OMF V9C166 Creating Bones from Dust

When it came to Jinde’s words, Xin Lan would never argue back. Especially so if it was about something that was for his own good. As such, he just stood to the side, quietly watching.

To be honest, he still had trouble believing that this was happening. Back then, when he found him Jinde hadn’t been able to do anything. He had looked at his injuries and dealt with whatever he could but his face had been impossible to heal.

Well, he probably shouldn’t be surprised that things were different now. After all, a lot of time had passed. Jinde had become stronger over the years and had also gained a lot of knowledge. If he had asked him to give it a try, Jinde might have been able to help him quite some time ago. But then, Jinde’s initial reluctance had been because of his scales, not his bones.

He reached up, taking off his mask again, and quietly touched what was left below. He couldn’t help but think of Hua Lin Yu again. His fiance, he had never seen how he actually looked without this mask. If he had … would it have changed anything?

That day, if he had not become scared of his reaction and left in a hurry without explaining himself, then Hua Lin Yu would have stayed in the spirit beast tribe’s territory with him instead of going back to the mortal realm. Then, he wouldn’t have met Xiao Li. In that case, they still could have gotten married and might still be together now. That certainly was a possibility.

He lowered his hand and shook his head at himself, finally just putting the mask to the side. Anyway, he wouldn’t be able to wear it after his bones had been reconstructed. He should better get used to the feeling already. Although, truth be told, he might just hole up at Jinde’s place and wait for his face to be completely healed.

Meanwhile, Leng Jin Yu had already ignited a fire beneath the cauldron as well, not forgetting to take a look at Jinde’s expression while he did so. Making the pill should have taken some energy already and that right after helping Qiu Ling veil his memories so he couldn’t help but be nervous.

Looking at him though, Jinde’s skin was still the same shade, and his eyes even seemed to be sparkling faintly with happiness. Seeing this, Leng Jin Yu quietly stepped to the side, smiling to himself. It seemed that he had thought too much. Jinde was completely in his element doing this. If he dared to interrupt him to ask about his well-being, his husband might actually get angry.

Despite the eyes on him, Jinde worked quietly without losing the slightest bit of focus. By now, he had entered a state where the outside world did not seem to exist. There was only him, the cauldron in front of him, and the ingredients that were added one by one.

The ash of the stardust tree’s wood, the powder made from the horns of the diving beasts living at the edge of the dragon realm, some water from the ice springs up in the north, … One after the other, the ingredients that Qiu Ling and Xin Lan had gathered were put into the cauldron, slowly combined through the use of his spiritual energy and the heat of the fire.

What had originally been a liquid or a powder turned into a coarse, grayish pulp that was then refined further and further until the color lightened and started to resemble that of a dragon’s bones.

Jinde’s eyes narrowed and he raised his hands, trying to aid the precision of his spiritual energy. He picked up a part of that pulp and slowly started to form it, first roughly, then shaping out the details.

It started to resemble part of a cheekbone more and more, until finally, Jinde grabbed onto it, and put it to the side, immediately turning back to the cauldron, not resting for even a moment. He took yet another part of the mush and formed it into the parts that were missing from Xin Lan’s jaw in the very same way.

Outside of Jinde’s little sphere of focus, Zheng Yin grabbed the bone that had been structured and walked up to Xin Lan. He had already had him take the pill when he saw that Jinde started to shape the first bone so now, it was about time to get this one in place.

His hands trembled for a bit when he stood in front of him but he took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, forcing himself to calm down. He had never done anything like this but he would be able to do it. This man, he was the one he loved. If he wasn’t able to go further than usual for him, then he would never be able to attain the greatest heights in refinement that he was aiming for. No, he could do this. For Xin Lan, he had no doubt that he could.

Zheng Yin leaned down, his spiritual energy enveloping the newly created bone, while he gently cupped Xin Lan’s face, trying not to hurt him while he inserted it.

His eyes narrowed when he saw the way that some skin had grown over the edge of the actual bone. This couldn’t be left that way or it would hinder them from reconnecting. He took out a small knife from his spatial ring and cut the skin, making sure not to damage the bone below.

Only when the skin had been removed and the blood wiped away did he continue, making sure that he perfectly fit the new bone into the gap left behind when the original one had been destroyed. He connected the two pieces with his spiritual energy, holding the new one in place until he could feel how the pull Xin Lan had just taken finally took over, accelerating the process of the two pieces connecting with each other.

Zheng Yin closed his eyes, muttering under his breath before he straightened up again, decisively turning back to see what Jinde was doing.

Xin Lan’s face was not only damaged in one spot. There were several and they could only restructure them bit by bit. With Jinde shaping the bones, he was the only one who could place them where they belonged and he needed to be fast. The efficacy of the pill would slowly wane over time while the new bones would be easiest to use when they were newly created. Thus, he could not lose a single second.

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