IRL C39 Might It Be Stolen?

With Liangqiu Huang just staring at Ao Jing and not saying anything himself, Mo Ju An could only turn to Ao Jing herself. “The painting? Which painting?”

Ao Jing gave a faint smile at that. “The painting of your fiance, of course. Young Lady Mo wouldn’t have a painting of another man lying around, would she?”

Mo Ju An blushed and wildly shook her head. “Of course not!” Having that accusation leveled against her, she turned around with a huff and walked over to the building, intending to go and take the painting out. “Anyway, even if I had another painting, what would that be to you?”

Ao Jing’s smile became even brighter. Ah, a pity that Shangguan Yu wasn’t here right now. He would probably be happy to see this kind of woman in the game. Even though it was clearly one with an ancient setting, he often complained about how people were so backward. He probably really would have liked seeing this kind of girl.

The two men followed Mo Ju An until the door to her chambers but then waited outside. Naturally, they couldn’t just barge into a lady’s room.

Ao Jing looked around the courtyard and then couldn’t help but turn to Liangqiu Huang, trying to steer him in the right direction. “She actually has the painting in her own chambers. That does insinuate that she has good feelings for him, doesn’t it?”

Liangqiu Huang gave him an insipid look. Right now, he really didn’t trust anything. Just because she went to look in her room, that didn’t have to say anything.

Meanwhile, Mo Ju An was tightly furrowing her brows. “This is strange …” She rummaged through the drawer where she had originally stored the painting and then looked in the one beneath it. Maybe she had just put it somewhere else.

Outside, Ao Jing clearly heard her words thanks to his level in the game and gave a faint smile. “Can’t you find it, Young Lady?” He called out to her, pretty sure what the answer would be.

Mo Ju An looked up but didn’t want to say that outright. Anyway, this was a painting she had asked for herself. If she now told them that she didn’t have it anymore, what would her future brother-in-law think? After seeing his painting and meeting him a few times, she actually had a very good impression of Liangqiu Min. She wouldn’t want to scare him away because she was behaving badly.

“Just a moment!” She continued to rifle through the drawers and then went through every other place she could think of. The sounds from the room grew louder, the longer she took, and finally, there was even the sound of a maid coming to help her.

Liangqiu Huang slightly narrowed his eyes. Even without Ao Jing saying anything, he noticed that something was wrong. This definitely didn’t sound as if she was just acting. Even if she acted, she wouldn’t do it for so long. No, it seemed that she really wasn’t able to find the painting despite expecting it to be there.

That left two options: Either it had been her parents who had somebody take the painting from her and then hired somebody to kill his brother or — and he hoped that this was the case — the painting had been stolen from her rooms by an unknown person and then used to identify his brother. In other words, the thief’s identity would still need to be ascertained.

After a few more moments, Mo Ju An stepped out of the room, her expression a little embarrassed, further making Liangqiu Huang feel that there had to be something else behind this. “I … I’m afraid that I can’t find the painting right now. Do you want to sit down maybe and have some tea first? I can have somebody search for it in the meantime.”

Liangqiu Huang once again glared at Ao Jing, obviously blaming him for bringing up the matter this way. Now, they would have to explain.

Ao Jing wasn’t bothered by his look. Instead, he put on a thoughtful expression before turning back to Mo Ju An. “Young Lady Mo, could it be that the painting was stolen?”

Mo Ju An blinked her eyes, obviously confused. “Stolen? Why would anybody steal this painting?” Anyway, it was of her fiance. While he might be a handsome man, that still wasn’t something that you could do anything with, right?

Ao Jing gave a noncommittal smile. “I have no idea why somebody would do that. To be honest, we did come across a painting that looked awfully familiar to Young Master Liangqiu. That is why we came here.

“We were a little worried that something might have happened in your family. But it seems that you’re alright. That is a relief. I’m just a little worried considering that it seems indeed like it was the painting of second Young Master Liangqiu. Maybe you should find out if there is something else missing from your manor.”

Mo Ju An couldn’t explain to herself how something like this might have happened but she still nodded and then rushed to instruct the maid. Before she called out to her, she stopped though.

No. She couldn’t tell the maid, could she? The painting had vanished in her room. If it was only this that had been lost, then it might actually have been her maid who took it. If she was alarmed now, she might hide her traces.

Thinking of that, Mo Ju An went back outside and then lowered her voice. “I think it might be better to let my parents handle this. What if it was my maid? Or do you have a better idea?”

Ao Jing turned to look at Liangqiu Huang. In his opinion, he had already done his part. Now, it was a matter of the Mo family. He shouldn’t get involved in that if it wasn’t necessary.

Liangqiu Huang thought about it and then nodded. “No, Young Lady Mo is right. It would be best if Mister or Madam Mo could handle this. Who knows what is actually going on?”

Mo Ju An nodded and then rushed off to find her mother. Not knowing what exactly was going on, she just couldn’t help but feel anxious.

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