RMN C375 His Next Masterpiece

Mei Chao Bing was a little taken aback at that greeting but after a moment, he understood. The last time Yan Hong Min had seen his third junior martial brother, had been when they still assumed that Shen Lei was dead. No wonder that was the first thing he asked without even giving a greeting.

He gave a faint smile and cupped his fists in greeting. “Greetings, senior martial brother Yan. You do not need to worry about him. Thanks to your help, senior martial brother Luo was able to find senior martial brother Shen in time and he could be saved. He is alive so your third junior martial brother is also doing very well.” He hesitated for a moment and then lowered his hands, his smile turning a bit brighter. “In fact, they decided to marry as soon as they get back to the sect.”

“Huh.” Yan Hong Min was a little surprised at that. Actually, he had not expected to ever see his third junior martial brother getting married. Who could fault him? Anyway, Luo Lin had never managed to stay with any man for too long.

He also didn’t know what it was. Whether it was Luo Lin or their Master, they had never shared how his life had been before he came here. But this inability to stay with someone had always meant to him that he shouldn’t expect anything to come out of those relationships.

The fact that it had been several years that he had been with Shen Lei was something that had really surprised him. In fact, after a while, he hadn’t been able to help but count the days that they had actually been together. It had been quite astounding when he realized that even though he hadn’t been counting from the very beginning, he had still managed to get up to over a thousand.

At that point, he had been curious when the endpoint would be but to continue counting had seemed like too much work so he had stopped. He wasn’t quite sure how long it had been since then but this was definitely the longest he had ever seen Luo Lin with someone. That kind of made it not so strange that he had finally decided to marry the guy.

Mei Chao Bing gave him a moment to come to terms with this new information before he cleared his throat. “I’m sorry that I’m disturbing you but there’s a question I had. You made him a device that allowed senior martial brother Luo to find the members of our sect, didn’t you?”

Yan Hong Min raised his brows and nodded. “Sure! Isn’t that how he found him in time? That should tell you something, shouldn’t it?” He raised his chin, feeling that it was about damn time that people recognized how great he was.

Mei Chao Bing just continued to smile. He didn’t know too much about Yan Hong Min but he had heard that the things he made were quite … astounding sometimes. “Well, is there any way to modify it so that a specific person could be found?”

Yan Hong Min furrowed his brows and gave him an odd look. “No. How would I do that?”

Mei Chao Bing furrowed his brows as well. “Oh, so there isn’t. I’d assume there isn’t another way you could think of to do something like that?”

Yan Hong Min wanted to tell him that this was a stupid idea but then, he had always liked challenges. And having somebody assume that he couldn’t do something just meant that he wanted to do it even more. “Well, I’m sure I could think of something if I tried.”

Mei Chao Bing wasn’t really sure what to make of this. Was he supposed to try and convince him? It kind of sounded like it. Well, he didn’t mind doing so. He hesitated for a moment and then motioned at the house. “Would you mind if I came in? I might need to explain a little more about this.”

Yan Hong Min looked behind him, blinking his eyes in surprise. Right, they were still standing at the door. It probably would be a good idea to go in instead. As such, he motioned into the corridor behind him and then stepped to the side, letting Mei Chao Bing in and then closing the door behind them.

He didn’t lead him to his study though and instead went to one of the other rooms, not wanting him to make a mess where he didn’t belong. “Alright, then what is this about?” To be honest, he was a little intrigued seeing his little junior’s crush in front of him. Just what was it that this guy wanted to do?

Mei Chao Bing told him roughly about what had happened in the border region so far, feeling that it shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, this was Elder Baili’s disciple. And in time, everyone would be told anyway.

In the end, he arrived at what he himself had realized on his way here. “I was thinking that the reason my Master’s plan did not work on me was because there was something keeping me here. And when thinking about my senior martial brothers, there is at least one person for whom that is true as well: Mu Qing.

“He was engaged to senior martial sister Xi, Xi Ju Hai. And even though he followed my Master originally, I think that there is a chance he would work with us if we approached him. But that would only work if it was somewhere where my Master can’t interfere.

“In fact, it would be best if we could find him alone. Or, if there are other people around, at the very least, we need to be able to take care of them. I’m not sure how to do that but from everything that Fen’er told me, I thought that you might be able to come up with a plan to get around this problem.”

At this, Yan Hong Min couldn’t help but show a thoughtful expression and rubbed his chin. His little junior actually understood just how much of a genius he was, didn’t he? Well, in that case, he couldn’t disappoint him. Yes, he should better get right to planning his next masterpiece.

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