RMN C348 The Red Priest’s Ability

After a moment, Tan Xin took back her hand, her brows furrowing tightly.

Shen Lei felt his heart sink when he saw her expression. “What’s the matter, junior martial sister Tan? Can you help him?” He didn’t dare to hope. It really didn’t look like she had any idea. But still, he wanted to believe that there was something, anything that could be done.

Tan Xin wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. “Well, I can tell you that this is caused by his spiritual energy. I’m not sure how though and I’m also not sure how to solve this.”

“Spiritual energy?” Shen Lei furrowed his brows, not sure what to make of this either. “But … why? He didn’t get injured and there shouldn’t have been anything that could have caused this.” Just when he said that, he turned to Taishu Min. If he understood right, then she had given Luo Lin something even though he still wasn’t quite sure how that had happened or why. Maybe that had been the cause though? “Do you have any idea?”

Taishu Min stayed quiet at first. Whether she knew something … well, she didn’t know anything for sure. “If martial sister Tan is sure that the reason for his pain is an anomaly in his spiritual energy, then I think it is even more likely that this has to do with the red priest’s blood. But that is the only thing I am confident in saying.”

Hearing that, Mei Chao Bing also turned back around to look at her. “Martial sister Taishu, what exactly do you know about the red priest’s blood? I mean … what is it? And how does it work? I’m not sure if you are at liberty telling us all of that but please! I’m afraid that senior martial brother Luo might not make it if we can’t figure this out.”

Taishu Min rubbed her forehead, unsure what to make of this. This matter, how much of a secret was it? She was the first disciple of Sect Master Mou. As such, she knew a lot more than other disciples of the Zhen Yan Sect. And sometimes, it was hard to say what was a secret and what wasn’t. But anyway, her Master hadn’t told her to keep this a secret. So maybe it would be alright. And also …

She looked at the people in the room one by one. There was Shen Lei who had been saved by the red priest’s blood and Luo Lin who was now plagued by the consequences of helping him. Other than that, there were Luo Lin’s Master and two of his martial brothers, while Mei Chao Bing was the junior martial brother’s fiance. The only one who wasn’t directly related to the incident with the red priest’s blood and the people involved in it was Tan Xin but she was the only one who actually knew anything about refinement, so Taishu Min was pretty sure that it might be best to keep her there as well.

Making up her mind, she sighed. “I’m not sure if I’m indeed at liberty to do so but, nonetheless, I will tell you. Please do not let this leave this room. Otherwise, I really wouldn’t know how to answer my Master.”

Shen Lei nodded, getting impatient. He didn’t care about any of these things! He wasn’t some gossipmonger who had nothing better to do than to run out and talk about something he had found out. “Don’t worry about this. I only want to help Xiao Lin. If you manage to help us save him, I’d do anything for you, don’t even mention keeping your secrets.”

Taishu Min nodded, feeling a little reassured. Yes, since they were all related to him in some way, nobody would risk this, right? In that case, she could just go ahead. She took a deep breath and then summarized what she knew. “The red priest’s blood is precisely what the name suggests: the actual blood of our sect’s guardian.

“I’m not sure how well-informed you are since you are regular disciples of your sect but all the four great sects have a guardian who has a special skill that is tied to their spiritual energy and formed from the essence of the sect’s cultivation technique.

“For the red priest, that skill is in healing others by the virtue of his blood. Just a drop is able to heal grievous wounds, much less the amount in the vial that we used today. From what I was told, spiritual energy is left in the blood and when activated by another person’s energy, they will react and start the healing process.

“It works best on disciples of our own sect because our spiritual energy was refined by the same technique but it is still able to heal others as well as long as they are able to activate it with their spiritual energy or have somebody else activate it for them.”

Shen Lei furrowed his brows, finally realizing what exactly was up with how he had been healed. When he did, he clenched his hands. Why had Luo Lin done this? Yes, he was happy to be healed, but not at this kind of price! He would give anything to have Luo Lin survive. His own life was nothing.

He forced himself to not think about anything unnecessary for the moment and just gently held his lover. “In that case, could he just use his spiritual energy to deal with it? Or could one of us do it? I don’t see why it would cause such harm.”

Taishu Min shook her head. “I don’t know either. I think the problem is that the red priest’s blood is not intended for a healthy person to use. If there is no wound, what is it going to heal? So I’m afraid that instead, it is wreaking havoc now. And that … I don’t know how to stop it. Applying spiritual energy might help but, on the other hand, it might also make it worse if it causes the blood to be fully activated.”

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