OMF V9C293 A Messy Love Life

“Anyway, you wanted to know more about the fallen gods, didn’t you? So let’s not talk about my lover and focus on your situation instead. Anyway, with you not even knowing what you are, you clearly can’t help me with this. But I guess I can help you and I don’t mind doing a good deed on the side if there is such a possibility. Anyway, saving somebody else’s lover … it’s also a good thing. Maybe one day, somebody will requite the favor.” Saying so, he once again looked at Duan Gui Ying’s face, brushing over the lid with his fingertips as if he was stroking the face of the man beneath.

Hua Lin Yu watched him, unsure what to say. In the end, he simply kept quiet, giving him a moment to himself first. Anyway, whatever questions he had, they could wait a minute or two.

An Rong finally sighed, pulling himself out of his thoughts. “Well, in regard to your situation, I guess I don’t have all the answers either. But from what I know in general, the souls of trueborn gods are more fragile than those of the other immortal races. If they are put under pressure, they can break. The trueborn god then becomes a fallen god.

“In a sense, it’s a negative thing. After all, the soul is literally fractured which comes with a certain … instability.”

Hua Lin Yu raised his brows, wondering if he was understanding that right. “You mean to say that …”

“They’re crazy.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded but then couldn’t help but purse his lips. “So why did you think that I was a fallen god? I didn’t even say anything.” Surely, he couldn’t have seemed crazy at first glance?

An Rong gave a low chuckle. “I simply thought that you were a fallen god because of the mark between your eyebrows, not because of your behavior. Although believing that you are a mortal does seem a bit crazy when you think about it. Either way, when a trueborn god falls, they acquire the mark of wisdom you have, and their strength is heightened. It is difficult to say why that is happening.

“You know, I’m not the youngest anymore, and I guess even among the demon race, I can be considered quite old. I’ve picked up on quite a few things and I’ve looked into souls more than other things. Next to alchemy, it was one of the things that I considered a lot to bring Ah Ying back. So I know a bit more about souls.

“From what I’ve seen, my guess is that the power that we have is linked to our souls to a certain degree. And the gods can acquire more power by shattering theirs. In a sense, you could say that they reach their true potential. I’m not sure where it comes from but it is there for all of them.

“So I guess if you are fallen god, that makes you somebody who has all the knowledge of the world at the tip of your finger in the literal sense of the word, and also a strength that far outranks not just all the mortal cultivators in the human realm but even most of the gods, dragons, and demons.”

Hua Lin Yu gave a hum, still not understanding how this could relate to him. “But you yourself said that I was two realms away from even ascending. Clearly, I’m not that strong.”

An Rong nodded. “Which is what is odd. But then, when I look at the mark between your brows, something seems to be wrong with it as well. I can’t say for sure but I don’t think it looked as dark as it does right now when I first saw you outside.

“In fact, I originally thought I might’ve made a mistake. But the longer I look at you, the more certain I am. I just can’t overlook it any longer. So this looks like something that has recently happened. Has anything especially upset you today?”

Hua Lin Yu’s expression suddenly changed. He couldn’t be completely sure about the conjecture that was slowly forming in his mind but he had a terrible guess. “When I was in the Hei Dian Sect, Grandmaster Shen offered me a fruit from the beguiling night tree. After eating it, I saw … a strange scene. It wasn’t a good one either. I can’t say for sure if it was something true that happened once or a vision of the future or some kind of dream but it seemed very real at least.”

An Rong gave a hum. This sounded like a potential explanation might be contained in this somewhere. So far, this boy was being much too vague though. “What kind of scene was it?”

Hua Lin Yu hesitated for a moment but then, An Rong seemed to be the only one who could help him figure this out so he finally decided to tell him after all. “Well, to make a long matter short, I killed somebody in that vision. Uh … my lover.”

An Rong’s brows shot up, not having expected that. The most curious thing was probably that he especially hadn’t expected to hear about his lover so soon again. “Are you sure that this was simply a vision and not something that really happened?”

Hua Lin Yu looked at him with furrowed brows. “As I said, I don’t know what exactly it was.”

An Rong hastily shook his head and waved his hand. “That isn’t what I mean. You are looking at this as some kind of vision that you can’t guess the meaning of. But are sure that it was simply something you saw and not something that happened in reality right at the Hei Dian Sect?”

Hua Lin Yu immediately nodded. “Of course, I saw him afterward. In fact, I only came here because he somehow ran to the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden even though my Master and Grandmaster Shen figured that this might be a dangerous place for me. So I went and questioned him and I guess you could say we broke up.”

An Rong stared at Hua Lin Yu, feeling that slowly, he was really having trouble keeping up with his youth. “So your real lover from the dragon realm —”

Hua Lin Yu wildly shook his head. “No, not him!”

At this, An Rong could only stare at him blankly. What did he mean ‘no, not him’? “How many lovers exactly are there?” Was this really the kind of thing you could just have your pick among? Somehow, he felt that he was missing a whole lot of backstory here that he might need to actually figure out what was going on. Either way, he was getting more confused at second.

On the other hand, Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but sigh. This wasn’t something that he wanted to share and it also wasn’t easy to put into just a few words but then, he didn’t have much of a choice, did he? Thus, he could only bite the bullet and try to shortly paraphrase the mess that was his love life.

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