OMF V9C235 Many Important Questions Left Unanswered

When Jing Yi and Xiao Dong set off to the Hei Dian Sect, Jin Ling found himself to be in a dilemma. The realm that Jinde was currently calling his home was in the Yun Zou Sect. His best chance to get in there was Qiu Ling or his lover respectively. Now, he had found that lover but the person was leaving again. Should he follow him to find out what he was doing and ensure that he wouldn’t lose his trail or stay close to the array instead?

Jin Ling thought for a bit, but when he saw that those two youngsters left the sect completely, he finally pushed off the ground and silently followed with a bit of distance between them. Anyway, even if he knew that Qiu Ling and Jing Yi could help him get into the realm, there was still the question of how to do that.

Yes, he would try to sneak in with them but that would require everything to be timed perfectly. One second early and Qiu Ling would be able to counterattack. One second too late and he wouldn’t make it in.

The latter would be even worse because, in that case, Jinde would be forewarned that he was trying to get to him. Then, he might come up with some kind of plan to hinder him from entering the array and seeing him again. That was something that he couldn’t let happen under any circumstances. So, he needed to be extremely careful.

Just thinking of the possibility that he could fail, Jin Ling broke out in cold sweat. He only had one attempt if he did it this way. Maybe it would be better if he went about this another way after all? The risk might just be too high. The question was what to do instead though. It wasn’t like he had many options.

Jin Ling narrowed his eyes and stared at the two people flying in front. If he couldn’t rely on his own skills to get into the array, then maybe he needed to borrow somebody else’s. For example, weren’t dragons willing to do just about anything for their lover? In that case, as long as he grabbed the youth in front, Qiu Ling couldn’t say no to him even if he told him to let him into that realm to meet Jinde.

Yes, that could indeed work. The problem was that this wasn’t the actual Son of Heaven but just his reincarnation. While experience told him that he would still be able to pressure Qiu Ling with him, the risk was high. It was weird enough that Qiu Ling currently wasn’t here so he didn’t quite trust the peace.

For the time being, it would be best to just silently follow Jing Yi, so he could see what he was up to. Then, he could slowly make a plan. Anyway, while he could hardly wait to see Jinde, he had time. He didn’t need to rush. Anyway, as long as they reunited in the end, he was willing to bide his time.

Having made up his mind, Jin Ling silently followed Jing Yi. The longer he did that, the more he felt that things were off though. He didn’t come to the mortal realm very often but he had been here a few times in the past. And coincidentally, the place that Jing Yi seemed to be flying toward was one that he knew. After all, he happened to be related to one of the people residing in that place.

Jin Ling furrowed his brows, wondering if there was more to that. It couldn’t be that those two had somehow noticed that he was here, right? It didn’t seem likely considering that one of them was a young dragon and the other an ascended deities who also wasn’t that old. Still, he decided that it would be best to stay as low as possible.

Even if they weren’t able to notice him, there was still that Shen An De in the Hei Dian Sect. That guy might only be part demon, but he had cultivated for so long that he could be counted as half an ascended deity himself. That combination wasn’t something that he wanted to have to deal with.

Thus, when Jing Yi and Xiao Dong made their way to the entrance of the Hei Dian Sect, Jin Ling quietly stayed back, only watching them from afar. He was a bit worried at first that he would miss something but looking at Jing Yi, his lips curled up.

Thankfully, this person was Qiu Ling’s lover and thankfully, that brother of his was a lovesick fool who feared for his beloved person’s wellbeing every waking moment. Of course, the mark of the dragon was on him. And while Jin Ling might not have been a pure-blooded dragon himself, he had grown up among them. He knew how to sense that kind of mark so he wouldn’t have trouble finding Jing Yi again even if he lost sight of him for a moment. Not that he was worried about that.

Even if he wasn’t all that close, he could still observe them. As a demon, his senses weren’t that dull after all. And in the current situation, observing from afar was enough. After all, his plan of capturing Jing Yi to force Qiu Ling to make Jinde come out and face him didn’t need to be implemented straight away.

Whatever that mortal reincarnation was doing here, it was alright. He had the time to wait for him to finish his business. He would just use it to plan his next steps. After all, many important questions were still left unanswered. For example, where and when should he grab him? And what should he say to Qiu Ling to threaten him?

Ah, and just thinking about the moment he would finally see Jinde again, he was already excited. Which reminded him that this would be their first meeting in thousands of years. And for Jinde, it would have been even longer because he had been in the mortal realm all this time.

Since that was the case, there was also the question of how to show just how special this occasion was. Considering this quickly, it seemed that wearing something nice should be appreciated. Maybe something that was reminiscent of the things he had worn when he was younger.

Yes, to Jinde, that would definitely mean a lot. And if he was able to remind him of the good times, then Jinde would be much more likely to finally forgive him and start anew. Ah, just thinking about it, he felt ecstatic.

Not bothering about Jing Yi and Xiao Dong any longer, Jin Ling started to rummage through his spatial earring. Yes, he definitely had to choose wisely. For this kind of important occasion, nothing could be left to chance. He needed to swoop Jinde off his feet.

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