OMF V9C89 That Wasn’t It

Jinde raised his brows at Qiu Ling, silently asking just what he had thought when he brought this guy over. Right now, they were pretty busy so having somebody hang around his husband all the time definitely wouldn’t help.

Qiu Ling could only give a wry smile and then look over his shoulder, waiting for Jing Yi and Duan Ming to catch up before he turned back to the front.

Meanwhile, Lan Ling had already scooted over to the table and sat down with a bright smile. “Brother Leng! We finally came as we promised.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded slowly, inwardly thinking similarly to Jinde. Usually, he would still be able to deal with Lan Ling even if there were things like getting to know everyone and starting a family going on but with Qiu Ling’s troubles on top, he really didn’t feel that comfortable right now. But then, there was nothing he could change about that. “Well, it’s nice of you to drop by.” He looked up at Duan Ming, feeling that he should be easier to deal with. Between these two, Duan Ming had always seemed like the voice of reason.

Duan Ming came over slowly, greeting the two of them as well before he took a seat and then turned to look at Jing Yi.

Jing Yi didn’t feel that comfortable, knowing what was to come, but he still sat down next to Jinde, Qiu Ling following him on the foot and taking the last empty seat at the table.

Jinde raised his brows, looking from one side to the other. “Looks like there is something serious going on.”

Duan Ming furrowed his brows, not quite sure what to make of this. Jing Yi had said that Leng Jin Yu and his husband both knew about what he had done so he couldn’t quite understand how Jiang Li could still be so calm. But then, the dragon king and Jing Yi were the same. Maybe in their eyes, what Zhong Jing Yi had done wasn’t as bad. Realizing this, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had misjudged all of them.

He retracted his gaze and turned back to Jing Yi. “What about that matter with the Son of Heaven? Is it true?”

Jing Yi nodded without hesitation. He had felt hesitant the first time he said it but now, he had already faced up to the fact. What he had done wouldn’t go away just because he refused to speak about it. “It is true. I tried to kill him.”

Duan Ming’s brows furrowed further together and even Lan Ling couldn’t keep up his usual expression. He turned to look at Jing Yi and then glanced at Leng Jin Yu, hoping that he would say something to solve the situation.

Leng Jin Yu didn’t bother about that though and instead just continued looking at the scroll he had been working on before.

After Qiu Ling had gone, the two of them had changed their way of going about things. Since Qiu Ling was of the opinion that they shouldn’t try to solve this matter in one go and ignore everything else, he was now the only one working on that while Jinde had gone back to trying to find something that he could do for Xin Lan.

That was something he couldn’t help with anyway since he didn’t have that kind of medical knowledge or knew much about refinement, but he was very well able to read up more about Qiu Ling’s matter. In any case, he had the same rough understanding that all dragons had about the curse.

Lan Ling was startled when he realized that Leng Jin Yu was hardly listening and took a glance at the scroll. Seeing that it was about the dragon race, he couldn’t help but figure that, most likely, he was doing this for his husband. Clearly, these two were indeed very close. In the future, he should make sure that he got to know him better. He would definitely continue to stay in Leng Jin Yu’s life.

Duan Ming didn’t bother about the two of them and just continued to stare at Jing Yi. “Just like that?”

Jing Yi sighed. Even though he knew that this was something he had done and that he needed to admit to, this was still not something that he wanted to talk about. “It isn’t like this is something that I had been planning since long ago if you mean that it. It was a decision I made that very moment and then went through with immediately. It wasn’t easy at all and there was a lot of luck involved in it.”

Duan Ming’s expression still wasn’t looking any better but, at the very least, he was happy to hear that this had not been premeditated. Yes, at the very least, it seemed to have been something that Jing Yi hadn’t done because he was cold-blooded as he had feared might’ve been the reason.

No, rather than that, it seemed that Jing Yi had done this because he wasn’t cold-blooded enough. He probably hadn’t been able to take knowing about the relationship between the dragon king and the Son of Heaven. Because of that, he tried to take a chance. Not that that made it right.

Duan Ming shook his head and then motioned around. “So what is this? Fleeing the consequences of your actions?”

Jing Yi stiffened, not sure how to answer that. Of course, from outside, this was precisely how it would seem. But actually, that wasn’t the case. At least not entirely.

Qiu Ling shook his head when Jing Yi didn’t answer the question. “No, that is not the case. Jing Yi … he was exiled for what he did. So coming here is a consequence of its own.”

Duan Ming gave a huff. “Longjun, with respect, exiling somebody is not the appropriate consequence for trying to assassinate somebody, much less the crown prince. We are speaking high treason here. Usually, the death sentence would be the obvious conclusion. In some cases, if the person was considered to be too much of a threat, even their soul might be dispelled.”

Qiu Ling wanted to argue but before he could get out a single word, Jinde already sighed.

“Well, they can’t very well dispel the soul if it belongs to their own crown prince, now can they?”

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