OMF V9C233 A Huge Influence on His Life

Thinking of that place filled Jing Yi was all kinds of nostalgia. Even while walking out of Wu Min Huan’s house, his thoughts couldn’t help but travel far away.

Xiao Dong glanced at Jing Yi and then looked into the distance. “You know, we could go to the city now if you want. I mean meeting up with everyone there will be nice but you won’t have time to explore the place.” He wasn’t sure whether that was what Jing Yi wanted to do but he could imagine it. Anyway, since Jing Yi wasn’t telling people what he had originally come here to say, this had just turned into a trip down memory lane. In that case, exploring places he had seen before should be on his agenda, right?

Jing Yi couldn’t help but feel that this was a good idea. He really wanted to see more than the first place that would offer enough for everyone to sit down. Even though meeting people was nice, he also wanted to see the place itself.

He thought for a bit and finally turned to Xiao Dong, giving him a smile. “Well, first, let’s go to the Hei Dian Sect and meet the people there. While there, we can first suggest meeting in the capital city. Anyway, who knows if they will be alright with meeting if the people of the Yun Zou Sect are also there. I’d assume they will be but there’s no guarantee, is there?”

Xiao Dong nodded but he couldn’t help but wonder about one point. “Anyway, I’ve never been to that sect. Who are you going to invite?”

Jing Yi gave a hum while the two of them walked out of the Yun Zou Sect, trying to think of who he should invite. “Well, I also wasn’t that familiar with the people there since we didn’t stay there for long.

“I think among the regular disciples, there are only two: Niu Hai and Yue Lin. The former was the first person I met in the Hei Dian Sect. He showed me around and answered some of my questions which helped a lot with finding ways to do our mission.” Thinking back, he had had some trouble with Qiu Ling though. “I’m not sure if he would want to come but I think I should extend an invitation at least.

“As for You Lin, he helped me with learning alchemy. He also taught me how to read for the most part so I am really thankful to him.” Yes, come to think of it, in the mortal realm, the person who had had the biggest influence on him might actually be Yue Lin. Even though he had been eccentric and he had been afraid of him when he first saw him, Yue Lin had still had an impact on his life. Yes, Yue Lin had also had his selfish reasons for doing so but without him, he wouldn’t have been able to make it to where he was.

Xiao Dong nodded, feeling that it sounded quite nice. “I didn’t know about the people you met there or much of what you did there anyway.”

Jing Yi could only sigh at that. “It’s because I wasn’t the best of friends. I was always running off. I know you said that it wasn’t my fault but I think I should have taken the time when I was back to catch up with you guys. It might not have been much but it would have been better than nothing.”

Xiao Dong tilted his head and finally nodded. “I guess you could have done that. But then, we also didn’t come over to see you, right? Anyway, it’s in the past. And … well, you’re here now. Not to mention that in the future, if you really come back, it might be different. It’s just that right now, there are bigger things going on in your life and I guess that was always the case.”

Jing Yi nodded, feeling that this was a good way to put it. There had always been one thing or the other that kept him from doing what he wanted to. It wasn’t that he hadn’t missed his friends but there had been so much going on, it was hard to keep any relationship alive.

But just as Xiao Dong had said, it was in the past. He couldn’t change it anymore. He could only use this opportunity to show his friends that he did indeed care about them.

Thinking of it this way, Jing Yi once again thought of the people from the Hei Dian Sect. “Anyway, other than those two, there would still be Hong Bao. She wasn’t really a disciple of the Hei Dian Sect but she is the sister of the Grandmaster’s wife. There’s a good chance we could find her there.”

“Hong Bao …” Xiao Dong pondered for a moment and finally remembered that there had been such a person. While he hadn’t met her himself, he had at least heard of her. After all, back in the beginning, the dragons had caught Liu Cheng who had been involved with her. Considering how close Xiao Dong’s family was to Qiu Ling’s advisers, he was naturally among the people who knew a bit more. “Well, if she is related to someone in the sect, she might really be there. If not, we could at least ask her sister where she currently is. She might know.”

Jing Yi nodded. “That’s what I thought! So, I’d say we should first go and see Niu Hai and Yue Lin and then we can go to the Grandmaster’s palace to see if there is any news of Hong Bao. Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.

“You know, this isn’t what I originally came here for but now that it is happening, I’m not unhappy with it. It’s as if … I made the right decision by coincidence.”

Xiao Dong smiled faintly. “Well, it might not be a coincidence. I guess sometimes, we just have a feeling for what is right. You might call it intuition. I’m not sure how it is for us dragons but I heard that for human cultivators, they develop it over the years. They might perceive a bit of it in the beginning and then later, it becomes stronger and stronger. As an ascended deity, you should be pretty good at it even if you don’t consciously think about it.”

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