OMF V9C180 Not a Passing Interest

In the immortal realms or more precisely in the demon realm, Ye Yang was lying on his bed in his own estate, staring up at the ceiling.

He knew he should’ve gone to Jin Ling directly to tell him about what An Bai had told him. But right now, he couldn’t bring himself to do so. It wasn’t that he wanted to break his promise. No, he would still go and tell him. He would also try to help him find a way to get in there even if it seemed unlikely he could. He didn’t know how yet but he’d do that. He knew that he owed him that.

Be that as it may, right now, he couldn’t bring himself to do any of that. In his mind, he couldn’t help but think back to that moment when he left the Nine Heavens. That An Bai … he was probably getting obsessed with him?

Honestly, Ye Yang couldn’t member when this had happened to him the last time. Even with Jin Ling, he wasn’t sure if he would say that it was the same. Yes, he had never seen somebody who could rival Jin Ling’s good looks and his attraction to him hadn’t lessened. But that was just a passing interest, something he could stop thinking about whenever he wanted.

With An Bai, it was different. Even though it had started as a task, he was still thinking about him even now and he couldn’t help but worry about the future. Ah, this really was too tricky. Suddenly, the fight for the throne wasn’t something he could just ignore anymore if he felt that it was getting too much. Yes, the outcome would determine whether or not there was a chance to still see An Bai later on.

If Jin Ling won, then he and An Bai wouldn’t have a reason to see each other but at the very least, they wouldn’t be on the worst terms. If Yong Hai somehow managed to snatch the victory, they’d have a problem. After all, Yong Hai would attack the dragon realm. That was what he had promised his followers and the demons as a whole. And he would do it. He was that kind of idiot.

In Ye Yang’s opinion, there wasn’t a chance that Yong Hai could win that war. Still, that guy would try his luck and likely lose his life. After all, while he was a good schemer, he wasn’t that good of a fighter. Whether it was the dragon king or just any of his advisers, they would be able to mop the floor with him.

Thinking of that scene, he almost wanted to laugh. But then, maybe this was also a chance. In case Jin Ling somehow really lost, he could warn An Bai. Yes, at that time, he could go and bring a message, telling him to prepare so the dragons had more time. In fact, he could even be at his side at that time, taking care that nothing would happen to him and helping him out in the crucial moment.

What a beautiful image! He could see it in front of him: How he repelled that one attack An Bai had not seen coming and how An Bai’s heart would melt in response. The gaze in his pale blue eyes would soften as he pulled him into his arms, a hint of admiration and longing in them.

Ye Yang sat up and rubbed his forehead, very much aware that he could imagine all he wanted, it wouldn’t happen. An Bai … he really wasn’t the type of person who would let that happen. He was wary of him. He had been since the moment they met. Now, not much had changed about that. Maybe it wasn’t quite as bad anymore but still, he didn’t trust him.

Well, it wasn’t like he didn’t have a reason, was it? He was a demon after all. He wasn’t the type of person anyone should trust, even if he didn’t plan to do anything against him. Just being who he was, was a big disadvantage in that regard.

He sighed himself and then got up, smoothing out his clothes and walking out of the estate.

He wasn’t living far from the capital city of the demon realm. Looking over to that place that didn’t bother about walls like the capital of the Nine Heavens or the dragon realm, he couldn’t help but silently laugh at himself.

Yes, what did walls matter in their world? Anyway, nobody trusted anyone. Walls surrounding the city couldn’t change that. Every day of your life, you had to be prepared to be attacked, to be betrayed, to be killed. Those walls, they would just give you a wrong sense of security that you shouldn’t have. Looking at it this way, being a demon was actually sad.

Ye Yang shook his head at himself and made his way around the city to the palace on the other side. He still wasn’t sure how to tell Jin Ling about this. Somehow, he didn’t think that he would take kindly to the news.

No, he had been waiting for so long to finally get this answer, he definitely wouldn’t be happy about this. But then, he couldn’t change the facts. Since matters were like this, he could only tell him.

He took his sweet time on his way over, and finally nodded at the guards at the gate, walking past them while he was ready to defend himself just in case.

These days, you could trust people even less than usual. Who knew who was working for whom? In his case, it was pretty obvious. It wasn’t that Yong Hai hadn’t approached him, but everyone knew that he had a special interest in Jin Ling. Of course, nobody believed that Yong Hai would be able to entice him enough to make him change who he was supporting. So, it really was only a question of time until Yong Hai would try to move against them as well. After all, right now, he was Jin Ling’s greatest support.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to that dragon. Back then, he hadn’t been happy to see Xin Lan around. Even though he was a strong ally as well, his presence lowered his chances to get into Jin Ling’s good graces. As somebody who had wanted to do exactly that, that had naturally been unwelcome. But he had always been able to roll with things though, knowing that he couldn’t change them, so he had never made a fuss.

Now, he was the only ally of that time left and Xin Lan was nowhere to be seen. It did make him wonder just what was going on, on that guy’s side. With that thought, Ye Yang finally reached the door to Jin Ling’s rooms. Taking another deep breath, he knocked and then walked in without waiting for Jin Ling to say anything. Anyway, there was nothing that he hadn’t seen yet.

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