OMF V9C120 A Helpful Offer

Listening to what Zheng Yin said, Xin Lan couldn’t help but become thoughtful. Actually, wasn’t there a way to check? “I suppose I could go to the High Heavens and just ask.” In any case, Tian was the one who would have to judge this. So he was also the only person who would be able to answer the question of whether his actions so far could be considered having kept his promise.

Anyway, even if they were, he would still continue to pursue Hua Lin Yu. After all, while he wouldn’t tell Zheng Yin, he did genuinely love Hua Lin Yu. Of course, he wouldn’t give up. He would find a way to get back together.

In the worst case, he would have to secretly kill that half-demon and then swoop in to be there and comfort his Xiao Yu in the aftermath. Surely, feelings would bloom once again if they were in proximity with nobody else to bother them.

While Xin Lan was already pondering methods to do regain his fiance’s love, Zheng Yin was still puzzled about what he had just said. “Go up to the High Heavens and ask? But … that is Tian. You can’t just go and ask him something, can you?”

Xin Lan gave him a lazy glance, feeling that even though this person was more mature than Hua Lin Yu since he had been born long after the curses began, he didn’t have a grasp on what one actually could or couldn’t do.

Well, this was true for pretty much anyone born after his generation. They were too timid when it came to Tian. But then, he could understand. That guy had fucked up their lives. Although, he would still say that Tian had done the same to him.

Xin Lan pulled Zheng Yin closer and his lips curved up in a smile again. “I could. It wouldn’t be the first I did this. He doesn’t necessarily like me though so I’m not sure if I wouldn’t lower my chances.

“Actually, even if I go and ask, there is still a chance that he will say it isn’t enough. In that case, I would have to focus on getting that person back. I don’t mind but it won’t be easy this time. Not only is there still that thing with the mask between us, but there’s also that other man. But I guess both can be taken care of one way or another.”

Zheng Yin hesitated for a moment but then reached up, brushing over the surface of the mask. “How bad is it really? Is there any chance I could help?”

Xin Lan stared at him and finally remembered that, indeed, Zheng Yin seemed to be quite talented when it came to refinement. He should indeed consider this offer.

He thought for a moment and then pushed Zheng Yin off, taking out his transmission stone. “I know somebody who is working on that matter but he might use some help. I’ll ask him. Thank you for offering.”

Zheng Yin nodded and then retreated to the side, not wanting to bother Xin Lan while having a private conversation.

Jinde only needed a moment to pick up on the other side and there was a smile in his voice when he did. “Xin Lan, how are you doing? Have you managed to smooth things over with your fiance?”

Xin Lan faintly narrowed his eyes, not quite sure what to say. He had told Zheng Yin most of the story but some things had been omitted. So he didn’t necessarily want these details to get out.

He wasn’t an idiot. He knew that Zheng Yin had feelings for him and rather deep ones at that. Usually, he didn’t think too much about it and was still willing to carry on with their relationship for the time being even though he knew that it couldn’t last. But that didn’t mean that he wanted to be needlessly cruel. He wouldn’t admit right in front of him that there was somebody else he truly loved. That just didn’t seem like the decent thing to do.

Considering this, he faintly turned so Jinde would be able to see the person on the other side of the room and then explained. “That matter with my face, how far have you gotten? I just ran into Zheng Yin again and he offered to help just in case you need it.”

Jinde raised his brows, taking a closer look at Zheng Yin. After a moment, he remembered who this person was. “Oh, isn’t he that youth of the spiritual beast tribe? I do remember that he had a talent for refinement. If he really wants to, he could naturally join me. It would be nice to have a second pair of hands here. I’m almost done but there are still some things I need to look through.

“We are currently in the dragon king’s palace so you would have to come here though.” Actually, he was quite happy about this offer. He had wanted to finish up as soon as possible so he and Jin Yu could finally go, get that shell, and start their family. He didn’t want to wait any longer. But he had made a promise to Xin Lan and since he was the one who had failed to save his face back then, he did feel like he owed him.

Xin Lan looked over his shoulder and raised his brows at Zheng Yin. “Well, do you really want to?”

Zheng Yin nodded. “It would be an honor to me. I’m just not sure if the dragon king would just allow me to go over there?” It might not be a problem if he was accompanying Xin Lan considering his status in the dragon realm, but he still wanted to make sure first. After all, as a spiritual beast, it was always better to be careful around the dragons. He had heard that the relationship between their people had gotten a bit better recently but that didn’t mean that you could change what was naturally there.

Xin Lan gave a hum and turned back. “Alright, it’s settled then. I’ll bring him over in a bit.”

Jinde nodded and the two of them cut the connection.

Considering how time passed differently, Xin Lan immediately took Zheng Yin’s hand, and the two of them left the mortal realm for the dragon realm, soon arriving at the capital city.

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