OMF V9C223 Observing Without Being Seen

The person that Jinde was thinking of was still camping out behind the Sect Master’s palace in the mortal realm’s Yun Zou Sect. So far, nobody had noticed him. As it turned out, sneaking into places was a lot easier when the people living there were already used to visits by other immortals. If he hadn’t hated him, maybe he would have felt that he should thank Qiu Ling.

Thinking of that person, Jin Ling tilted his head, his gaze not wavering from the array a couple of steps in front of him. Qiu Ling … he really couldn’t understand why Jinde would show himself to that bastard while ignoring him. Surely, he had to know that he was looking for him. Why was he still not coming out to see him?

He clenched his hands into fists, his copper-colored brows furrowing tightly. He wasn’t asking for much, was he? He just … just wanted to see him again. Have a talk, maybe. Start a relationship if it was possible in any way.

He knew Jinde didn’t see him that way but he didn’t feel inferior to that Chun Yin or his reincarnation. Anyway, Jinde had been happy when he was at his side, right? It could be like that again. Yes, he was sure he could make him happy. Just why couldn’t Jinde see this as well?

He rubbed his face, feeling lost. If they didn’t meet, then there was nothing he could do to convince Jinde that he was worthy of his love. Why couldn’t he be given this chance at least? Was that really asking too much?

He got up and turned away from the array, pacing up and down next to the wall. One chance, just one chance … that much should be allowed, right?

Jin Ling sighed and stopped at the corner of the palace. He also knew that it was unlikely Jinde would give him that chance. He had seen his eyes the moment he banished him from the dragon realm. There had been no room for negotiation. But then, maybe he would have changed his mind by now? After all, it had been a long time. He had even forgiven that scumbag who betrayed him. Why couldn’t he forgive him?

Jin Ling turned around and looked at that array with a mixture of accusation, longing, and pain. He wanted to be close to him again. He wanted things to go back to the way they had been. Was there really no way?

He took a deep breath and sighed, turning back in the other direction. Just waiting here didn’t seem like it would accomplish anything. Who knew how long it would be until Jinde came out? If he came out. After all, he was immortal and if his soul was healed, what would he need from the outside world while in his own little world?

No, if Jinde wanted to, he could stay there forever. Maybe that was even what he had planned. And who knew if he couldn’t sense that somebody was waiting outside the array? In that case, he might be even more reluctant to leave. Yes, just senselessly waiting here might not be his best bet after all but maybe there was something else he could do.

Jinde might not be that much interested in the mortals around and this whole realm but his husband was a part of it. He should leave every now and then. As long as he figured out when and why that was the case, he’d be able to find a way to get to him. Then, Jinde would surely come out.

Jin Ling’s eyes gleamed when he thought of this. Yes, this plan would still take time but at the very least, the time would be shortened by a lot. Maybe he would indeed be able to see Jinde soon. Just thinking of that made him feel like he was walking on clouds.

He smiled to himself and let his gaze glide over the Yun Zou Sect. Where to start? The Sect Master and Grandmaster of the sect were too risky. They might be able to see through him even if he hid his true appearance. After all, they were the closest to ascension in this sect and that gave them certain abilities.

But then, the array was behind the Sect Master’s palace so this should be related to him. So maybe his disciples would be a good idea? Yes, that seemed like the best direction to investigate in. Even if they didn’t know anything themselves, they might have to do with others who did. He just needed to patiently look at all the clues that would present themselves.

Jin Ling smiled to himself and slowly made his way down the mountain. He didn’t engage with any of the disciples and stayed mostly out of sight, just quietly observing. Right now, he had to make sure that he scared nobody off and since he didn’t have much knowledge on how things worked in the mortal realm, the cultivation sects in general, or the Yun Zou Sect in particular, observing from afar was the best way to gain information without giving himself away.

Anyway, he doubted that he would need long before he found something. After all, it wasn’t easy to hide a golden-haired beauty among a bunch of black-haired humans. If Jinde himself came out, everyone would start talking immediately. If it wasn’t him but his husband … well, from the information he had, that guy was still the Sect Master’s disciple. Surely, people would also have some things to say about him. So it was only a question of time until he would hear something whichever way it would go.

As it turned out, just randomly strolling around indeed did the trick because as soon as he reached the general area of the inner sect, he did catch a few key terms that he was listening for.

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