SML V2C60 An Image That Haunted Him

Mo Fang secretly rolled his eyes. Honestly, he loved his father but he couldn’t deny that he thought he was annoying nine out of ten times. Why was he always getting involved and questioning his decisions? Couldn’t he just let him be for once? It wasn’t like he was going out and doing drugs!

He pursed his lips and turned around, his expression already aggrieved. “Daddy! What’s the matter again?”

Mister Mo put his hands on his hips, not liking his son’s tone or expression one bit. “What’s with that question? Anyway, where are you going? Have you forgotten that the weekend is over? You have to work today!”

Mo Fang huffed. “So that’s what this is about? Relax! I don’t have the early shift.”

He already wanted to turn around but Mister Mo hurried after him and grabbed his shoulder just when he had reached the door, pulling him back.

“So what if you have a later shift? Are you sure you are going to turn up if you go out now? Why don’t you stay home today? You’ve been out the whole weekend already. Isn’t it be better to have a nice, relaxing morning at home?”

Mo Fang wrinkled his brows. “I haven’t even done anything. Why are you already accusing me?”

Mister Mo also furrowed his brows. “Well, isn’t that all because of your past behavior? If you hadn’t been so willful the past few years, I also wouldn’t say anything. But I just think you shouldn’t go out now.”

Mo Fang wasn’t about to give in. He had already promised Li Ming to meet up and right now was an important time to be with his boyfriend. So far, they hadn’t even slept with each other. Breaking up would still be too easy. He needed to make sure that Li Ming fell irrevocably and committed the whole way so he wouldn’t be able to get rid of him so easily. Li Ming wasn’t the type of guy that would do that.

He chewed on those thoughts for a while and then just huffed. “Anyway, you said you wouldn’t get involved any longer. Have you already forgotten about that? I’m just seeing my boyfriend. It’s really not a big deal. Also, I’m not a teen anymore. If I was fifteen, I might still be able to understand why you’re like this but do you really have to treat me like a convict when I’m already an adult?!” Mo Fang’s lips pursed and his eyes glimmered with anger. He actually really hated this. He hadn’t given his father any reason, had he? So why couldn’t he just accept this for what it was? He had a new boyfriend. Naturally, he wanted to spend time with him. What was the big deal about it?

His son’s words just made Mister Mo’s mood worse. “You’re not fifteen anymore? Well, why are you still behaving like this then?! If I ever catch you acting like an actual adult, I’ll start treating you like one! But so far, I haven’t seen a difference between now and ten years ago!”

Just thinking of it, he was seething. He would never forget the day when he had come home and found a car in front of their house where he usually parked. He had been a little annoyed but not thought too much. That was until he had found a spot to park himself and wanted to go inside. Seeing the slight shaking and that guy with the disheveled clothes in there, he had immediately known what was up. Just thinking that his precious little son might get to see this kind of depravity when he came home, he rushed over with the intention to rip that guy a new one. Well, and then, he saw that the one that guy was acting depraved with was that ‘precious little son’ of his.

Even when he thought back now, Mister Mo still couldn’t quite understand. He actually wasn’t surprised that Mo Fang was able to garner attention whether it was from men or women. After all, his son was obviously especially handsome. As his father, whenever he looked at him, he naturally felt that he was the most lovely. Why wouldn’t people left and right fall for him? But, on the other hand, he had thought that Mo Fang was his little angel, much too innocent to even think about such messy things like love for a few more years. And now …

Thinking back, Mister Mo sighed. The shock he had received that day had been too big. Honestly, the fact that Mo Fang was gay wasn’t even bothering him that much. He feared a bit for his future because he realized that people weren’t that accepting but looking at how his child had always been very … expressive, he had actually had a faint inkling that this might be the case.

But no matter whether he liked boys or girls, he had still thought that Mo Fang would first finish school, then maybe go to university, and finally come and shyly introduce his first girlfriend or boyfriend a few semesters in. Or, no, maybe he would even call before because he was nervous when he fell in love for the first time.

As a result … he actually found out that not only had Mo Fang not come to ask for advice when falling in love, that falling in love had already been old news. Heck, these two had already moved on to making love! Who could explain this to him?! Was that still his precious little son? His innocent angel?

God, he had felt like pouring bleach into his eyes but that also wouldn’t help with forgetting things. The scene of his teen-aged son lying under that man’s body inside the car half-naked … he was afraid it would haunt him until the day he died. Naturally, he wouldn’t want to add any imaginary pictures to that image so he really loathed when Mo Fang spent so much time with a new boyfriend. After all, he could very well imagine what was going on in those hours. Much too well.

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