OMF V9C299 A Pie from the Sky

Jing Yi looked from one person to the other and realized that even though he was an ascended deity, he could at least be counted as a mortal in a certain sense. At the very least, he had been born as one. As for Qiu Ling and Wu Ya, they only had secondhand knowledge. It would be no wonder if they would have trouble fitting in.

But anyway, he still felt like things shouldn’t be so bad. “Well, we’ll have to see. Anyway, we haven’t been here in a long time so it’s hard to say if things have changed but nobody we talked to about this said anything when we suggested the capital city. So I don’t think that there should be anything going on. Even if there’s some dislike, it shouldn’t be too strong. And I guess with our strength, we also don’t need to worry about being caught.”

Qiu Ling nodded, not even needing to think about that. “That’s a matter of course. I don’t think there’s anyone in the mortal realm who could do something against me or Wu Ya. But it might seem offensive if a group of cultivators from two factions gathers together and the service might be worse. So in case the people here do have a problem with them, it might be better to include a note that they should come in disguise or just choose another place altogether.”

Anyway, you couldn’t tell a cultivator from a mortal as long as they weren’t walking around in their sect’s robes or you were a cultivator yourself. Well, unless they were flying on their swords and flinging around spells, of course. But then, he didn’t think that either of the people they invited would be that idiotic. The only one he might be worried about in that regard was Hong Bao but she would be accompanied by her older sister and brother-in-law. So really, there shouldn’t be a problem.

At that moment, he spotted the servant that had greeted them at the door. The man was clearly looking as if he had already come back from inquiring. Seeing him standing there awkwardly, not knowing whether he should approach or not, raised his hand to have him come closer.

He naturally didn’t feel any kind of burden doing this. To him, ordering people around was second nature already. After being the dragon king for so long, he was more than used to this. And when it was in the mortal realm, he felt even less that it was a problem.

The servant immediately came rushing over, bowing to the three of them. “Dear guests, I’ve already asked and the room would indeed be free a week from now. Do you want to book it?”

Qiu Ling nodded. “Naturally.” He thought for a bit and then gave the servant a quizzical look. “You do have rooms to stay for the night as well, don’t you?”

The servant hurriedly nodded. “Of course! Would you like some of those as well?”

Qiu Ling gave a nod. “Sure. Just one for this week, then we will need the big room for that evening and night, and a couple more rooms for the rest of the night for our guests.” He didn’t know how long everyone would stay after the gathering was over but it was better to be prepared and having all the rooms be in the same place made things the easiest. He looked at Jing Yi and slowly raised his brows. “Actually, how many people did you invite?”

Jing Yi silently counted. Other than the three of them, there were Shao Hai and Xiao Dong, Hong Bao and her sister, as well as her brother-in-law. From the Hei Dian Sect, only Niu Hai and Yue Lin were invited otherwise, but on the Yun Zou Sect’s side, there would also be Wu Min Huan, Ma Zhi Wu, and Nian Hong Fang. That was ten additional people. “Altogether, we should be thirteen.”

Qiu Ling nodded and turned to the servant. “There you have it. Uh … There are three couples among the group so adjust the rooms accordingly.” He glanced at Wu Ya and thought of his crush on Hong Bao but he figured that it might be going a bit far to have the two of them share one room. No, even though he wanted to help, there were also limits to what he could do.

The servant nodded, a bright smile on his lips. They definitely weren’t lacking business but when a big guest such as this came, it was always a pleasure. Not to mention that if the service was good, he might also come back in the future. “Very well! Then I will take care of it immediately. Everything will be ready just as you wish. Are there any special requirements for the food we should serve?”

Qiu Ling shook his head. “Nothing special, just make it something nice.” Then, he ignored him, simply turning back to the other two. “So, since this is settled, are you going to go back to tell Hong Bao and the rest immediately?”

Wu Ya naturally would’ve liked to stay around a bit longer but right now, helping out came first. “I guess it would be for the best. Finding Hong Bao and her family shouldn’t be the problem but what about the other two? I should tell them as well, right?”

Jing Yi nodded but he wasn’t worried. “Well, one of them is called Yue Lin. He is the head disciple of the alchemy division so it can’t be difficult to find him. Actually, you can just ask Hong Bao about it. I’m sure she will know.

“Yue Lin knows the other disciple I invited, Niu Hai. Just tell him that he should inform him. If you help Yue Lin out with his work, he definitely won’t mind.”

Wu Ya nodded, picked up his chopsticks again, and then continued eating. At the very least, he would finish this one meal before he left. And then, he would get to the task at hand.

As for helping that Yue Lin … he wasn’t sure if he would be able to do it but he would try his best. And if he couldn’t do it … well, that would be a very good excuse to ask Hong Bao for help. Since he wanted her to know that he was taking her seriously, then letting her display her ability should be a good move. Yes, the longer he thought about it, the more he felt that this opportunity was like a pie falling from the sky.

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