RMN C279 The Most Guileless and Stupid of Them All

Yun Bei Fen’s expression was more than enough to answer the question: He had no idea.

Mei Chao Bing actually felt a hint of panic. Even though Yun Bei Fen wasn’t the most diligent in taking care of the spiritual beast, he definitely liked Xiao Hui a lot. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be clutching him all the time when they usually went out. Most likely, being in that environment had scared him too much to pay attention to anything else so he had forgotten about him.

Now though … How to find a spiritual beast that you casually lost? If it was him and Da Hei, he would be able to do it. But as for Yun Bei Fen … He didn’t have much hope.

Before Mei Chao Bing could wonder about that even further, there was the sound of paws on the sand getting faster next to them and then the midnight wolf rammed into them. Mei Chao Bing hurriedly hugged Yun Bei Fen tighter, stabilizing themselves before he turned around with an annoyed expression. Then, he saw the small bunny that Da Hei was carrying in his maw. Well, so much for that.

He gave a cough and slowed down, reaching down to pick up Xiao Hui and put him back into Yun Bei Fen’s arms.

Yun Bei Fen stared at the little bunny that was full of the midnight wolf’s saliva and wasn’t quite sure where to pat. He could only stare at him blankly and then looked up at Mei Chao Bing. When he did so, his eyes immediately started to sparkle. “Mei Chao Bing, you’re so good. You actually managed to find him again and you even did it really fast!”

With nothing else occupying anyone’s attention at this moment, all the eyes immediately went to Mei Chao Bing. The whole conversation had clearly been overheard. And the exchange from Mei Chao Bing’s spiritual beast to him had also been seen.

Mei Chao Bing gave an embarrassed cough and motioned at Da Hei. “I’m afraid I can’t take credit for that. It’s all thanks to Da Hei. He must’ve picked Xiao Hui up when you lost him.” He looked at the spiritual beast in Yun Bei Fen’s arms and then used a bit of spiritual energy to clean him.

“Anyway, you need to be more careful with him, Fen’er. Xiao Hui isn’t really that strong. If you lose him somewhere, who knows if we can find him again? It’s good that Da Hei remembered to pick him up this time around but you never know what will happen in the future. Between you and your spiritual beast, I’m sure Da Hei would’ve saved you if there was any danger around. So you should hold onto Xiao Hui next time.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded, promising earnestly. He definitely didn’t want to have Mei Chao Bing go through the trouble of having to find Xiao Hui next time. So he had to make sure that he did as he had told him.

Mei Chao Bing looked at Yun Bei Fen’s expression and felt that even though he said that, there was a big chance that the next time, the same thing would still happen. It seemed that he would need to keep an eye on this. And maybe get some kind of tracking talisman that he could put on Xiao Hui in case something really went wrong.

Yes, that might actually be a good idea. Where to get one though … that was a bit of a problem. He himself wasn’t that good with talismans. Most of his time had been spent either training his sword arts or cultivating. Things like refinement, talisman forging, or even weapon forging had never been something that he got around to. His Master had apparently felt that that kind of knowledge was worthless.

Well, he hadn’t needed it so far but right now, it would be quite nice to know. If it had been before his Master’s betrayal, he still would’ve known people that he could ask for a favor but now, he really wasn’t sure who he could even talk to. While the disciples he had worked with on this mission had warmed up to him a little, there were only so many of them and they also weren’t close enough to ask for favors.

At the current time, Mei Chao Bing really didn’t know how to deal with this matter. But this wasn’t something that needed to be solved immediately either. Thus, he just continued to hold Yun Bei Fen while they made the rest of their way back to the camp. When they arrived, Elder Baili had long started to panic.

His little disciple — the most guileless and stupid of them all — had been sent on a mission and still not returned after a whole day. Worst of all, the person leading the group he was in was none other than Yang Wu Huang, a person he hadn’t quite trusted anyway.

In his mind, Baili Chao was already making up the worst-case scenarios: Maybe Yun Bei Fen had been captured by demonic practitioners, maybe he had been abducted by Yang Wu Huang and his cronies themselves. Maybe the group had gotten stuck somewhere and couldn’t find their way back. All of these were possibilities!

He really regretted sending him along with that group now. Maybe he should have kept him behind after all. Even though his level didn’t lack that much behind, his experience sure did and even his skills were insufficient. That was something that he should have taken into consideration.

Now, there really was nothing he could do. His little disciple … he was lost. It would be quite difficult to get him back again.

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