OMF V9C253 Not There to Harass Anyone

Ye Yang was sitting in Jin Ling’s room in the demon king’s palace, his brows drawing further and further together. Objectively speaking, it hadn’t been that long since he told Jin Ling about what he had found out about the anchor of that array in the mortal realm’s Yun Zou Sect. But then, if Jin Ling had indeed simply gone to inquire about something or to send somebody there to verify in some way, he should have long been back.

He rubbed his face, wondering why he was even surprised. Jin Ling was obsessed with that array and the dimension behind it. Or maybe it was better to say that it was whoever lived inside that dimension that he was obsessed with. Either way, he wasn’t going about this rationally.

Which also meant that he was likely down in the mortal realm now, standing in front of that array that he had just told him he couldn’t open, trying to, well, open it despite knowing that it was futile. This was precisely what he had tried to prevent!

Ye Yang groaned and then got up. No matter how long he waited, Jin Ling wouldn’t simply come back. There was still a slight chance to drag him back though. With that thought, he left the demon realm and also made his way over to the Yun Zou Sect.

He had been here before to take a look at the array himself, although that had been a while ago. In fact, looking at it from the human perspective, it had been years. Either way, as a cultivation sect, the Yun Zou Sect hadn’t changed much so he had no trouble finding his way over to the Sect Master’s palace and the array behind it. To his surprise, Jin Ling wasn’t there. He found somebody else though.

“May I ask what you are doing here?” Zhangsun Xun Yi had furrowed his brows and was staring at Ye Yang vigilantly. He couldn’t tell at a glance whether this person was from the dragon or demon race but considering that he was standing outside the array even though the two originally living there had long since left, it was likely that it was the latter.

Ye Yang sighed. He hadn’t even tried to hide since he had figured that he would just grab Jin Ling and then leave again but now, the person he was looking for wasn’t even here. “I’m sorry for simply entering your sect. To be honest, I was looking for a person. You wouldn’t have happened to see him? He has copper-colored hair, caramel eyes, very beautiful …”

That description naturally rang a bell with Zhangsun Xun Yi. “I did see him once if I remember correctly but that was many years ago, more than a millennium. Since then, he hasn’t appeared here again and it is unlikely for him to come back. If you are looking for him, you should try somewhere else.”

Ye Yang sighed. “I see. I’m sorry if I caused any inconvenience then.” He didn’t explain more and instead just turned around and left. Anyway, he wouldn’t get any more answers here.

He left the sect first but hovered nearby, looking around to see if maybe Jin Ling had found a place to stay and observe from. Unfortunately, no matter how long he looked, he still couldn’t find him.

He cursed under his breath and decided to leave the mortal realm behind completely. He wasn’t familiar enough with this place to have even the slightest chance of finding Jin Ling soon. As for returning to the demon realm … he didn’t think it would help either. Jin Ling wasn’t there. Even without checking, he knew that much.

Since the heavenly guards of the Nine Heavens were looking for him to ensure he wouldn’t get into their capital city again, that only left one place he could go to. Ah, who knew if An Bai had already returned? He had only agreed to go back to the demon realm because it was he who had asked him to continue supporting Jin Ling but now that Jin Ling had flown away … what use was there in staying in the demon realm?

With a faint smile on his lips, he made his way over to the dragon realm’s capital city instead. Walking up to the gates of the palace, he nodded at the guards. “Greetings. Is your adviser An Bai in?”

The two of them exchanged a glance, looking a bit annoyed. The guards of the palace knew very well that some guy from the demon realm had come to harass An Bai recently and even though nothing of the like had happened anymore because their adviser went to the Nine Heavens to do research, they were still very much aware of who this person had to be.

They gritted their teeth and shook their heads. “No, he’s not.”

“No? What a pity.” He lowered his gaze, wondering what he should do.

Of course, he could go and break into the Nine Heavens’ capital city. Just like Qiu Ling had always been able to sneak in to see Jing He no matter what the Heavenly Emperor did, Ye Yang would have been able to do the same. When an immortal reached a certain level, there just was no easy way to keep them away from places where they wanted to go.

In Ye Yang’s case, this wasn’t just about sneakily visiting his lover though. For one, the person in question wasn’t even his lover yet, even though he wanted to change that very badly. And two, one of the reasons he wanted to see him was to tell him about Jin Ling’s disappearance. So, sneaking in was out of the question. “Well, is your adviser Xiang Yong in then?”

The guard on the left slowly raised his brows, his gaze judgmental. “You really don’t care who you’re harassing?”

Ye Yang’s lips twitched in response. “I’m not here to harass anyone. I’m here to bring you information about the war in the demon realm. So do you want it or not?” Although admittedly, if he did get the chance to harass An Bai, he also wouldn’t say no …

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