OMF V9C177 A New Sect?

For a moment, Ao Wen was distracted. In their Jian Yi Sect, who wasn’t a fan of their Grandmaster Leng? Anyway, even outside, there weren’t many who didn’t admire him. He was part of the reason why the Jian Yi Sect was the way it was today.

No matter her admiration for Leng Jin Yu though, this wasn’t the right moment to think of such things. No, they had more important matters to clear up. Reminding herself of that, Ao Wen shook her head and made sure that she had understood Xiao Li right. “So you are not aware of the exact story behind the Hei Dian Sect’s founding.”

Xiao Li shook his head. “No. I’m really sorry. If I had known that we’d need this, I would have looked into it. Anyway, I still know some people from there. If it is very important, I could find out. I’m just afraid it won’t be in time anymore for this mission as I’d need to rush over and get in contact with the right people first.

“Also, it’s been some time since I was last there. I’m not sure if my contacts are even still alive. Not to mention that I am already a disciple of the Jian Yi Sect. They might have heard and I’m not sure what they’d think of that. If they see that as me betraying the Hei Dian Sect, then I might not be able to find out anything.”

Ao Wen clicked her tongue, feeling that this was something they should have figured out before. It really was their oversight. In the time they had spent waiting for the other groups, they already could have inquired further into the realm’s origin and the demonic faction.

For a moment, she couldn’t help but wonder why they hadn’t done so. That she wouldn’t think of it might indeed be a simple oversight but she couldn’t imagine that her Master would simply forget such a thing. No, there was a reason why her Master was leading the Jian Yi Sect. She wasn’t one to simply forget. In that case, there had to be a reason for why her Master hadn’t ordered anyone to inquire.

Ao Wen furrowed her brows, trying to figure out just what it was that her Master could see that was eluding her. Maybe she already had some insight into the creation of the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden? But no, if that was the case, she would have told her beforehand.

If her Master didn’t know though, then she should have had this investigated before the start of the mission. Since that wasn’t the case … she probably felt that there was no reason to? In other words, there had been investigations before that yielded no results. Knowing that this realm had been made by some ancestor from the demonic side was probably the most they could find out.

Realizing this, Ao Wen really wanted to sigh. Knowing so little really was disadvantageous. But no matter what, it couldn’t be changed. Also, now that she thought of it, they didn’t know when this other side had appeared. Since none of the juniors or seniors was able to see the array down at the bottom of the lake save for her own little junior, it could have been there since forever. At the same time, it might as well be brand new. There really was no way to say.

Personally, Ao Wen figured that there was a good chance that this had to do with the Hei Dian Sect. It was an old sect that was still strong, after all. But of course, it could also be different.

She thought for a bit more, and then couldn’t help but bring up the other idea that she had had. In any case, even if they couldn’t find out the truth for sure, they could at least discuss the conjectures, right? That way, they might uncover something as well or would at least be better prepared for what was to come. “Were there any new sects that seemed strong at the time when you left? Not necessarily one that had already reached the peak but one that was developing fast?”

Xiao Li gave a hum, not quite sure what to say about that. After thinking for a while, he shook his head. “No, I don’t think there were any sects like that. At the very least, I can’t remember any. But I guess when it comes to this, the people on our side might know more. Usually, the righteous faction keeps a close eye on the demonic faction’s sects, more so than the Hei Dian Sect ever did.”

He thought for a moment and his expression changed. “Well, there is one matter. I’m not sure how accurate this is but it was said that back then — just a couple years maybe before that matter with the demon-hunting sects happened or maybe a few decades before that — there was a part of the sect that split off.

“It was only a small group. Not sure what exactly their goal was but I guess they didn’t align with those of the rest of the sect anymore. They left, probably establishing a sect of their own somewhere. I think there was also talk of some kind of … mission. I don’t know.

“There were only rumors at the time. But I guess as people who were part of the Hei Dian Sect, if they really established a new sect somewhere, that might be one that could have grown strong in such a short amount of time. Their foundation would have been strong, after all, and I don’t think the Sect Master or Grandmaster would have gone after them. They’re not that type of people.”

Ao Wen’s expression turned subtle. Actually, that kind of sect could be a likely candidate for opening up a second side of a realm. After all, every sect needed some type of headquarters or sect grounds. And while usually, you would do that somewhere else in the world, what better place was there than an ancient realm? Especially if you hid the entrance to the sect grounds that well. That way, they could develop without any interference from outside. It really was the best-case scenario for this kind of sect.

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