OMF V9C226 A Skill to Learn

Finding out what to do with this newfound hope wasn’t as easy. He wanted to profit off his decisions as much as he could. A month wasn’t long but there were still quite a few days and he also had a few additional ones thanks to currently being in the mortal realm. In fact, maybe Qiu Ling would even be alright with staying here for a bit longer. Whatever he decided on doing should be something that would count.

Jing Yi pursed his lips and tried to think of anything he had ever wanted to learn. Sword arts were pretty high on his list so he toyed with that thought for quite a while. In the end, it didn’t feel right though. Not to mention that Qiu Ling would certainly have something to say about that, he also didn’t have enough time.

He had hardly ever learned anything in regard to wielding a sword. He would have to stay in the mortal realm for the whole month if he wanted to make it count. Considering Qiu Ling’s situation, that didn’t seem right. Also … he didn’t just want to work.

Yes, he wanted to make this time count so that he could pick up where he had left off and be better prepared for the second half of his life. But these were also his final days in the first half. He wanted to … spent that time with the people he loved, especially Qiu Ling. So although he did want to learn, it had to be something that would take a reasonable amount of time.

Jing Yi took the rest of the day to think about this matter. In the end, the best decision seemed to be to just deepen his understanding of what he already knew. His cultivation skills weren’t extraordinary but they seemed enough to him. On the other hand, he hadn’t had as much time learning alchemy as he had hoped. Maybe he should go with that?

This would have the benefit that he would have an easy time learning both in the mortal and the immortal realms. And when he came back the second time around, he could ask Jinde for help. Surely, he would be willing to guide him if he at least had a rudimentary understanding of everything. And Jing Yi did believe that he could get that.

He had learned alchemy in the Hei Dian Sect for a while. It hadn’t been long but he understood the basics. Later, he had taken a quick look here and there so that knowledge was still present in his mind. He was far from perfect and likely couldn’t be considered to be more than a beginner but that was something to build upon.

Not to mention that he had originally picked alchemy because he wanted to help Qiu Ling. When he came back, they would be a married couple. Shouldn’t he still pursue the same goal?

And even though he didn’t want to think too much about it, he also needed to take the time in-between into consideration. Jing He would never touch a blade no matter what had happened on his trial. But he might be willing to learn more about alchemy or, well, refinement as they called it in the Nine Heavens.

Come to think of it, he couldn’t help but wonder if Jing He had any knowledge in that regard. He seemed to know many things but Jing Yi couldn’t remember anything related to this topic. Qiu Ling had never mentioned it either. So … did Jing He know alchemy? Or had he never picked it up? If it was the latter, then was there a special reason?

He furrowed his brows when he thought of that. With what he knew about Jing He, there was indeed a possibility of that. It would really throw a wrench into his plans though.

He pondered for a moment and finally got up to walk out of the bamboo hut, looking for Xiao Dong who was outside, training with his sword. “Say … do you know if the Son of Heaven knows any alchemy? I mean, refinement?”

Xiao Dong stopped after finishing his movement and turned to Jing Yi. “The Son of Heaven? No, I wouldn’t know. Honestly, I’m not familiar with him. I’ve never seen him and the only things I’ve heard came from my mother. Usually, that was only about how beautiful he is though.” He couldn’t help but snort. “Hearing her talk, you could believe she had actually seen him. I bet she hasn’t though. I heard he’s pretty reclusive.”

Jing Yi nodded. “He was. Well, I have to admit he is a beauty though.” He rubbed his forehead and gave a wry smile. No matter how he looked at it, it couldn’t be denied that Jing He’s looks were topnotch.

He himself could probably be considered cute but Jing Yi also knew that he wasn’t a stunner. Jing He though … Ah, just thinking about it made him angry! It probably shouldn’t surprise him, looking at the Heavenly Empress and the God of War, but how had Jing He been blessed with that kind of face? No wonder Qiu Ling had fallen in love at first sight …

He took a deep breath and pushed the thought away. No matter how good Jing He looked, it didn’t matter. If he really was up for learning refinement, then he would actually be helping him for once instead of only ever making trouble for him.

The problem was that this was still a big if and if he wanted to know for sure, there was only one person he could ask. Well, he still had to make sure what Qiu Ling thought of Xiao Dong’s theory in general. After all, if there was no chance for him to come back, then he didn’t want to waste any time trying to learn. He’d much rather enjoy every second he had left with Qiu Ling.

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