OMF V9C288 Familiar but with some Differences

Hua Lin Yu stared intently at the anchor of the array where Xiao Li had just vanished. He had no idea what was on the other side so it was tough to say whether he should continue to follow him. If he did, then it was clear that the danger over there would be even bigger than it was on this mirrored side of the realm that he was currently in. But then, he wanted the truth, the whole truth. And he likely wouldn’t get it if he didn’t follow him.

He hesitated for a while but then got out of his hiding place, walking over to the anchor of the array. He looked at it and then thought of everything that he had heard about that An Rong.

Actually, it wasn’t completely certain whether he was the one who had been behind the things that happened when he was a child. It could very well be that it had been somebody else. Then again, how many powerful people were there that even his family couldn’t do anything against? An Rong definitely fit the bill. And he had been in hiding for quite some time. So that would also explain why that person suddenly hadn’t appeared anymore.

Come to think of it, maybe he didn’t need to be afraid. If An Rong had really been interested in him, then surely, he wouldn’t have pulled back. But maybe he had only originally thought that he had something that was able to help him but had then figured out that this wasn’t the case at all. In that case, An Rong wouldn’t care about him any longer.

No matter what it was, he wanted the truth about Xiao Li and whoever that man in his vision was. If he could also find out what was going on with An Rong, that would only be an added bonus.

Also … he still had the feeling that An Rong’s strength might’ve been exaggerated by the Grandmaster of the Hei Dian Sect. Even if he wasn’t able to win against him, Xin Lan would be. And didn’t he still have the earring with the transmission stone that he could contact him through?

He had only done it once in the past but it was a very convenient thing. He could tell him at once if something happened and Xin Lan wouldn’t need long to get here. After all, he was fast. So even if he found himself in a dangerous situation, it wasn’t like he couldn’t call for help.

Reassuring himself this way, Hua Lin Yu stepped onto the anchor of the array and finally used his spiritual energy to open the passage. His figure vanished from this place just like Xiao Li’s had a moment before and then reappeared in another realm that finally didn’t look like the two sides of the Demonic Ancestor’s Poisonous Herb Garden that he had visited before. It did look like another place he had seen before though: the Hei Dian Sect.

Hua Lin Yu furrowed his brows, and turned in all directions, first finding another spot to hide. From there, he took a closer look around himself. To be honest, the resemblance was there but he had to admit that it didn’t completely look like the Hei Dian Sect.

There were some subtle changes, mostly in how some buildings he had seen weren’t even there and how some others stood in different spots. Even the vegetation seemed to be a little sparser, not that the Hei Dian Sect that was partly submerged in the mountain was a place that had had much vegetation in the first place. Thinking about it, this seemed like what the Hei Dian Sect might have looked like a few hundred or maybe even a few thousand years ago.

Hua Lin Yu pursed his lips and felt that it made sense. An Rong was one of the founders of the sect but the Hei Dian Sect that he was familiar with differed from the one that Shen An De was currently the Grandmaster of. In a sense, it might not even be wrong to say that it wasn’t even the same sect anymore.

The same should be true for that Duan Gui Ying. And if An Rong was trying to revive his lover who had died a long time ago, then he would certainly want him to wake up in a place that he was familiar with.

Come to think of it, maybe the reason An Rong had left was only in part because he didn’t want to argue about what he was doing with everyone else. Maybe another big reason for this decision was that he felt that the Hei Dian Sect was changing too much for his lover to be comfortable there when he opened his eyes again.

Hua Lin Yu slowly crept out of his hiding place and then tiptoed around the place. Right now, he needed to be on the lookout not just for Xiao Li but also for the people on An Rong’s side. It was a bit unnerving to think about but with each step, something could go wrong.

He could only hope that his previous guess was right and An Rong actually didn’t have any kind of interest in him. Otherwise, if he was caught by An Rong’s people … Well, maybe would be able to contact Xin Lan in time or talk his way out of the situation himself.

He nodded to himself, feeling that his chances might not be too bad. Anyway, he wasn’t the person any longer that he had been a few years ago. After traveling so much with Xin Lan and learning not only about the people in the mortal realm but even the ones in the immortal realms, he felt that he had a good chance to make it through this. Surely, that An Rong wasn’t so far gone that you couldn’t reason with him, right? Well, he sure hoped that this was the case.

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