SML V3C55 A Serious Talk Was in Order

Li Ming felt slightly better after the talk with Rui Lan and made it through the rest of his shift in a better state of mind. Still, when his shift finally ended, he heaved a sigh of relief and wanted to head back to the changing room only to freeze in his steps.

Actually, why was he relieved? Nothing had changed about the situation. On the contrary, when he went back, he would see Mo Fang. And then, it would be time to talk about this. Because he definitely couldn’t push it off for too long. The problem was just that he had no idea how to bring it up.

He rubbed his forehead, standing on the spot and not moving any further. He didn’t want to see Mo Fang before he hadn’t thought of some kind of plan. If he did, things would just become even more difficult for him. No, he had to think of something and he had to think of something fast. Only then could he go back.

At the end of the day, there probably wasn’t much to think about. In any case, we should probably start with what Bian Huan had told him. He should just tell Mo Fang how he had approached him and what he had said and then he should give him the opportunity to explain himself.

This seemed like the best approach but at the same time, it seemed a little wrong as well. At the very least, it would be if he brought it up just like that. He probably shouldn’t think about it too much but it somehow made him feel that if he didn’t go about this in the right way, things would just get worse and that wasn’t what he wanted.

And, to be honest, he probably wasn’t thinking too much. In any case, this was a big deal to him and he needed Mo Fang to understand that. That kind of talk might need a lot of time and tact. So he needed a moment for this that would give them enough time.

Considering that, today might be the perfect day for it. Tomorrow was their free day. Thus, no matter how long things took today, it wouldn’t be a problem. Thinking of that, he slowly made his way over to the changing room after all. He was still worried though. He definitely couldn’t start talking about this immediately when they met again. At work absolutely wasn’t the right place for this. No, it should be a place where they were comfortable. Probably at his apartment.

When he thought of his place, Li Ming stopped again. Actually, maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea after all. If things went south and they needed a bit of time apart from each other to cool down, then his apartment was the completely wrong place.

Also, he didn’t want the place to be weighed down by bad memories in the future if the talk turned ugly but they managed to turn things around overall. Thus, it would be for the best to choose a more neutral ground. But what was a place that was neutral and at the same time familiar enough not to feel uncomfortable when discussing such matters there?

Thinking for a bit, the only place he could think of was Si Tao’s restaurant. That was the place where they had gone with their coworkers before and they had also returned there once or twice in the months since then to have for a quick drink or maybe grab a bite.

Clearly, Mo Fang felt really comfortable there and since he had been there as well a few times, Li Ming also felt that it wasn’t too bad. The counter was probably not the right place but as long as they were at one of the tables that were a little more to the side, they could have a talk without worrying too much.

If things really went badly, Mo Fang could go home to his parents while he could go back to his apartment. But if everything turned out to be some kind of misunderstanding or if there was a really good reason that he could live with, then they could just both go to his place afterward and not think about it anymore. Naturally, he hoped for that outcome.

Li Ming finally arrived in front of the door to the changing room and took a deep breath. He reached out and pushed the door open, bracing himself to see Mo Fang again.

When he came in, his boyfriend was indeed inside already, currently changing. He turned around, his lips curving up into a sweet smile. “Back this late? Did something happen on your shift?” Mo Fang came over and hugged his waist, stretching his neck to kiss him on the lips.

Li Ming really wasn’t in the mood for sweetness right now and actually felt quite nervous when he saw him but he still faintly kissed him back and shook his head. “Nothing much. Just running a little late. I’ll hurry up with changing.” He made it a point to hurriedly go to his locker and hastily change. The more he focused on the task at hand, the less it would seem like he was evading Mo Fang. He didn’t want to make things difficult and stress him out before they got to the restaurant.

Mo Fang didn’t notice and just went to continue changing his own clothes, but he still kept an eye on his boyfriend, giving him a smile in between. When he finished, he pushed his locker close and leaned against it, looking at Li Ming. “So, it’s our free day tomorrow. Do you have anything planned already?”

Li Ming glanced at him, his heart dropping a little further. This talk today really wouldn’t be easy. He forced himself to smile even though it turned out a little wry and then shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing for tomorrow to be honest. But … how about going for a drink today? At Si Tao’s place?”

Mo Fang’s gaze remained on Li Ming’s lips for a spell and he couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong. He was acting a bit strange. Not a lot but just a teeny-tiny bit. He really wondered what this meant.

He seemed to be nervous about something. Could it be that maybe he was finally ready to take the next step? Would he officially ask him to move in? Going to a restaurant for a drink to celebrate this kind of moment … well, it fit Li Ming’s style.

Thinking of that, Mo Fang was naturally happy and his eyes lit up a little further. “Of course! You’d better hurry up then. I can’t wait to spend the evening with you.” He went over and cupped his cheeks, kissing him again before he already walked over to the door, waiting for Li Ming to catch up.

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