OMF V9C352 It’ll Fit in Great!

Since everyone was gathered, the six people finally set off from the Yun Zou Sect, making their way to the Long kingdom’s capital city. When they got to the guesthouse, only Hong Ai was there to greet them.

“My sister and Wu Ya went out to the city. Xiang Yu left shortly before that and hasn’t come back yet. My husband isn’t back with the others either which is a bit surprising. It shouldn’t have taken that long but I guess he is still working on solving that issue with the alchemy division.” Anyway, since Shen An De already knew now, he wouldn’t push dealing with that off. No, he was the type to start on something and finish it in one go.

Jing Yi nodded, also not feeling that it was odd. “Well, let’s get everyone to their rooms first then?” He looked up at Qiu Ling, wondering what he thought.

Qiu Ling nodded and then motioned for the servant that had already helped them the previous week.

Actually, the others didn’t feel like they needed a room. They weren’t carrying much, after all, and it had only been a short distance from the Yun Zou Sect to the capital city. But since Jing Yi and Qiu Ling had organized everything and the others weren’t here yet, just having a look couldn’t hurt either.

Thus, everyone first went to take a look around the guesthouse and the rooms they would have for the night. After that, they were also shown to the hall they had reserved for the evening. It was already set up so nothing would go wrong on that front. At the moment, there was still a lot of time though. Naturally, they could have sat down to talk already but with several people missing, that also seemed awkward.

Nian Hong Fang glanced at his lover and then took his hand, interlacing their fingers. “Well, how about taking a stroll through the city then? Shao Hai mentioned he came from here and senior martial brother Wu has been over several times to take in new disciples, no? Personally, I haven’t had a chance yet.”

Jing Yi nodded. “Sure! Actually, it doesn’t look a lot like what it once was anymore. Qiu Ling and I had a look around over the last week though so we can show you some interesting spots!”

Nian Hong Fang nodded, smiling brightly. Who was better at showing some romantic spots than another couple in love? Of course, he was all for this!

Ma Zhi Wu also inclined his head, faintly squeezing Nian Hong Fang’s hand. He could guess his thoughts and, to be honest, he was also somewhat looking forward to it.

Nian Hong Fang simply laughed lightly and leaned closer, urging him to get up and go.

Jing Yi looked at Shao Hai and Hong Ai, wondering what their thoughts on this were.

Hong Ai simply waved. “I’ve already looked around with An De. Don’t worry about me though. I’ll just stay here and wait. Anyway, when Xiao Bao and Wu Ya come back later, I’d also rather be here.”

Jing Yi gave a hum and then turned to Shao Hai. “Then what about you?”

“Sure!” Actually, he had been to the city several times throughout the years so he had seen the changes happen bit by bit and was also more or less familiar with the place. He didn’t mind coming along though. Anyway, even though seeing Jing Yi again had been awkward, they had been good friends once and he was willing to rekindle that relationship if Jing Yi wanted to.

Jing Yi nodded and the group left the guesthouse, slowly strolling down the street.

Just a few houses down, a familiar pair of people stepped out of one of the stores, one of them carrying a few brightly colored boxes.

Jing Yi stopped in his tracks and pulled Qiu Ling’s sleeve but he had already seen them.

He gave a hum and raised a hand, not only attracting their attention but that of other people around them as well.

Wu Ya’s eyes lit up. “Jing Yi and Qiu Ling are back!”

Hong Bao nodded and then rushed over, curiously looking at the other four as well. “You’re back! Wu Ya and I went to get a few things.”

Qiu Ling eyed Wu Ya who was the only one carrying any of those ‘few things’ and faintly raised his brows.

Wu Ya smiled brightly though. “Oh, Hong Bao has a better eye for finding things so I asked if she’d be alright with me just carrying everything while she looks for the two of us.”

Hong Bao nodded and then pulled the box at the top down, handing it to Jing Yi. “You take a look! We got this for you.”

Jing Yi was puzzled but still reached out to open the box. It wasn’t that big so he wasn’t sure what to expect. When the lid came off, what he found was a tea set. He looked at it blankly, still not sure what this was about. Thus, he simply turned to look at Qiu Ling for some inspiration.

Qiu Ling smiled and reached out, taking the box from his hands. “Oh, let me carry that for you so you can take a closer look.”

Jing Yi nodded and picked up one of the teacups. They seemed quite simple other than the fact that there was a painting on the side of a couple sitting under a tree, watching a pair of cranes flying over a lake. He … he still didn’t know why Hong Bao had given him this.

He put the teacup back into the box, closed the lid, and turned back to her. “Thank you.” Anyway, even though he didn’t understand her meaning, it was naturally nice to receive a friend’s care.

Hong Bao beamed. “Do you like it? We also got you a matching painting scroll!” She looked at the boxes Wu Ya was carrying but wasn’t sure which one it was.

Wu Ya helplessly raised his elbow where a tube was hanging on a rope.

Hong Bao squealed, grabbed the tube, opened it, and directly took out the painting, unfolding it in front of Jing Yi and Qiu Ling. “What do you think? I’m sure it’ll fit in great together with the rest when you’re moving in together after the wedding!”

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