OMF V9C187 Regaining His Looks

The two of them had worked together both yesterday to reconstruct the bones and also today to create the scales. By now, they had already settled into an understanding of the other person’s ability and how to match it best. Thus, they silently and efficiently worked hand-in-hand.

Xin Lan kept his eyes closed the whole time. There was indeed some pain, especially when the two of them worked on the outermost areas of the wound. But he had felt worse in his life, much worse. This bit, it didn’t even make him flinch.

Inwardly, his thoughts were wandering though. Jinde might not believe it but he really didn’t care much whether he would be able to keep his other form. To ordinary dragons, it was a sign of pride. But he hadn’t taken on that form for a long time. Even when he did, it was only in moments of high-strung emotions. To a person like him, such moments were extremely rare so he didn’t believe that he would ever miss it.

On the other hand, just thinking about regaining his original looks, he felt excited. Originally, he had been a good-looking man. He had never doubted that. After his face was destroyed, he had always covered that half. To others, he still looked as handsome as ever but he knew that their reactions would be different if he took off his mask.

In general, he didn’t care. His worth didn’t lie in his face. Even if he wore a mask for the rest of his life, it would be alright. In fact, if the wound hadn’t been as grievous, he likely wouldn’t even have bothered about that. He had never had a problem showing his other scars, after all. But this one … he also knew it was bad.

When it finally came to showing Hua Lin Yu his looks, he had been afraid for the first time. What if his fiance was repulsed by his looks? What if — after seeing his whole face — he couldn’t go through with the wedding?

In the end, it hadn’t mattered. Maybe Xiao Yu would have been able to accept his looks. He would never know. In any case, he had managed to destroy things all on his own, finally giving that demon the chance to steal his beloved away.

Doing this … maybe it didn’t matter. After all, if there wasn’t Hua Lin Yu, what did it matter what his face looked like? But then, he wanted to be prepared. When he got him back — and he was sure that he would —, then wouldn’t it still be good to be prepared?

He ignored the two people working on his face and just thought of that moment: When he returned to the mortal realm, when he found out that Hua Lin Yu and that bastard had finally broken up, when he swooped in and won his heart right back, this time not needing to hide anything … how beautiful it would be.

Xiao Yu.

He missed him. He might be pretending that it didn’t matter and he might be spending time with Zheng Yin to mask the pain but he still missed him. He wanted to get back together and he wanted to do so as fast as possible. If there was anything that could heighten his chances even a little bit, he’d take it.

Even though he knew that his lover was obsessed with that demon because of his past and that it would be difficult, he still didn’t want to give up hope. He wanted this. More than anything else he had ever wanted. This … was truly what it meant to love. By now, he really couldn’t deny that Tian had been right. Those matters previously just couldn’t compare.

With Xin Lan staying still, Jinde and Zheng Yin were able to work unhindered. Jinde wasn’t surprised at all. He had patched this guy up hundreds of times in the past and Xin Lan had never shown much of a reaction, even to things that were likely more painful than this.

He quietly continued to work, glancing at Zheng Yin every now and then. They were working quickly so time seemed to pass fast but their energy was also quickly draining. He himself already felt it, even though the potion before had restored quite a bit. For Zheng Yin who had smaller reserves, it should be worse.

He glanced at the potions but finally didn’t say anything. Anyway, Zheng Yin would know when he needed to take one. Maybe he still had enough strength left.

At the side of the room, Leng Jin Yu watched the three of them. He naturally noticed Jinde’s glances and also saw that Zheng Yin’s face had turned a bit pale. He thought for a moment and then stepped forward, picking up one of the vials and opening it up. The next time Jinde stepped up to insert one of the scales, he handed the opened potion over.

Zheng Yin hastily grabbed it and downed the content, not even having time to thank Leng Jin Yu. The time until he had to switch back in really was too short.

Jinde smiled faintly when he saw the exchange but he couldn’t acknowledge this right now either. Instead, he just quietly continued with his part. He kept it in his heart though. When this was over, he’d thank his husband properly. These days, he had really put up with a lot and still helped out wherever he could. That kind of husband, one needed to cherish it.

With everyone doing their part, the wound was slowly filled with the scales and fake skin. Soon enough, Jinde stepped back for the last time and watched Zheng Yin close up the last gap.

Xin Lan cracked his eyes open when he felt both people stop working and then opened them completely. “You’re done?” His voice sounded slightly rough. To be honest, he couldn’t believe it. After living like that for so long, it just felt strange to think of having his face recovered.

Jinde smiled and rummaged through his spatial ring. Before he could find what he was looking for, Leng Jin Yu quietly handed him a mirror. Jinde raised his brows at him, once again amazed how his husband seemed to be able to read his thoughts, but then just handed it to Xin Lan. “See for yourself.” In any case, this result, he really wasn’t ashamed to show it off.

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