OMF V9C200 A Wish Fulfilled

The three of them finally left the Qishi Sea’s shore and went back to the capital city, rushing over to the palace and their shared courtyard.

Nothing could be seen of Jing Yi when they returned. Qiu Ling was a little worried but he didn’t say anything for the time being, remembering what he had said about wanting to say goodbye to everyone he had known before. Surely, that would take some time. He should give that to him and not bother him. Especially not since there were still some things to do when it came to the matter of Jinde’s and Leng Jin Yu’s child.

Usually, the shell that they grew the child in would be kept close by the water, not completely submerged, but still so that it retained a connection to the water. For the dragons, this was a way to highlight the magical gift that they had been endowed with: the air on top and the water beneath. Who knew if it actually had an effect on the child growing in the shell or not? Either way, it was customary to do it this way.

Looking at the pond in the courtyard, there wasn’t a good way to do this. The water was too deep in the middle, and at the side, the ground beneath wasn’t smooth enough. They would have to change things up a bit.

Jinde turned to look at his husband, hugging his waist and giving him a kiss on the cheek. “You do it, my dear!”

Leng Jin Yu smiled, feeling that for once, it came in handy that he was a human instead of a dragon. For the dragons, they only had the air and water element at their disposal. If they wanted to change something about this kind of set-up, it wasn’t impossible but it would take a lot more work to make it happen than it would for somebody like him who had a full set of spirit veins.

Without needing much effort, he flattened one part of the ground at the edge of the pond, big enough for the shell so that it was half-submerged in the water, and then actually made the space a little bigger, so that they would have the opportunity to sit down next to it to spend some time there.

When it came to growing a child this way, then actually, just regularly feeding it with spiritual energy was enough. But of course, as parents, who would want to be away from their child the whole time? Thus, many dragons camped out next to their shell the whole time or at least came to visit as often as possible.

Seeing his husband’s quick thinking, Jinde gripped his chin and turned his head around, giving him a kiss on the lips as well. “That was perfect.”

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but smile and hug him back. “It’s just a small thing. Also, we’re going to spend a lot of time out here.” Just looking at the spot, he could already imagine it. The happiness in his eyes couldn’t be concealed.

Qiu Ling silently stood to the side, withstanding the urge to rush them. Anyway, this was a very intimate moment for them. Even though this was also about his sibling and he really wanted them to go ahead already and start, he knew that it would need time. Anyway, they had also taken time for him out there at the Qishi Sea. He shouldn’t start rushing them now after they had done that for him.

Well, even if he didn’t say anything, it wasn’t like Jinde and Leng Jin Yu weren’t also excited and wanted to start already. This child, it would take them ten months to grow big enough to be born. Nothing could be changed about the length of that period. So they could only start earlier to have this child of theirs with them as early as possible.

The couple continued to look at that spot Leng Jin Yu had created for a moment until Jinde raised his golden brows at him. “Then, should we start?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded, his heart pounding heavily. He reached out to hug Jinde’s waist as well, just holding him for a moment. “I’m so happy that we made it until here.” Yes, so much had gone wrong in their life but now, they were here. It seemed almost too good to be true. But no matter his fears, it was really happening.

He took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled before stepping back and taking out the things from his spatial ring, holding them while looking at Jinde.

Jinde nodded and took out the shell, put it down at the edge of the pond, and then just looked at it for a moment.

Now, outside in the light, it seemed even more beautiful. It was of a pale pink color, the lines being multicolored. There were muted gray and silver ones that almost seemed to form circles, some apricot-colored waves, and also some violet lines. He couldn’t make out a pattern. Instead, it seemed as if they had just arbitrarily grown. But to him, this was the most beautiful sight he had ever been able to behold. He wouldn’t change it for anything.

He brushed over the surface, then looked up at his husband, a brilliant smile blooming on his lips.

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then put down the small stones and shells they had taken along, the same kind of smile on his lips.

Now, everything was prepared, the only thing still left to do was the ceremony to actually create the child. Then, this wish of theirs would finally be fulfilled.

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