OMF V9C153 The Same Beginning and End

In the capital city of the Nine Heavens, the God of Justice, Li Yin, was sitting at the desk in his study, staring off into space. Well, a nicer way to call it might be to say that he was pondering. In fact, had been doing nothing but that since the moment he had been told about the possible solution for the dragon king’s problem and seen how that actually worked out.

A trial going awry and an ascension causing such harm … in the end, the solution was the very thing that had made the trial possible in the first place. That was … quite the curious coincidence. Or maybe this was not a coincidence but fate at play. And not the kind of fate that was decreed in the Palace of Fate for the humans and the gods on their trials but the kind of fate that was woven in the High Heavens.

This matter, nobody but that senior Xin Lan of the dragon race had been able to think of it. Maybe because in their mind, the water of the River of Forgetfulness had one specific use. Well, there were others, but usually, they weren’t relevant to the gods. It was only in very rare cases that some water would be used for anything else. So who would have made such a guess?

But either way, it seemed to have worked. Right now, he was still waiting for news from the dragon realm that that was indeed the case but he was sure that he would receive that information soon. In fact, he had absolutely no doubt because, at the end of the day, it just made too much sense, didn’t it?

Yes, what had started it, could also end it. This did seem very much in line with Heaven’s laws. A strength for a weakness, the same beginning to the same end, all parts finally coming together in a full circle, that was indeed how Heaven was.

He tapped the top of the desk with his fingers and thought back to his last conversation with Leng Lu. Back then, he had asked him if he knew how to solve their problem with Zhong Jing Yi and the dragon king but his lover had not answered him, at least not with anything that would help him understand. Instead, he had just told him that it was easy and told him to think about it himself.

At the end of the day, maybe Leng Lu had been right. Maybe it really was as easy as that. After all, this matter, it had been solved temporarily in such a simple way as well. Why shouldn’t the big problem be solved in a similar manner?

An ending like the beginning … He felt like he knew what the solution might be. It was just that what sounded easy in theory, might not be made to actually happen just as easily.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, pulling him out of his thoughts.

Li Yin sighed, glanced over, and tiredly rubbed his eyes. “Yes, come in.” Maybe this was already news from the dragon realm. Then, he would be more assured of what he had thought of. After that, he could also look for confirmation and we pray that his lover would be more willing to give him an answer this time around that he already had a guess of his own ready.

The door opened and the one to walk in was the senior official that had been working together with An Bai. “God of Justice.” He closed the door behind him and walked in, stopping a few steps away from the desk.

After having slept for barely an hour or two, he had gotten up at the crack of dawn, wanting to make sure that he could get the God of Justice his report before he went back to organizing their next steps. Either way, the God of Justice might have some instructions for him regarding their search for Ye Yang.

Seeing just who had come in, Li Yin motioned at the seat opposite him. “Yi Yun, sit down. How are things going with adviser An Bai? Have you made some progress?”

The senior official inclined his head. “You might’ve already been made aware of this but there was some progress made on the side of the dragon king.”

Li Yin nodded. “Yes, I was called over directly and was actually there when it happened. I’m still waiting for confirmation from the dragon realm that things are still going well, but I’d wager the confirmation will soon arrive.”

Yi Yun inclined his head. “Well, other than that, we continued with our task and have indeed made some progress but are not yet finished. There are still several dozen scrolls to go through. But now, we should have more time to finish this task so we are not as pressed anymore.

“By the way, the dragon king contacted adviser An Bai yesterday. This matter, I believe that you should also be made aware of it.”

Li Yin motioned for him to get go ahead and Yi Yun gave a quick report of what Qiu Ling had told An Bai, as well as the additional information he had gotten from the adviser himself, and the progress of their search for Ye Yang.

“That is to say, so far, we weren’t able to find him. I will meet up again with adviser An Bai a little later to continue our search. I’m not quite sure how to go about this though. Having the other officials and maybe even the heavenly guards keep on the lookout might be for the best. The sooner we find him, the better.”

Li Yin didn’t indicate either way and instead gave a hum. Ye Yang of the demon race … he wasn’t unfamiliar with his name. “That man, he should have been one of those who helped demon king Jin Ling onto the throne back then. At that time, Huo Yan had just been killed, matters were uncertain, and Jin Ling made use of that. But he also wasn’t strong enough to do so alone.

“Either way, I’m not sure why he did it. This Ye Yang, if my information about him isn’t wrong, then he should be strong enough to reign himself. Why he would choose Jin Ling instead … I have no idea. But if nothing has changed regarding the circumstances that originally made him make that choice, then he should indeed be a valuable asset to the current demon king.

“This matter, you try and help adviser An Bai facilitate it. Don’t inform the heavenly guards just yet. We don’t want to make Ye Yang go even further into hiding. If you need help, ask the other officials instead. Don’t make it clear that he is a demon. For the time being, it might be better for them to treat him as a member of the dragon race.”

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment but then nodded. “I understand. Although, I have to say that in the future, some training might be necessary to distinguish the demons better.”

Li Yin gave a hum but didn’t say anything more and just waved toward the door. “I believe you wanted to go to meet up with adviser An Bai early so I shouldn’t keep you. Other matters can still be discussed after the current crisis is over.

“I still need to wait for the news from the dragon realm and after that, there is another matter that I need to take care of. If I’m not wrong, we will be able to solve this whole disaster soon enough. At the very least, by then, the Court of Justice can go back to its usual state. At that point, I’m not worried about any demons running rampant anymore.”

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