RMN C411 Their Role in This World


Tong Chen smiled, but he didn’t bother to explain anything at this moment. “Let’s wait for the other Elder to come by. I heard that there was one more person currently in charge of the situation in the border region.”

Baili Chao nodded in a daze. Mei Chao Bing took that as his cue and inclined his head, rushing off to find Elder Xing. Anyway, it wouldn’t make sense to explain to the Elders twice. If they gathered everyone in one place first, they’d be faster.

In fact, he couldn’t help but wonder if it might not be a bad idea to also bring over Yun Bei Fen’s third senior martial brother and the others immediately. But then, there might be matters that the guardians wanted to discuss with the Elders that weren’t suitable for the other disciples to hear. He couldn’t make a decision on that.

When Mei Chao Bing suddenly appeared in front of his door, Elder Xing was surprised but he didn’t ask any questions. In any case, this person had played an important role in this whole mission. If there was something he wanted, it didn’t seem wrong to follow along. Not to mention that Mei Chao Bing had made many great contributions over the last few weeks. He was one of the disciples that could be trusted with more matters.

When the two of them arrived in the courtyard, the black warrior had already sat down on one of the stone benches in the courtyard, making himself comfortable. If you sat on a stone platform all year round, a bench probably wasn’t the worst place to choose. He was used to it.

The place on the stone bench was quite conspicuous as was the dark robe that Tong Chen was wearing. When Elder Baili saw this person, he couldn’t help but be startled. Other than the Sect Master, the people of the sect wouldn’t normally meet the guardian. Not even he as an Elder had had that chance. But in his position, he knew enough to instantly recognize who this person had to be.

He turned to Elder Baili, wanting to get a clue as to what was going on. Looking at this flustered expression, he realized that Elder Baili likely didn’t know more than he did. Not knowing what else to do, he hurriedly greeted the guardian before awkwardly falling silent.

Tong Chen might not be able to see their expressions, but he could imagine just how chaotic things were looking in their minds right now. He didn’t intend to wait until everyone else was gathered since blue butterfly would surely tell the other guardians and the disciples would not need to know everything. Thus, he explained the gist of it, especially stressing that they shouldn’t be surprised when the other three guardians appeared suddenly.

Elder Baili and Elder Xing exchanged another glance.

“Guardian … why would the other three guardians come to the border region?” In the end, Elder Baili couldn’t help but ask this question. He had a bit of a guess, to be honest, but he didn’t want to assume too many things.

Tong Chen gave a hum and then motioned in the direction of Mei Chao Bing. “Well, when he came to the Teng Yong Sect, I heard some things. Blue butterfly also had a talk with him. In the end, we decided that it might be better to take a look in person.” He fell silent for a moment before he turned back to Elder Baili, his expression inquisitive. “One of your disciples seems to have displayed a strange ability.”

Baili Chao could only smile wryly in response. The word ‘strange’ didn’t even start to cover it. In fact, he was well aware that this had to do with the four guardians. Taishu Min had also confirmed what he knew about the Zhen Yan Sect’s red priest so he didn’t believe he’d find other possibilities to explain this no matter how he looked for them.

Elder Baili finally sighed and nodded. “Yes, that seems to be the case. Thank you to the guardian for taking a look at my disciple. I also hope that we will be able to figure out what is going on.”

Tong Chen nodded and then just leaned back. “Well, this will require all four of us to take a look. Your disciple should be close by?” He could feel that there were other people in the courtyard and he was pretty sure that they had already been detected by at least one or two of them. But so far, nobody had come out so he figured that these should all be Elder Baili’s disciples.

Baili Chao indeed nodded and motioned to one of the doors. “Should I go and get him?”

Tong Chen thought for a moment but then shook his head. “Let’s wait until the others are here. Anyway, it shouldn’t be much longer.”

At that, Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but speak up. “Does senior blue butterfly know where to go?” Anyway, they had stopped a little outside of the town, so he wasn’t sure she would be able to find this place. Yes, she could probably find it with her spiritual sense but so far, she hadn’t seemed that reliable so he was worried.

Tong Chen just smiled faintly. “Don’t worry about that. No matter how she looks and behaves, she is still the guardian of the Jian Chu Sect. You can trust that this kind of matter will not stump her.”

Yes, no matter what else was going on in their lives, they had always taken the protection of their sects seriously. These abilities given to them … even though they usually didn’t mention it and weren’t always happy about them, they also felt that having them should be something that was decided by fate.

If that was the case, there should be a reason for it. They were supposed to use them. And what should they use them for if not to protect their sects and the rest of the cultivation world and the commoners from the demonic practitioners?

Now that this kind of situation had happened, no matter which one of them it was, they would all do their best to solve the situation. This was their role in this world.

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