OMF V9C310 The Last Step

An Rong tried not to think too much. When it came to fallen gods, who could understand them? In this case, something had been asked of him and he would simply do it. After that, he would leave the matter alone and hope that he never had to do with him again.

Originally, he hadn’t thought like that. He also didn’t know why that was. Maybe because even though Hua Lin Yu had shown the mark of wisdom between his brows, his expression had been especially normal and he had had the appearance of a mortal otherwise. But looking at the actual fallen god next to him, there was none of that. He still looked cute on the surface level but the feeling he gave off was different. And right now, An Rong didn’t want to deal with that.

He quietly walked into the palace, once again using the formation on the opposite wall to look around for Xiao Li. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to be that simple this time around. No matter where he looked, he wasn’t able to see that half-demon and neither seemed the fallen god next to him able to do so.

An Rong glanced at him and raised his brows. “I’m not sure where he went. With this, I can potentially look at all the places in the sect but if he is somewhere inside, it could take a long time. I created this realm to look exactly like the Hei Dian Sect that Ah Ying and I founded together with the other two, including the caves in the mountains and all the houses that were built for the disciples. Can’t you look for him yourself? That might be faster.” His gaze wandered back to the mark of wisdom but he was not sure what the limits on its use actually were. Was he able to find a person’s current location this way?

Xiang Yu was startled and turned to look at An Rong strangely. This person really knew a lot about fallen gods. For a moment, he himself had forgotten that he actually had that ability. It seemed that he had been a mortal for too long. Although then again, being a mortal had been nice so it actually seemed too short when he thought about it this way.

He touched the spot between his brows, trying to figure out Xiao Li’s currency location. When he had, he nodded to himself. Lowering his hand and looking at An Rong, he pondered for a while before pursing his lips. “You’re not too bad for a demon.”

At the very least, this man had tried to save him even though he wouldn’t have needed to. And he was still holding onto his lover. Curse or no curse, that couldn’t be considered too bad.

For just a moment, An Rong saw the same cute youth in front of him again and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Well, thank you for the compliment. I guess after being screwed over by some demon, that’s not easy for you to say.” He hesitated for a moment and then motioned back outside. “You probably know, but your lover from the dragon realm took away your body. He should be a good guy. If he didn’t know …”

Xiang Yu shook his head. “No, he’s aware. I’m going to find him after I kill Xiao Li.”

An Rong nodded, feeling a bit gratified. He hadn’t really known Hua Lin Yu and he definitely didn’t know Xiang Yu, but it was never wrong to hope that another person could be happy. Love was something precious, Tian had proven that when he took the ability to feel that emotion from the demons. And he himself had also realized this one more time when he lost the love of his life. “It’s good that he does. Even if you died, there is still a chance for the two of you. I wish you luck.”

Xiang Yu nodded and then opened a gate again, leaving at once.

An Rong watched his figure disappear in a flash, and then stepped back to the jade coffin, putting a hand on top. “Ah Ying, I’ve had the weirdest day today. But, you know, when I think about it, this might be giving me an idea.” He nodded slowly to himself, feeling that yes, maybe there was a chance for this to work.

His lips curved up in a smile and he looked back at Duan Gui Ying’s face. “I’ve felt for a long time that I am only one more step away from getting you back. But even though I knew that it wouldn’t take much more, I could never see the way forward.

“Now, I suddenly feel like it has been illuminated. I know exactly what to do. It’s … it’s strange but I’m really grateful. That just goes to show that if you do good deeds, you’ll be rewarded. Soon enough, the two of us will also be reunited. I’ll wait for that.”

He patted the top of the jade coffin and then turned around, walking to the wall in the back, and lightly patted one of the inlaid gems. Part of the wall slid to the side and An Rong stepped into the room behind, getting back to his work.

Even if he knew what he had to do now, it would still take some time to finish this. But maybe in a year or so, he would have obtained the results and see if he had indeed gotten it right this time. Then, Duan Gui Ying could finally return to his side, not just as a reincarnated person but as the one he had been when he was originally alive.

Thinking of how people had always said that he was crazy for even bothering to try this, An Rong couldn’t help but smile. Yes, he really owed that small fallen god his thanks. If there was a chance in the future, he would help him. Maybe they could even go and give their thanks together after Duan Gui Ying’s return.

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