RMN C345 More Than Cryptic

Zhang Guan Yu wasn’t sure what to do. This matter, yes, he could leave it off for a while and finally make a decision when the times were better but still, there were other things to decide as well.

What should they do to help the people currently in the border region? Clearly, there was more going on than they had thought. And the decisions they made here could influence that a lot, both in a positive and also in a negative direction.

Naturally, he wanted to help. He wanted to make things safer for the disciples and also the two Elders he had sent over, even if it was only by a bit. But he was afraid that he would not be able to see the implications of what he decided on.

Thinking for a while, Zhang Guan Yu finally left his palace and went to do what he always did when he really didn’t know how to continue: He went to that area deep in the sect that was off-limits to the disciples to see the black warrior.

He knew he probably shouldn’t rely on him this much. It would be best if he made these decisions on his own, instead of relying on his ability to see the future. But this matter just seemed a little too big to just hope for the best.

No, if there was anything that could help, he would give it a try. And looking into the future seemed like a good way to ensure that he wouldn’t do anything completely wrong. That was, if the black warrior actually saw something this time. It wasn’t like that had been working out all that well since the mission in the border region started. In fact, this continuous silence from their sect’s guardian worried him even more.

As usual, the black warrior hardly reacted when Zhang Guan Yu approached. The Sect Master wasn’t too surprised. Anyway, it wasn’t like they saw each other often and this person had always been somebody who didn’t speak much from what he knew.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you again. There have been some new developments over in the border region and a few of our disciples lost their lives there. One of them came back and confessed to a few things that happened on our own side. I’m unsure what to do.”

The black warrior barely opened his eyes, revealing the silvery pupils below the lids. For a while, he stayed silent though, almost making Zhang Guan Yu doubt whether he had been heard. He was used to not getting answers immediately but this seemed like a little too much. Could he really not see anything at all? Then why not outright say so?

Finally, the black warrior shook his head. “This is already out of your hands, as it is outside of mine. This matter, I’m afraid you will have to let it play out.”

Zhang Guan Yu furrowed his brows. The last time he came here hadn’t been that long ago and he felt like back then, what the black warrior had said had sounded a lot more positive even though he hadn’t been able to see much either. Now though, they were already at the point where they couldn’t do anything? Was that a bad sign?

He pondered for a while, staring at the ground to his feet, and the pattern on the platform before he looked back up. “Is the situation really this dire? Then the Teng Yong Sect, will it be able to survive?”

Something told him that maybe, the chances for that actually weren’t that high. Maybe despite everything he had done, despite trying his best, he hadn’t been able to thwart whatever plan Elder Feng had had or lost Mei Chao Bing to the other side.

If that was the case … well, he had always known that there was such a possibility. But then again, from what Ao Jing had said, while they had tried to set off Mei Chao Bing, he had kept steadfast. That actually sounded reassuring.

The black warrior didn’t seem like he actually wanted to talk about this. His words were sometimes cryptic but this was really going past that. It just seemed odd. And that made Zhang Guan Yu worry even more.

In the end though, the black warrior shook his head. “I cannot say. I’m afraid that this is beyond the scope of my ability. I can only see that something is coming to an end. Something that will have a great impact. Not just on the Teng Yong Sect, but on the other three great sects as well. Whatever it is, the times are changing.”

Zhang Guan Yu had no idea what to make of this but he knew that no matter what he asked, he wouldn’t get a clearer answer than this. That had always been the problem with coming here. While he could ask, the answers he received … sometimes, he felt like it would’ve been better not to have them at all. Right now, he felt even more like that.

He took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. “Well, if that is the case, then I will take that into consideration. I will leave you to yourself then.”

The black warrior gave a hum and then kept quiet further, just listening for the steps that faded in the distance. He still stared ahead, not actually seeing. His eyes had never been able to see what was right in front. Instead, it was his spiritual sense that somehow picked up things to see from the future. It was uncanny for him to not see that way. And right now, there was quite a lot that he was unable to see. The darkness surrounding him, it was difficult to bear.

If he could have, he would’ve liked to leave this place just for a little while but he knew that this wasn’t possible. In any case, right now, no matter which of the four great sects it was, they all had their own problems. He really couldn’t expect to have a day outside just for fun.

It would have been lovely but as often, life just wasn’t like that. He knew that all too well. He just hoped that by the end of it, they would all make it out alive. That was the only wish he had.

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