OMF V9C251 Maybe It Was Time to Leave

Hua Lin Yu felt odd when he heard that. It definitely hadn’t been the response he had expected. But then, these kinds of things tended to go differently for every person. In fact, knowing this might even be making him more curious.

He was a bit worried about the kind of trouble that Jing Yi had mentioned for his relationship though. He didn’t want to make things more difficult between him and Xiao Li after all. It wasn’t like things weren’t already complicated enough with how their relationship had started and how things had gone down since.

Shen An De watched his expression and finally couldn’t help himself but ask him again. “So, would you like to try?”

Ai Hua gave him a look and couldn’t help but feel that it was moments like these when her husband seemed the most like his demon side. She also didn’t know what it was. He had this strange curiosity about getting behind matters.

Looking at Hua Lin Yu, he probably had the same feeling he had had when he originally met Zhong Jing Yi: He wanted to know the truth. And unfortunately, he wasn’t thinking about the fallout that might cause.

She wasn’t sure if this was because he was half-demon or if it was just boredom getting to him in his old age but she felt like maybe it would be wise to issue a word of advice to Hua Lin Yu. “You know, sometimes, it’s better not to do these kinds of things. The fruits of the beguiling night tree can expose a lot of things. Sometimes, it’s better to keep those in your subconscious.”

Hua Lin Yu felt a bit afraid when he heard that but then, his curiosity got even stronger. His subconscious … that was something that had plagued him a lot these days. So maybe he should give it a try after all. Maybe whatever he saw would be able to help him make up his mind.

Thinking for a bit, he finally turned to Shen An De, looking at him cutely. “Then, if Grandmaster Shen doesn’t mind, can I have one?”

Shen An De raised his brows, surprised that he would go for it after his wife had already warned him. “Well, if you’d like to, then who am I to say no? I originally offered it anyway.” He looked at the tree and then motioned over with his head. “You can go and pick one yourself if you want to.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and then rushed over there, taking a closer look. The disciples that were guarding beneath the tree gave him an odd look but didn’t say anything since they had already spotted Shen An De standing in the distance.

Back where the group was, Fei Bai Mu looked at Shen An De. “Was that really necessary?”

Shen An De turned to look at her, his brows faintly raised. “It seems that there’s something that you don’t want him to know. Are you afraid that the fruit of the beguiling night tree will be able to expose it?”

Fei Bai Mu’s brows furrowed and she watched her disciple walk around the trunk of the tree, looking up to find the ripest fruit. “You never know what kind of thing the beguiling night tree’s fruit will uncover. Maybe it will be nothing but maybe it will change his whole life. I’m not sure if either of that is a good thing. He hasn’t always had it easy. I’d just like to spare him the pain this could cause.”

To the side, Xiao Li also couldn’t help but clench his fists, worried about the outcome this would have. He also knew that Hua Lin Yu was wavering between him and Xin Lan.

Every so often, he would catch him with a dazed look on his face, mostly when he wasn’t around. Looking at how startled he was as soon as he realized that he had come to see him, it wasn’t difficult to guess just what or rather who he was thinking about.

In his heart, he still cared a great deal about Xin Lan. So if the fruit was able to show him that … what would he do? Break up with him and go back to Xin Lan? In that case, he would have a difficult time in the mortal realm.

His gaze darted around but then turned steady again. Anyway, he might still be able to talk Hua Lin Yu out of it even if he had some kind of vision regarding Xin Lan. Yes, he shouldn’t panic beforehand.

Anyway, he just had to keep his eyes open for an opportunity to get away just in case. Maybe it was time to move on. If Hua Lin Yu really left him, he knew what awaited him after all. Xin Lan wasn’t forgiving. After taking his lover from him even if only for a short while, he would get back at him. So he would have to get to safety before that could happen.

Over at the tree, Hua Lin Yu finally found a fruit that seemed suitable and leaped up there to take it, happily returning to the group.

Shen An De faintly raised his brows when he saw him with the fruit, wondering why he wasn’t eating it immediately.

Hua Lin Yu saw his gaze and smiled happily. “Thank you for the gracious offer, Grandmaster Shen. I will definitely make the most of the opportunity!”

Shen An De laughed. “I see, so that was the reason. If you don’t want to wait, you can return to the estate above to eat it. Anyway, we’re just taking a walk around the sect. It’s probably not that interesting.”

Hua Lin Yu hesitated but finally nodded. He turned to Xiao Li, grabbing his hand. “Then I’ll be going up first!”

Xiao Li squeezed his hand and pulled him closer. “Maybe I should come with you.”

Usually, Hua Lin Yu would immediately say yes but this time, he actually shook his head. “No, you don’t have to. Anyway, you’ve also been a disciple of the Hei Dian Sect before. It’s a good opportunity for you to reconnect with the people you know. Just think of yourself this time.” He patted his chest and craned his neck, giving him a short peck on the lips. Then, he turned to his Master and bid farewell to her as well before rushing up the path again and vanishing into the estate.

The others watched him leave, wondering how this would end. There really was no way to say beforehand.

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