RMN C389 That Would Have Been too Easy

Yun Bei Fen was still looking as if he had no idea what either of them was talking about. Well, to be honest, that was likely the case. He might have been there when Mei Chao Bing originally asked his Master about the guardians of the four big righteous sects, but he wasn’t able to connect that to the appearance of blue butterfly and their current situation. To him, all of this didn’t really seem to make sense.

Mei Chao Bing also realized that his little bunny didn’t seem to have caught up yet so he finally turned to the side, giving him a short explanation. “Remember when I asked your Master about the guardians of our side’s sects? Senior blue butterfly is one of them. Her ability is …” He pondered for a moment how to best say it and then just motioned around them. “Well, you see. She is able to visit dreams and such things.” To be honest, he had much less of a grasp on what she was able to do compared to the black warrior. With him, it was easy but what exactly her ability was … he wasn’t completely sure about that. But anyway, that currently wasn’t the question.

Having made sure that Yun Bei Fen was somewhat up-to-date, he turned back to blue butterfly. “Thank you for the explanation, senior. I’m sorry for wasting your time with needless questions but with everything going on …” He shook his head but then decided not to waste even more time on formalities. “I think what is the most important would be to know what exactly the other side is able to do if they have your ability. I don’t think that I really understand that part yet.”

Blue butterfly nodded. I can imagine. Anyway, it’s not that much. Basically, my ability is to travel. But it is traveling in a different way from other people. As for what I can visit, that depends. I can visit dreams, yes, I can also visit visions, and I can even visit somebody’s imagination.”

At that, Mei Chao Bing raised his brows. “I’m afraid I don’t understand the last point.”

Blue butterfly’s lips curved up and she motioned over at Yun Bei Fen. “Right now, he is asleep. That dream comes from the subconscious and is often formed from things we have seen while awake. Usually, people have little control over that.

“But when we are awake, we still have the ability to dream and usually in a much more controlled manner. That ability is stronger in some than it is in others. And if it is strong enough, then that daydream can be so lifelike that it is enough for me to step into it as well.”

Mei Chao Bing’s brows furrowed at that. “So your ability to do this depends on the quality of the place you want to go to?” That might be might be quite inconvenient at times, although it might also mean that they would have an easier time keeping the other side out. “That means you can’t visit somebody at will, can you? I mean, you need to wait for them to open up their imagination or have a dream.”

Blue butterfly tilted her head to the side, seeming to ponder that question. “Well, I can create dreams to travel myself as well. If I think of a place and imagine it well, then of course, I can also travel there.

“That is why I said before that it is just more convenient to use his dream and pull you in since you were already in there anyway. I could have made a place of my own as well. Usually, the more familiar I am with a place, the better. For example, if it was my own place in my sect, I can create it with hardly a conscious thought. But it is still more difficult to pull you in.”

Mei Chao Bing still furrowed his brows. “Pulling somebody over … still relies on them being asleep, doesn’t it? Or … at least in a certain state of mind, right?”

“Sure. Although if it is somebody that is friendly, I can basically knock on their door.” She raised her hand and actually made a knocking motion before raising her brows at him, her eyes widening in laughter.

Mei Chao Bing stared back, feeling that this blue butterfly was weird. Talking with the black warrior had given him a solemn feeling but he had had an easier time talking to him. When it came to her … well, it wasn’t like she was hard to talk to. After all, she answered his questions without complaint. But he wasn’t sure if he understood her just as well.

But still, they were slowly getting somewhere. That was what he should focus on. “That is to say if the other person knows about you and your ability, then you could somehow get their attention so they could enter the right state to allow you to pull them over?”

At that, blue butterfly gave a hum and lowered her hand. “Exactly like that! It’s not that difficult. Although I guess not everybody is able to enter that state on short notice. It can be a bit vexing to notify and then wait for them to try and try without result.” She sighed but then cheered up just as fast.

Today, she had been lucky. These juniors had both been asleep at the same time. That had made this meeting much more easily feasible. Because otherwise, with how suspicious Mei Chao Bing had seemed at the beginning, she really didn’t think that she would have had any chance to pull him over even if she tried politely announcing herself.

Mei Chao Bing kept quiet for a moment and then couldn’t help but pose the question that had originally been going through his mind even before they met her. “Then, once a person is in … the dream, can they get out on their own? Or would that just rely on you or whoever has the ability?”

At that, blue butterfly gave another hum and seemed to ponder. This question, of course, it was not about her, but about the other side who might’ve picked up on this ability. In that case, being able to get out would be the easiest way to thwart whatever plan they had. The problem was that the question was how that would be possible. As for answering that question … “I’m afraid I don’t know. You see, I’ve never been at the receiving end of this. You need to ask one of the other three about that.”

Mei Chao Bing could only sigh in response. This matter, it probably would’ve been asking for too much to get a straightforward answer from the person right in front of him. No, of course, he needed to run around once again.

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