OMF V9C159 He Hoped It Would Work Out

When it came to these decisions, Jinde was actually quite swift. In any case, there was no sentimental value attached and he would just go by how high the quality was. With his experience, determining that wasn’t difficult. As such, after looking all of them over for just a couple of minutes, he had picked out the ones he wanted, putting them in his spatial ring.

Having finished that, he turned back to Qiu Ling. “Alright, you can take the rest away.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then left again with Jing Yi, not bothering to say any more words. In any case, it was about time to finish with these preparative steps.

Jinde gave a hum as he left and then turned to Xin Lan who was still waiting at the side, his expression a bit strange. He watched him for a while and finally couldn’t help but walk over, sitting down next to him. “Alright, what is going on?”

Xin Lan looked up, clearly not having paid any attention before.

Realizing this, Jinde couldn’t help but raise his brows. It really wasn’t like Xin Lan to be this unobservant about the things happening around him. So really, something had to be wrong with him, very wrong.

Xin Lan sighed and raked a hand through his silvery hair. “Over there, I saw for Bai Mu for the first time since …” He stopped speaking and just shook his head, but there was some annoyance showing in his features.

Back then, he had realized that something was wrong when Hua Lin Yu suddenly told him that he didn’t want to marry him. But he never would’ve thought that it had been because of Bai Mu. Now, he couldn’t help but be angry at himself.

If he hadn’t taken him to the dragon king’s palace, then he never would have met Bai Mu and all of this wouldn’t have happened. They would still be together, probably even married as well. So really, this was also his own fault for not being careful enough. After all, he had known that Bai Mu looked just like that Yan Xia.

He pondered for a bit and then turned to Jinde, leaning forward with his eyes faintly narrowed. “The part that you want to do today … is there anything I need to help you with beforehand?”

Jinde faintly raised his brows but shook his head. “Not necessarily. We still need some ingredients. Qiu Ling will go and get the ones that can be found in the capital city but there are still some we will have to gather outside. You don’t necessarily need to do that yourself though.”

Xin Lan gave a hum, pondering by himself. He wanted his face to be healed as fast as possible so getting the ingredients in a timely manner was important but then, this was as well. He wasn’t sure if he could make a decision but then, it might not take too much time to get the ingredients. “The ingredients, write them down for me. There is something I want to do.”

Jinde raised his brows but then went back to the study, writing a short list and handing it to him. “Are you going to tell me what exactly you’re going to do?” He had to admit that he was a little worried with Xin Lan looking like this.

Xin Lan put away the piece of paper and got up with a smile. “Don’t worry. It’s just … something I want to find out about. It’s not that important, just something to give me some peace of mind.”

Jinde nodded even though he still had his doubts. He didn’t know all the ins and outs of Xin Lan’s relationship with that Hua Lin Yu but he could piece together most of it. “Well, if you need help, you know where to find me.”

Xin Lan nodded and then turned around, leaving the room without a look back.

In the study, Zheng Yin raised his gaze but he only glanced over there for a moment before he turned back to the book. Anyway, he had known that he wasn’t that important in Xin Lan’s eyes. As for that fiance that Xin Lan had mentioned … well, he had believed him that it was just for whatever promise he had made.

But actually, there seemed to be more to it. Otherwise, Xin Lan wouldn’t be like this right now, would he? He probably should have realized this earlier but he hadn’t. Now, he was already involved in this matter again. It couldn’t be helped.

Jinde came back over and picked up the book that his husband had put down for him, pulling out the jade that had been used to mark the page.

Zheng Yin kept quiet for a moment but then couldn’t help but look up. “Xin Lan’s fiance …”

Jinde looked up, really not sure if he wanted to have this kind of conversation. Xin Lan’s lovers, he had never had to do with any of them. For the most part, that had been because nobody had ever made it past a couple of days but this time, there seemed to be a bit more.

Zheng Yin hesitated but then just sighed and shook his head. “Never mind. Either way, he’ll figure it out himself.” No matter what, regarding the details of this relationship, there was probably nobody but Xin Lan and the god in question who knew. After all, Xin Lan wasn’t somebody who was happy to share too much about his life. Even when it came to this person, that would likely still be the case.

Jinde continued to look at him and then sighed as well. “I’m sorry. He isn’t always a good person.”

Zheng Yin shook his head though. “He didn’t treat me badly. In fact, I believe he treats his lovers very well. He just … doesn’t give them his heart. But then, who really expects him to? As a dragon of that age who isn’t bound by Tian’s curse, it should be difficult to find a partner for life.”

Jinde nodded but he also couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable. Actually, Xin Lan had managed to find just that kind of person, hadn’t he? Or maybe this was his illusion. After all, even though it had been a few years, who knew if this could last for eternity? Without the curse, there was no reassurance, after all.

But then, it also didn’t mean that it couldn’t work out. The gods did it all the time, didn’t they? In Xin Lan’s case, it might just be that, so far, he had never been in a situation where his stronger feelings were reciprocated so he finally gave up. Not having to deal with Tian’s curse … it was probably good. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to live until now.

No, Xin Lan never would’ve managed to meet this person and that would’ve been a pity. Because clearly, he did like him a lot. So yes, he naturally wished that it would work out for them.

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