OMF V9C213 What For?

By the time Li Yin arrived in the dragon realm, the two of them had talked about the matters back at the Yun Zou Sect for a long time. When he knocked on the door, they were actually surprised to see him.

Xiao Dong hurriedly got up and cleared his throat. “Well, I’ll wait outside then?” Anyway, this wasn’t a conversation he wanted to be a part of.

Jing Yi nodded even though he wouldn’t have minded if Xiao Dong stayed. When the door closed, he turned to the God of Justice. “Please sit?”

Li Yin walked over and sat down, glancing in both directions. It seemed that the dragon king wasn’t here? Don’t tell him Zhong Jing Yi had decided to deal with matters immediately. That would indeed be unexpected. But then, he also hadn’t thought that he’d be called back this soon so maybe there would indeed be a surprise.

Thinking for a moment and seeing that Jing Yi still hadn’t spoken yet, he opened with that. “You thought about what I said before?”

Jing Yi nodded. “I did and I will do it. You are right that I can’t just ignore this. If I don’t act, Qiu Ling is the one who will suffer. I don’t want to see that happening.”

Li Yin nodded. At the very least in this regard, he felt that this reincarnation of their crown prince wasn’t bad. “Alright. When? Or are you ready now?” He raised his brows at that, still skeptical.

Jing Yi smiled wryly in response. “No, not now. Let’s do it … in a month’s time.” He had a guilty conscience when he said this. He had told Qiu Ling it should be next week but now that he was sitting opposite Li Yin, he couldn’t bring himself to say that. Anyway, who wanted to die? He knew that he had to but if he could get a few additional days, he would take them. Although … “Unless that would be too late for Qiu Ling?”

The God of Justice kept quiet and just looked at him. In his eyes, it was better to be decisive. But at the very least, Jing Yi was still asking. “I can’t say for sure. It might be or it might not. We can only watch. Every additional day is a risk though.”

Jing Yi’s guilty conscience became even heavier when he heard that. “Then … what time frame does the God of Justice suggest?”

Li Yin gave a hum and narrowed his eyes. “The earlier, the better. Also, you might still have the conviction now, but can you guarantee that it will still be the same a month later? If you can’t, it’s better to deal with it now.”

Jing Yi clenched his hands into fists. “I want to marry Qiu Ling before … I die.”

“What for? To spite the Son of Heaven?”

Jing Yi’s eyes widened and he stared at the God of Justice unbelieving. “He is my fiance!”

“I believe that at least unofficially, he is our crown prince’s fiance. Anyway, you are going to die. Does it really matter whether you do that while being engaged or being married? I don’t think so. Then what other reason is there despite sending a message to the one who will wake up?” When it came to Zhong Jing Yi, he really didn’t trust his character. If he could try to kill the other person, could he not do something this petty?

Jing Yi got angry though, his brows furrowing. “That’s not it! Anyway, what right do you have to judge? I have to give up my life for him to live. Can’t I not even fulfill a single wish of mine?!”

Li Yin watched his reaction but his own expression stayed exactly the same. “You ascended and you got to live much longer than any other person in your situation ever did. It is all thanks to Longjun. Now, you are once again asking for more time and you want to use it to make the relationship between you and your original incarnation’s fiance closer. If not to spite him, then what is it for? For you, it shouldn’t make a difference.”

“It does!” Jing Yi got up, trying to control his expression. “I don’t think I owe you that kind of answer anyway. It’s not like I asked to go to the Nine Heavens to see Jing He again.”

Li Yin narrowed his eyes. “Oh? Is that something you’d like to do?”

Jing Yi gave a huff. “Well, there are certainly many things I’d like to tell him but it’s not like he’d answer me even if I could. And I know that you would never agree to that.”

Li Yin gave a hum in response. “I indeed wouldn’t. Even if I was willing, the Heavenly couple wouldn’t. Longjun wouldn’t either so you’d better not think about making that a condition.”

“I wasn’t going to. I just want to marry the man I love. Even though it won’t make a difference after I’m dead, this is still my life. I want that experience with him and I don’t think you can refuse me that. Anyway, it’s not you I’m going to marry.”

“True, that.” Li Yin got to his feet as well and took another long look at Jing Yi. Whatever his reasons were, he clearly wouldn’t change his mind and it was on Longjun to make that decision. To him, the important point was only that Zhong Jing Yi would keep his word in the end so that their crown prince could return. Until then … “I will come back in a month then. I’d assume we will hear about the wedding.”

Jing Yi shook his head. “It’s going to be more private so I’m sorry but I don’t think you will be invited.”

Li Yin’s lips curled up faintly and he gave a hum. “That’s alright. Well, good luck then. If you would excuse me now.” Anyway, he had promised his own lover a vacation and a full month sounded pretty good. The problems of others … he’d let them deal with that by themselves.

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