OMF V9C161 Asking for Help

While Bai Mu was nonplussed by this sudden information and couldn’t help but dwell on it, Xin Lan didn’t think about it any further. Either way, that matter with Bai Mu had been long ago. Right now, his biggest problem was Xiao Li. Or, well, actually it was wrong to say it like this. After all, they had the same face and reminded Xiang Yu’s reincarnation of the same person. So in a sense, it was still the very same problem he had had from the very beginning. As for how to solve it, well, there was only one person who could help with that.

Since Bai Mu didn’t know anything, he didn’t hold much hope for the God of War either. After all, Bai Mu was the one who had last seen his mother and was more likely to know about her past than his father.

Going to the Fate’s Scribe to take another dive into the River of Forgetfulness and try to gain more information about Xiang Yu’s past that way was another option that might give him some insight into what had happened. Especially since this time around, there would be no volatile fallen god trying to stab him for his attempts. But even though, this wasn’t the most effective way.

No, the best to find out what had happened and especially to find out how he could deal with the aftermath of that now that Xiang Yu’s reincarnation was involved, was to ask Tian. Surely, that so-called sovereign of all realms was the one who held all the answers. Not to mention that he knew Xiang Yu quite well. So when it came to his reincarnation, he would be able to answer his questions.

Xin Lan didn’t lose any time and rushed over at the mountain leading up to the High Heavens. It was strange to think that he had taken this path so often already. Most people wouldn’t even come close enough to take a look. Meanwhile, he had scaled this mountain several times already. Usually, he was thrown right back out but it still hadn’t kept him from doing the same thing again when necessary. This time wasn’t any different.

Reaching the High Heavens, he looked around and then made his way over to the capital city. Finding Tian was always a matter of walking around long enough until he got onto his nerves and made him come out on his own. After all, it was difficult to find the owner of a realm if the person didn’t want to be found.

He didn’t think that the place where he actually stayed could be approached, not to mention entered. Even though he had never been in that palace, there was a good chance that the body of Tian’s lover was inside. As a guy who was willing to curse the entirety of the immortal races for that person, it could be imagined what he would do if somebody got close who wasn’t supposed to. Naturally, he wouldn’t give it a try.

Xin Lan wasn’t delusional. He was strong, yes. And whether it was in the mortal or immortal realms, there wasn’t really anyone who could best him. They’d have to team up to try and deal with him.

But the same wasn’t true for Tian. If he wanted to, then making him lose his life would be as simple as raising a hand. In light of that, it wasn’t smart to get on this person’s nerves but they just didn’t see eye to eye and it wasn’t like he came up here just because he liked to.

No, if there was another way to find out what he needed to get his lover back, he would do that. But there wasn’t. And if Tian was his only chance, then he’d take it. Even if there was some risk involved.

Xin Lan managed to make it into the capital of the High Heavens and looked around. Nobody could be seen. The streets and palaces were lying ahead empty just like usual. It was actually an eerie sight to behold. This place, was there anyone living here? He wasn’t sure about that. If there was, then he had never seen anyone but Tian.

Halfway through the city, the person he had been looking for finally appeared. His expression … it didn’t look.

Xin Lan stopped in his tracks and just looked at him, finally giving a hum. “You know why I’m here.”

“I do. But what makes you think that I will answer your questions?”

Xin Lan requited his gaze, annoyed at the other person. Was this how people felt when they had to deal with him? In the dragon realm, he was able to behave just like Tian did in front of him. He didn’t need to put anyone in his eyes and worry about being killed or even injured. He had the ultimate strength in his hands and no matter what he did, nobody could stop him. At the end of the day, he could do whatever he wanted. It just depended on his own mood. Had that made him arrogant?

The question made him feel lost for a moment but this wasn’t why he was here. He pushed it away and focused on the issue at hand. “You wouldn’t want to help me but I think that you do care about that fallen god. This trial was his idea. Me being his lover was also his idea. Right now, instead of getting that, he’s involved with a person related to the one who likely made him fall. I don’t think you want to see that.”

Tian’s expression did not seem to change but he also didn’t immediately kick him out so, most likely, he had hit the nail on the head.

Xin Lan fell quiet for a moment and then gave a sigh. “You might not have been as wrong before as I thought you were. I always thought I loved Jinde deeply but, actually, my feelings for him were rather shallow. Most of it was based on my own sense of pride.

“It’s different with Hua Lin Yu.” He lowered his gaze and took a moment to calm himself before he looked up. “Please, help me with this. I want to know what happened back then and I want to know how to get him back. I do love him. This time, there is no question about it.”

Tian looked at him and his expression changed imperceptibly, making him look even more solemn than usual. “I never thought I’d ever see the day when you would actually beg me for something. Unfortunately, this matter, there isn’t much I can do.”

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