OMF V9C191 Another Hidden Array

When it came to alchemy, that was usually something that was used to support others. But then, on the side of the demonic faction, the disciples weren’t just studying to help people but also producing poison. And while it was true that not every demonic sect was evil, there were still more than enough whose morals could at best be described as loose.

Imagining that one of them could have created a garden such as this, that was not just especially suitable to grow herbs but that they were also using all on their own … the disciples of the Jian Yi Sect had a bad feeling about it.

The number of herbs that were on this side of the realm … they were afraid that it might be enough to cause serious harm outside. Yes, with the right prescriptions, they could probably eradicate several sects. It really was something they didn’t want to think too much about.

Ao Wen grabbed the hilt of her sword and then turned to the other disciples, her gaze serious. “Be especially careful now. Don’t stray from the group and look closely where you walk. We don’t know if there are any traps here.”

Saying that, she turned to Hua Lin Yu, her gaze complicated. “Xiao Yu, you look out for any further arrays. Maybe there is still something here that only you can see. If you notice anything suspicious, call out immediately. Otherwise, this could turn out badly.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and immediately started to look around while Ao Wen waved at the others to slowly make their way forward.

Once again, the group slowed down their steps. At this place, they really couldn’t take any chances.

The disciples tried to take note of everything. The most obvious was once again the herbs around them. Contrary to the ones they had encountered before, most of them seemed to have been deliberately planted and cared for. The oldest was indeed about a thousand years old, maybe slightly older. So the time that they had estimated this realm to be created at seemed even more likely now. The purpose behind it was still a mystery though.

The disciples of the Jian Yi Sect didn’t dwell on the issue too long. This time, they didn’t even convene to discuss the matter and instead just continued to walk through the field of herbs, trying to see if there was anything else.

Finally, Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but tug at his senior martial sister’s sleeve, pointing into the distance. “First senior martial sister, do you see that over there?”

Ao Wen looked over but she couldn’t see anything at the spot that Hua Lin Yu was pointing at. Narrowing her eyes, she shook her head. “I’m afraid not. What is it?”

Hua Lin Yu stared at it and shook his head. “Probably an array but we are still too far away.”

Ao Wen nodded and then motioned for everyone to go further over there to take a closer look.

So far, they hadn’t happened upon any traps or the like. At the very least, it didn’t seem likely that there would be any nasty surprises here. They also hadn’t encountered any people, so the previous guess that this was the headquarters of some kind of sect was slowly getting more doubtful.

In fact, even She Fen who had noticed that small black fox before couldn’t help but think that maybe he had gotten things wrong. Anyway, that fox had still been on the other side of the realm. Maybe they had just gone there to take a rest or to use the opportunity of the good spiritual energy in there to cultivate. It wouldn’t be completely impossible. Maybe the fact that they had been so close to that array had only been a coincidence, nothing more. There was also that kind of possibility.

When the group finally made their way over, it was Hua Lin Yu who motioned for everyone to stop when they were close enough for him to see what was on the ground. Since the others weren’t able to see it, he was the only one who could take care of this. Looking at it, his expression was a little blank. “It’s definitely another array but it’s one I don’t know again.” Saying so, he took out some paper, wrote it down, and handed the piece of paper to Xiao Li.

His lover took a look and then raised his brows. “It’s from the demonic faction again. This is …” He pondered for a moment, not wanting to say the wrong thing. “Well, this should be an array which is used to mark the entrance to a realm.” Having said his piece, he turned to look at Hua Lin Yu’s senior martial sister. “I know it doesn’t make much sense but that is what I know this as.” He handed the piece of paper over, not sure what else to say.

Ao Wen also looked it over and then pondered. A long-established realm created by an ancestor of the demonic faction, a mirrored side of that same realm that could only be entered through a hidden array, and now another secret entrance to a second realm that was behind the second side of the first one?

Not even trying to think deeper about this, she had a bad feeling. Something was wrong, really wrong. She didn’t think that she should take the other disciples of their sect over there. Even though they would have to take a look to find out what was on the other side, she just didn’t think that this was a good idea.

Realizing that, Ao Wen grabbed her junior’s shoulder and pulled him back a little. “If this is the entrance to another realm, then we should first explore the rest of this side of this realm. We need to find more clues if we really want to go there. I don’t dare act rashly. In the worst case, we might even need to return to the sect for a bit and see what Master and the Elders think.”

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