor where their room was located.

Jin Ling looked at the doors to either side, feeling conflicted. He had looked for Jinde for so long but he never would have considered checking this place. Just how long had it been since he came to the dragon realm? If he had thought of this possibility, they could have seen each other much earlier.

He walked up to the first door but with the arrays used in this type of building, he couldn’t hear anything from inside. Well, it shouldn’t be this one anyway. After all, he had been told that his room was further in the back if he walked into the corridor from this direction. He took a few more steps, looking at this door and that, and finally just opened one on the left side at random.

Nobody was inside and at first glance, he couldn’t find any hints that Jinde might be living in this place. Even though it had been a lot of time since he had lived with him, he was still certain that he would be able to distinguish his place from others. After all, they had spent years together.

He looked around a little further but then left, feeling that this shouldn’t be the room Jinde was living in. He closed the door behind himself and went to the next room, checking in the same way.

It didn’t take long for Jin Ling to step into the actual room of Jinde and Leng Jin Yu. He closed the door behind him, his gaze brushing over everything from the furniture to the scrolls lying around and the decorations hung up on the wall.

His eyes narrowed. This was it. Without a doubt, this was Jinde’s room.

He walked up to the bed and pulled up the blanket, sniffing at it. There was the scent of an unfamiliar man on it but beneath that, there was also Jinde’s familiar fragrance.

Jin Ling closed his eyes and let go of the fabric, his lips curving up into a smile. He had found him. After tossing and turning for so long, he had indeed managed to find him. Right now, Jinde might actually only be a few steps away.

He wasn’t happy that there was another man in his life right now but just knowing that Jinde was here was enough for him. Everything else … they could work on that later. It wasn’t too late for that.

He opened his eyes again and walked through the room, gently touching every piece that was lying out in the open and seemed somehow related to Jinde. He stayed especially long in that small study, feeling reminded of how he had watched Jinde refine pills and potions for some people of their race and even the gods. He had also spent hours in his study back then, using every opportunity he got to get in a few minutes of research amidst all the tasks he had to do as king.

Back then, he had always wanted to support him. He had thought that maybe there would be a day when Jinde realized that he was all grown up and could take some of that burden off his shoulders.

He hadn’t been like Chun Yin who refused to live with his king while being his subject and his adviser. No, he was willing to share everything: the burdens and the blessings. Every single task, no matter how small or big it was, could be done together, leaving Jinde with more time for the things he loved.

It could have been so beautiful.

Jin Ling tried not to dwell on it and walked out of the study, instead walking over to the door to the courtyard. He hadn’t forgotten just why Xiang Yu had originally wanted to come here.

A child … just thinking of that, he was filled with red-hot anger. He didn’t want Jinde to have a child with that man. He didn’t want him to have any child at all, maybe not even if it had been his own. No, since there was finally an opportunity to be together again, he didn’t want anyone or anything to take even a small amount of that attention away from him.

He stepped outside, his gaze landing on the shell in the depression without bothering about the rest of the courtyard. He clenched his hands into fists but still forced himself to step closer.

The shell was breathtakingly beautiful with a pearl-white base and muted markings on top, just as expected of the one Jinde would choose. Naturally, that did nothing to quell Jin Ling’s anger.

Why did this … thing deserve so much of Jinde’s attention when he had been exiled and not been allowed to see him even once in all these years? This just wasn’t right!

He gathered his spiritual energy around his fingers without even noticing it at first. When he did, he jolted but finally still raised his hand. Yes, why would he just silently watch on as somebody once again took Jinde’s love and attention away from him? He had already needed to share him with the memory of that bastard and his son and now also with his reincarnation. Why would he let them add another child into the mix?

Right now, he was alone. He could stop this and surely, Jinde wouldn’t simply give it a new try. Even if he did, since he knew where he was now, he could always make sure it wouldn’t work out. And as long as he didn’t use the demons’ dark energy, Jinde would never suspect that he was the one who had done this.

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