RMN C409 How Do You Know Where to Stop?

The platform beneath them had actually lit up. There was no connection established like they would do it when they tried to contact one of the others but there was at least some kind of reaction.

She leaned closer to the black warrior, her voice already sunken to a whisper. “This isn’t supposed to happen, is it?”

Tong Chen could feel even more so than her that something was different. After all, this was his own platform, not a place he was visiting. He was familiar with it like he wasn’t with any second place. Despite that, he couldn’t explain this to himself. “No, it shouldn’t. And don’t ask me how, I don’t know.”

Usually, you would need to use your spiritual energy to make the lines light up and the array that was part of this platform would not stay active for long either. Not unless you established that connection.

But this wasn’t what Mei Chao Bing had just done. No, this was something completely else. Something he had never even thought to be possible.

The black warrior spread out his spiritual sense to check his conjecture and indeed: Mei Chao Bing wasn’t even using spiritual energy. He wasn’t feeding energy into this array and trying to activate it. No, most likely, he had simply chosen this place to focus on because it was close.

He gulped, not sure what to think of this. Was this a simple coincidence? He doubted it. No, not when the one doing it was the disciple he was sure would be essential for the continuation or demise of their Teng Yong Sect.

These platforms had been established long ago, much further in the past than he and the other three guardians had discovered their abilities. They had taken them as places of meditation and they had soon found out that they could connect them to each other. Something like this though … he hadn’t known it was possible.

He didn’t have an explanation for this and he also didn’t know how to deal with it for the time being so, in the end, he just cleared his throat. “Well, let’s first go to the border region and meet up with the others. Whether it is that other disciple from my Teng Yong Sect or him, it’s best if we all take a look in person.”

Blue butterfly nodded, her thoughts not differing too much from his. Even though she seemed a lot more jovial than the black warrior in her daily interactions, she was still a guardian and she took the task of protecting her Jian Chu Sect very serious.

The black warrior was a person with a strong mental fortitude. After making up his mind, he managed to reach the optimal state to enter a dream in just a matter of minutes. As for blue butterfly, nothing needed to be said. She was the one with the ability to travel through dreams after all.

As soon as she had created the dream, she first pulled in Mei Chao Bing, afraid of what else he might do, before also pulling in Tong Chen. “Well, we’re here now. Let’s go to the border region.”

Mei Chao Bing looked around the new ‘dream’ and couldn’t help but be stunned. This wasn’t like what he had seen before. Originally, Yun Bei Fen had dreamed of a place they had actually visited. Maybe not all details had been the same as in reality but it had at least roughly been the same. Traveling there made a lot of sense.

Right now though, there was no actual ‘place’. Instead, they seemed to be in a kind of corridor with flat ground beneath their feet, two walls to the side, and an equally flat ceiling above their heads.

Blue butterfly noticed his look. She hesitated for a moment but then still reached out and slapped his shoulder. “Don’t worry so much! This is the easiest way to travel in a dream. Creating those beautiful landscapes you saw earlier also needs me to expand strength. So usually, I borrow somebody else’s dream or create a make-shift one like this. A corridor is really convenient for traveling because you have a direction you go in.”

Mei Chao Bing figured that he somewhat understood what she was talking about even though he wouldn’t have imagined it to be like this. Either way, that wasn’t important right now. He just nodded and then followed alongside the two guardians.

They walked down the corridor for a while, finally coming to a turn that he hadn’t even noticed before and following that path. This kind of situation happened several times, making Mei Chao Bing wonder even more how exactly this worked.

“Senior …” He wasn’t sure how much she needed to focus so he didn’t dare to speak further.

Blue butterfly glanced over her shoulder, looking quite relaxed though. “What’s the matter?”

Mei Chao Bing still hesitated for a moment but then, he figured that if the question wasn’t alright to ask, she would tell him or just change the topic. “If you travel like this, then how do you know where you are outside of the dream? In the previous one, I understood because you could see. But this … how do you know where to stop?”

Blue butterfly gave him a long look and then rubbed her chin. Telling him wasn’t a problem at all. Anyway, he was on their side and also essential for them to win. Treating him better was definitely the way to go. It was just … she wasn’t sure if he would like the answer.

Mei Chao Bing misunderstood her response and hurriedly backtracked. “If it’s not convenient to say, please forget that I asked. I was just curious.”

Blue butterfly’s expression was still a bit odd. “It’s not a problem to ask or to tell you. It’s just … actually, I just eyeball it.”

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