OMF V9C171 Let’s Do It

Qiu Ling and Jing Yi both stared at the God of Justice, wondering if he was being serious about this. To give up his soul willingly, it sounded like a good idea in theory, but who would do something like that?

From the very beginning, after he had ascended and the officials from the Court of Justice tried to kill him at the ascension platform, he had never wanted to give his life up for Jing He. He knew that it was something that would happen sooner or later but to do it on his own accord … that really wasn’t easy.

Li Yin could see that he wasn’t happy but he wasn’t about to just give up. “I heard of your upcoming wedding. Surely, this means that Longjun is the person you want to spend your life with.”

Jing Yi furrowed his brows. “Precisely because that is the case, don’t you feel that it is absurd to ask me to just relinquish my soul?” Wasn’t that why he had wanted to get rid of Jing He? So he could keep his life and would be free from this whole mess?

“Not at all. For the person that you love, you should be willing to do anything. And I am sure that you understand by now that Longjun’s well-being and even life are at stake here. If you do not do this, then the rest of your life together will be rather short.

“Considering that, wouldn’t you think it better to give up your soul so that he can live a long and happy life with the person to who this soul originally belonged? Otherwise, can you really claim to love this person? Isn’t it better to let him have a good life without you instead of forcing him into this? And you know that he would have a very good life.”

Jing Yi’s grip on Qiu Ling’s shoulder tightened. He loved Qiu Ling, he did for sure. But who wanted to die? And even though the God of Justice might phrase it differently, that was still what he was asking him to do.

Still, this question, he had asked himself more than once. Of course, he wanted Qiu Ling to live. He also wanted him to live well. He definitely didn’t want to be responsible for him to lose his sanity and finally his life. But to give up his own life and make place for Jing He … that was easier said than done.

Li Yin gave a hum when he saw Jing Yi’s expression and got to his feet. “Well, I’ve made my point. You should know what the right decision is. Anyway, I will prepare everything just in case you have the courage to do it. Actually, it shouldn’t be that hard for you. Somebody who is willing to kill another person should be able to use the same attitude where it concerns their life as well.” He didn’t wait for either of their responses and just turned around, leaving the room.

At this point, there was no use arguing. Of course, asking anybody to basically take their life was very much to ask. Who would immediately nod their head and go ahead with it? No, he could not expect that much.

But the situation had already come to this and believed that Zhong Jing Yi loved the dragon king sincerely. After thinking it through on his own, he would realize what he had to do. He would realize that this was the only possible way out. And as such, he would contact him soon enough. He would let him know that he wanted to give it a try. By then, he could explain further.

In the room, Qiu Ling looked up at Jing Yi. “I …” He wanted to comfort him but finally, he didn’t have the words. Anyway, this wasn’t completely new to them. They had known from the very beginning that Jing Yi would have to give up his life. The only part that was new was that the God of Justice had reminded them that this didn’t need to be through violence.

No, as long as they utilized the same method as was used for the trials, it wouldn’t be a problem. After all, he had been there when Jing He started his. Seeing him drink some water and urging his soul to leave his body had not triggered anything in him. It really was safe.

Qiu Ling wasn’t quite sure what the reason was for this. Maybe it was because he had had an understanding that it was only a temporary situation. Or maybe it was because the body was still intact, as was the soul, and unless something changed about either of these points, he wouldn’t be too much affected. That certainly seemed to be the case right now.

Jing Yi closed his eyes, the same understanding that the other two men had come to dawning on him as well. Yes, there was no choice. He had to do this. If he wanted Qiu Ling to go on, if he didn’t want to leave more of a mess, he would have to give up his own life.

He leaned forward and slung his arms around Qiu Ling’s neck, resting his head on his shoulder while he quietly pondered. He had known that this day would come. One way or another, it would’ve happened. He had hoped that he would have more time. But in the end, he had already had more time than he had been destined to. Maybe by now, he had reached the point where he couldn’t evade fate any longer.

“If we were to do this, how would it be done?”

Qiu Ling closed his eyes and reached up, covering Jing Yi’s hands with his own. “I’d assume it would be done in exactly the same way as the trials are started: You drink the water, they start to obscure your memories, and at that time, you push your soul out of your body and it goes to where it is destined to be. Or in your case … returns to where it came from. This way, your body would remain untouched while Jing He would wake up again. It’s … not death but still leaving your body as an empty husk.”

Listening to Qiu Ling’s explanation, Jing Yi nodded. “I see.” He fell silent for a while and then just around Qiu Ling, cupping his cheeks and looking into his eyes. “I never wanted any of this but the God of Justice is right that you are important to me. I also know that at this point, I can’t be selfish anymore.

“So … let’s do it. Just … please wait until after the wedding. That is the only thing that I ask of you. I do want to have that wedding. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or a small one just … please allow me to still have that.”

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