SoN (2): Where Sun and Rain Meet (3)

The other man seemed to understand that he wanted something from him. He hesitated at first but then came over, looking up questioningly.

Bao Feng Yu’s heart actually jumped when he looked into those eyes. They seemed black at first glance but actually, they were just of a dark blue. A sight beautiful enough to make one’s breath hitch.

He exhaled faintly, trying to calm his heartbeat. He wasn’t sure what it was that made him feel drawn to this person. In the spirit realm, there were many beauties, quite a few more even more outstanding than this man. From head to toe, there wouldn’t be a single flaw you could pick out and while this person was indeed easy on the eyes, he wasn’t good-looking to that degree. He really didn’t know what attracted him so much.

Bao Feng Yu needed a moment to pull away from those thoughts and considered his words carefully before he inclined his head. “My name is Bao Feng Yu. Might I inquire what you are called?”

The other person was nobody else but Yang Guang but Bao Feng Yu didn’t realize that. Naturally, he couldn’t answer. Looking at this man who was observing him expectantly, the god of the sun felt a little lost. So far, he hadn’t run into trouble in the mortal realm. But now, he didn’t know how to react.

He thought for a moment and then touched his lips and throat, shaking his head. In any case, he couldn’t tell him. Even though right now, it didn’t seem to be a bad thing to do. Since Bao Feng Yu had introduced himself first, he felt that he should be rather trustworthy.

Bao Feng Yu watched him gesture, feeling that it was odd before he realized that there was probably some more meaning to it. “You can’t speak?”

Yang Guang nodded, not sure what else to do. This wasn’t something that could be easily explained with just gestures. And in any case, a stranger probably wouldn’t be interested. Whatever this man had wanted to know, he would probably go and ask somebody else now. That was something that he was already used to. Even though people in the spirit realm didn’t treat him badly, it still wasn’t like anybody came to seek him out. Why would they, after all? It wasn’t like there was any way he could just converse with them like everyone else did. It was silly to expect anything else.

Contrary to his expectations, Bao Feng Yu didn’t leave. He just thought for a moment longer, feeling that it would probably be easiest to make his questions simple to answer. The kind of question where a yes or no would suffice. The more he needed him to communicate, the more difficult it might be and this place probably wasn’t too suitable for that.

After a while, he felt like he had grasped onto the most important point. “This might be a bit sudden but I couldn’t help but notice you dancing. Right now, there is a task that I need to finish first but I was wondering if you would be willing to see me again afterward?”

Yang Guang stared at him, his eyes widening. He … he was misunderstanding things, wasn’t he? His cheeks reddened when he thought about the implications behind those words, the color visible despite his tan. To see him again, if he was interested, this … maybe he did indeed misunderstand but it gave him the feeling that this man was trying to court him.

Bao Feng Yu saw that Yang Guang didn’t seem sure about his intentions and wondered if he should make himself clearer. He wasn’t somebody that liked the bustling atmosphere of this kind of festival but he had indeed been intrigued when he saw this person. He didn’t know either where things would lead but he was open to anything. Whatever suited the other person.

“You do not force yourself. My intentions are mine and yours are yours. Just meeting up casually will be enough if you want that. If you could imagine having more, then I also wouldn’t say no to giving it a try. So would you like to see me again later on?”

Yang Guang’s cheeks reddened further when Bao Feng Yu made things this clear for him. He was nervous, not sure how to deal with this situation. He didn’t mind. In fact, I the was flattering. It was just that he still couldn’t imagine that this man was serious about it.

He thought for a bit and then touched his lips and his throat again, once again shaking his head before he pointed at his chest. He couldn’t speak. That couldn’t be changed. It wasn’t just a temporary thing but something he had been born with. He wasn’t quite sure if this man understood that.

Bao Feng Yu wasn’t sure what Yang Guang wanted to tell him at this moment but he was sure that it wasn’t the answer to his question. He tilted his head a little, faintly narrowing his eyes while he thought. “You … you can’t speak. But you already told me that.”

Yang Guang nodded with some more fervor, wanting to make sure that he really understood.

Bao Feng Yu thought for a moment longer and then felt that he should probably reassure him. “I do not mind. In any case, you have a way to tell me what you mean. I might need some time to figure it out but after we get to know each other better, I will be able to understand you more easily as well. Just give it time.” Actually, he was a little taken aback after saying that himself. He had just presumed that they would meet again. “Just if you want to, of course.” He really felt the need to make that clear again.

Yang Guang stared at him, still unable to believe it. This man … he was alright with it just like this? Maybe his intentions were really to just meet up casually and he had only offered the second possibility because he had realized that this was what he wanted?

He covered his lips and looked away, his brows furrowing a little. In any case, what did it matter? The thought of being courted was something that he would like to indulge in a little, but even if that wasn’t the case, even if this man just wanted to meet him a few times and spend some time together, that would also be good. It wasn’t like he really had any friends in the spirit realm. Having a mortal one didn’t sound so bad. It was better than nothing.

Deciding on that, he lowered his hands and looked back up at Bao Feng Yu, and then nodded his head decisively.

Bao Feng Yu smiled and then nodded as well. “Very well. Then, when can we see each other again? And where? I am afraid that for the rest of the festival, my task will still take up my time. But maybe after that would be alright with you?”

Yang Guang nodded. As for where to meet … well, mortals were often afraid when the spirit realm was concerned. And while he had tried his best to fit in, he couldn’t be sure that he wouldn’t slip up later on. In that case, if he was alone with Bao Feng Yu, that would be better than having too many people around. Since this man was willing to be friends with him, he should be able to take it better than others.

Thinking of that, he motioned down the street that he had come down, feeling that it would be best to meet outside the town.

Bao Feng Yu followed his line of sight, trying to figure out his thoughts. “Down the street?”

Yang Guang pointed again twice, hoping to get his point across.

“Further? Outside of the city?”

Yang Guang nodded and then brushed over the air in front of his body, trying to mimic the silhouette of the ground and then the grass growing out of it as if he was painting a picture of the meadow where he had arrived.

Bao Feng Yu watched quietly and finally felt like he got it when Yang Guang started indicating the trees. “There is a meadow not far from here. Is that where you want to meet?”

Yang Guang lowered his hands and nodded, smiling brightly when Bao Feng Yu was actually able to understand.

Bao Feng Yu watched his lips curve up and he couldn’t help but feel that this person was quite lovely indeed. If things were to go further, he certainly wouldn’t mind.

Even though he was really looking forward to things, right now wasn’t the time for this to continue. He gave a hum and then glanced up at the sky, squinting. “For my task, I need to find a person. It probably won’t be easy so I’m afraid that I might not be able to make it today. How about meeting up tomorrow?”

Yang Guang nodded, feeling that it should be alright. In any case, he didn’t have to go back to the Jade Emperor to have him unseal his powers immediately. It would be enough to just go to his palace, sleep for the night, and then come back here tomorrow. It wouldn’t change a thing. So he could meet him whenever he wanted. He thought for a bit and then indicated half a circle, moving his fingers along to try and figure out which time would be right for Bao Feng Yu.

Bao Feng Yu once again watched quietly and then realized that he was probably trying to imitate the movement of the sun. “Well, it would probably be easiest to meet when the sun is at its zenith. What do you think?”

Yang Guang was actually a bit reluctant to meet so late but he still nodded, feeling that most likely, this man also had other things to do. Even if he finished one important task today, there would be others tomorrow. Meeting when it was midday was still alright.

Bao Feng Yu requited his smile and then inclined his head. “Well, then, I’ll see you tomorrow on the meadow when the sun is at its highest point. I’m looking forward to it.”

Yang Guang smiled brightly and patted his chest, trying to make it clear that he was also looking forward to it and that his heart was thumping in anticipation.

Bao Feng Yu nodded and then turned to look down the street before he turned back. “I’m afraid I’ll have to go now.”

Yang Guang nodded and then patted his arm, trying to tell him that it was alright. Even though he would’ve liked to spend some more time with him right now, waiting until tomorrow wasn’t so bad. He could do that.

Bao Feng Yu didn’t feel as bad and turned away, once again looking over the whole square before he continued to search around.

To be honest, at this moment, he was really fed up with the mission the Jade Emperor had given him. He was kind of happy for having received it so that he could come down here and meet this person but it was also this mission that made him have to leave again this early. If only he had found that Yang Guang before. Then, he wouldn’t be in the situation. He could have just told him to obediently wait at the side while he took care of this business. And then … well, he would have seen about then.

Unfortunately, he could only imagine that. Things were as they were so he could only continue to search for the sun god. Naturally, there was nothing to find. Since he had already unknowingly said his goodbyes to the person he was searching for, there was no way he would be able to find him.

Even worse, after he left, Yang Guang’s emotions were all over the place. The dance from before was forgotten and he really wasn’t able to stay any longer. He didn’t know what to do but after a while, he turned around and walked back to the meadow, jumping off the ground and using the rays of sunlight to propel himself further into the air until he finally reached the portal to the immortal realm, and arrived back on the other side.

Just as he had planned, he didn’t go back to the Jade Emperor to let him unseal his powers and instead went to his own palace or more specifically to the courtyard in the back where he stepped into the small spring.

He hoped that the cold water would be able to calm his mind but even though it was able to drive off a little of the summer heat, his heart was still just as disturbed as it had been since the moment he met Bao Feng Yu. He really didn’t know what to do about that.

While Yang Guang was in a good — even if excited — mood, Bao Feng Yu’s mood was taking a plunge. He had searched through the whole town again and then even made sure to walk around the attractions that had been put up outside for the second time as well before even going so far as to search the groves in the vicinity and even the meadow where he had started out. Unfortunately, he still came up empty-handed and he had no idea where else he might be able to look for Yang Guang.

By now, it had already turned evening. To say that he was annoyed was really an understatement. He could’ve had a beautiful day but it had been ruined by having to do something that didn’t even have a result in the end.

He knew it wasn’t Yang Guang’s fault but he still wished that he and the Jade Emperor had planned this a little better. Sending him off after the fact had been bound to make something like this happen. Well, there was nothing he could do now. In any case, maybe Yang Guang had already returned ahead of him.

Thinking of that, Bao Feng Yu looked around to make sure that there weren’t any humans around and then made his way through the portal, arriving back in the spirit realm. He sighed when he stood on the familiar road and then made his way over to the Jade Emperor’s palace. In any case, he still needed to report what had happened.

When the Jade Emperor saw him walking inside, relief washed through him. “Did you bring him back?” This was good. Even though he hadn’t worried as much after he had sent Bao Feng Yu after Yang Guang, he still felt like it was probably better to let him stay in the spirit realm. Here, the dangers were really much lower.

Bao Feng Yu grimaced and shook his head. “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint Your Majesty. Unfortunately, I was unable to find him. I followed him through the portal and searched through the closest town and the surroundings but there was no sign of him.”

The Jade Emperor sat down heavily, a hint of dread on his face. “It couldn’t be that something happened to him before that, could it?” When it came to Yang Guang, he really felt that maybe there was such a chance. In any case, he couldn’t even cry for help!

Bao Feng Yu’s brows slightly furrowed when he saw the Jade Emperor’s behavior. “There’s no saying for how long he really stayed in the mortal realm. To be honest, I came back to make sure that he hadn’t already returned ahead of time. Maybe Your Majesty could send somebody to check on that? I’m afraid I am not too familiar with the sun god so it would be strange for me to do that myself.”

The Jade Emperor nodded and then waved at one of the servants, not even bothering to explain.

The servant rushed off and soon returned with a strange expression.

The Jade Emperor’s face fell even further when he saw that. “He’s not back yet?”

The servant knelt down and shook his head. “To answer Your Majesty, the God of the Sun has returned. He seems to have been in his palace for quite some time already.”

The Jade Emperor’s expression turned blank. He really didn’t know what to say to this. Here they were, worrying about him, and this guy had already returned? He was a little exasperated but then again, he had told him to be careful and return if something was the matter. Who knew if he hadn’t gotten scared? He should cut that child some slack.

He sighed and rubbed his forehead before turning back to Bao Feng Yu. “God of storms, it seems that you spent quite some time down there without reason. I’m sorry about that.”

Bao Feng Yu nodded but he wasn’t necessarily angry. Yes, he had been annoyed at the situation but it wasn’t like it was Yang Guang’s fault. “Next time, just inform me as soon as he leaves. Then, not as much time will be wasted searching for him.”

The Jade Emperor nodded and showed him a faint smile. “I’ll remember to do that. Today, I really didn’t think things through. Still, thank you for trying at least. Now, I should probably unseal your powers.”

Bao Feng Yu hesitated. In any case, he wanted to return tomorrow, so why have him do that if he’d just have to seal them again tomorrow? After all, he couldn’t go down to see that man if his powers weren’t sealed or he would just bring disaster to the mortal realm.

The Jade Emperor raised his brows when he didn’t step forward, not quite sure what to make of this.

Bao Feng Yu cleared his throat, feeling a little embarrassed. He really didn’t want to admit that he had gotten entangled with a mortal in his time down there. Wouldn’t that make it look as if he hadn’t really looked for Yang Guang and missed him because of that?

Well, he probably didn’t need to worry about that since everything had been cleared up already but he still felt that it might be better not to say anything at first. “To be honest, I would like to return to the mortal realm tomorrow to have a further look around. So the Jade Emperor needs not go to the effort.”

The Jade Emperor raised his brows even further, feeling that this was quite unexpected for Bao Feng Yu but he didn’t try to force him. “Well, if you’d like to do that, then I won’t mind. Just come back here when you want me to unseal them.”

Bao Feng Yu inclined his head and then turned around and left. Now, there was only one thing left behind in his mind and that was the meeting with the person he had met today. Ah, he should probably try to think of a way to find out his name. Not knowing that seemed to be kind of wrong if he wanted to move forward.

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