OMF V9C307 A Different Demon

In a palace in the High Heavens, Xiang Yu opened his eyes, staring at the ceiling in a daze. Contrary to trueborn gods, a fallen god didn’t need any time to retrieve the memories from their trial. Thus, as soon as his soul returned to his body, he was very much aware of everything that had happened.

He sat up and reached up to his ear, his brows furrowing when he didn’t find the earring he had been wearing there. As Hua Lin Yu, he hadn’t known about the backstory of his relationship with Xin Lan and had simply thought it was fate when he finally left that life behind. But now, he was naturally aware that Xin Lan had originally been with him simply for the sake of the oath he had sworn.

He didn’t know how to feel about that. Anyway, as a fallen god, his growth had long been stunted and his emotions couldn’t reach their full capacity anymore, especially when it concerned the one that had been his reason to fall.

Xiang Yu’s thoughts traveled to Xiao Li and his mind which had been uncertain just now when he tried to think about what he felt for Xin Lan was immediately filled with rage. That half-demon had dared to try and play him!

Could he let him get away with this? Of course not! No, this person had taken the perfect life from him, just at the moment when it had been almost fulfilled. He hadn’t gotten the wedding he wanted or the years of living with Xin Lan that he should have had. How could he let that go?

Xiang Yu got to his feet, his expression frosty as he raised his hand and opened a gate to the mortal realm. The place that could be seen on the other side was a valley with lush grass and a few trees dotting the sides, hiding most of the mountain from view. It was precisely the so-called moonlight valley of An Rong’s replica of the original Hei Dian Sect.

Xiang Yu stepped through the gate and looked at the man that was still sitting there with a lost expression. He hesitated for a moment when he saw An Rong again, wondering if he should say anything. An Rong had tried to help him. Not only had he tried to explain his situation to him, but he had even wanted to catch Xiao Li for him, forcing him to finally say the truth. He seemed like a good person but then, he was a demon.

Xiang Yu stopped in his tracks, unable to reconcile that idea. Why would a demon try to help somebody if there was nothing in it for them? Could it be that there had been something in it for him after all?

As Hua Lin Yu, he hadn’t had all the information so whatever guesses he made, they wouldn’t mean much. But now, being back to his identity as Xiang Yu, the fallen god, it was naturally different. He was able to see through the matter in his childhood at a glance.

Back then, it certainly hadn’t been An Rong close by but Xin Lan. It was just that his lover had never fessed up to it in front of his family or his Master. Clearly, he had tried to hide the story behind what was going on with the two of them just as he should have. He couldn’t assign blame to Xin Lan in this regard.

Xiang Yu had originally been especially quick to judge Xin Lan for whatever he did or didn’t do because he hadn’t been affected by the curse and thus wasn’t true in love in his eyes. But suddenly, he found himself feeling that there really wasn’t anything he could blame him for. No, obviously, Xin Lan had done everything right. Apparently, a few years together were able to have such a big impact even on a fallen god.

Xiang Yu didn’t even notice that his mind had changed this much but instead walked up to An Rong, looking at him with a complicated gaze. “Since you’re a demon, why do you even care what happens to your lover?”

An Rong hadn’t noticed the person behind him and looked up in a daze. Seeing the mark in-between his brows that consisted of two interwoven lines, he had a faint guess just who he had in front of him. After all, he didn’t that he would meet two fallen gods in just one day.

He gave a hollow laugh and then got to his feet. “Seems like I know now why I couldn’t save you, hm?” Before this, his mind had been replaying the scene of Hua Lin Yu almost dying, over and over again. He simply couldn’t get it. Clearly, he had done everything he could, using the strongest potion he had available to heal that injury in no time.

Even though the wound had been bad, it shouldn’t have been to this degree. No, with how things stood, he definitely should have been able to save Hua Lin Yu from certain death. Even if some kind of hidden danger remained, his life shouldn’t have been lost. And yet, it had drained away under his fingertips, to the point where when his lover arrived, there suddenly wasn’t a single thing he could say.

Looking at the fallen god in front of him though, An Rong suddenly realized that it had probably been out of his hands from the very moment it happened. He didn’t know what exactly the story behind these two was but, clearly, that mortal and this fallen god were precisely the same person, just … different incarnations. He didn’t even dare to imagine what this might mean but, at the very least, it meant that this had probably been fate.

Xiang Yu furrowed his brows. “You didn’t answer my question.” He wasn’t even sure why he was talking to a demon but An Rong gave him a different feeling from others. Usually, he would always assume that a demon was lying. But An Rong … well, his lover was already dead. Why would he try and reawaken him? Could it be that he was obsessed to that degree? In that case, maybe he should help his lover and get this one out of the way?

An Rong who didn’t know anyone in the mortal realm he had to worry about suddenly felt his hair rise. Being stared at by a fallen god, he was pretty sure that he should better explain himself well and fast if he wanted to get out of here alive.

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