OMF V9C128 Not Strong Enough

Outside, Leng Jin Yu hastily explained to Jinde what had happened.

Jinde clicked his tongue in response. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before. You should have told me about that immediately!”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head and gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You couldn’t have done anything even if I told you immediately. So it was better to get the water first so that we can start as soon as I get back. Otherwise, both you and Qiu Ling just would have been anxious.

“Also, it’s no wonder you didn’t manage to think of it. Anyway, you didn’t have that much more to do with the gods than I did. Those trials … we might’ve known a bit but it wasn’t all that much. Now, so much more time has passed, but it’s not like we really brushed up on our knowledge on these things.”

Jinde faintly furrowed his golden brows and nodded. “You’re right. I guess that will be what I do whenever we have some downtime in the future. We can’t let such an oversight happen again.”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head at him, wondering if they would really have much downtime after the child was born but he didn’t voice it at this moment. No, right now, there were more important things to do.

He opened the door to Qiu Ling’s room and the two of them walked in, immediately drawing all eyes.

Jinde didn’t seem able to notice and just went over to the table, sitting down next to Qiu Ling. “Jin Yu already told me. Do you want to do it?”

Qiu Ling inclined his head. “I do. If there is even the slightest chance that this might work, then I should do it. Right now, the state I’m in … sustainable, not for a long time. So if this can buy us some time, then we need to do this.”

Jinde nodded and then reached out to take his hand. “I’ve never done this before either but I’ll do my best.” He hadn’t spoken to Xin Lan about it but he knew enough to figure out how it worked after being made aware of this option. “You’ll still need to drink the water and then I will guide it to create a veil around the memory. It might take some time to do so. Try to stay calm.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then looked at the other people in the room, finally motioning at Jing Yi. “You should probably stay back a bit. I’m not sure how I’ll react to this. The memories are stored in the soul and that is something you don’t easily let somebody interact with. There might be some adverse reactions even if just subconsciously.” Especially if Jinde got close to a memory concerning Jing He.

While he did trust Jinde, subconsciously, he might still be unwilling to do this because there would be a fear to forget about his beloved. If it had been Jing He, that might have been different but with Jinde, there was still a certain chance of it going wrong.

Jing Yi didn’t try to argue. In any case, he didn’t understand that much about these things but seeing how serious everyone was, he also realized that there was still a chance of this going extremely wrong. He didn’t want to be the person to be at fault for this. He had already caused enough damage.

Meanwhile, Qiu Ling pushed his chair a little away from the table, turning to face Jinde directly. “The same goes for you. Be careful.”

“I’m tougher than I look. Although, if you do attack, don’t go for the face.” He smiled and then glanced at his husband, motioning for him to step closer. “You stay next to me just in case. Don’t interrupt what I’m doing and just try to hold him back.”

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but clench his fists. He wasn’t a dragon anymore so what he could actually do to protect Jinde was only little. “Should I … rather get Xin Lan?”

Jinde looked up, and seeing the expression in his eyes, he couldn’t help but feel that he shouldn’t have brought that up. He had noticed every now and then that Leng Jin Yu seemed to be struggling with the thought of being an ascended deity recently. He missed the strength he had owned in his past life.

Originally, he had only known about it theoretically, so it hadn’t been a problem. But now, with being in a vulnerable situation with him, and also the thought of having a child soon, there were thoughts about not being enough. To suggest getting Xin Lan to protect him instead of doing it himself had had to take a lot out of him. Chun Yin definitely wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Jinde wanted to say no to reassure him but Qiu Ling already butted in.

“If he’s still here, definitely do that. I don’t trust either of you to really hold me back.” In fact, he did trust that Jinde would be able to give him a beating — at least to a certain degree — but he would be busy dealing with the water from the River of Forgetfulness and likely wouldn’t have the chance to react in time. Even if he had the chance, he likely wouldn’t use it. No, Jinde would rather get injured himself than risk having all of his memories veiled for a certain amount of time.

Xin Lan, on the other hand, didn’t care about him so he would be willing to hurt him if it meant keeping Jinde safe. In this situation, that was exactly the type of person that they needed.

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then turned back around, leaving the room and taking a deep breath when he was outside. He slowly exhaled before he went over to the other room to get Xin Lan.

Yes, this was not easy for him but when it came to protecting his lover, of course, he would do his best. And if his own best wasn’t enough, then getting the help of somebody else who would be good enough was what he had to do.

He had to admit that, in that regard, Xin Lan definitely won over him. He had done so in his past life as Chun Yin and he did even more so now that he was Leng Jin Yu, the one who had been born human and then ascended to be a deity.

Yes, he was weak compared with Xin Lan, the strength he had once been able to be proud of almost negligible. In fact, even if he had to fight Chun Yin, he probably wouldn’t have been able to win. That really was something he was grappling with.

But, not today, not now. No, at this moment, his own feelings didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was to keep Jinde safe and deal with Qiu Ling’s issues. These two people, he was able to disregard his own feelings for them on any given day, not to mention when things were as dire as they had been in the last few.

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