SML V2C54 No Need to Be Worried

The two of them continued to hug for a while until the Li Ming forcefully stepped back. “Alright, if we don’t go to find a place to eat now, I’m afraid we’ll have to go back home hungry.”

Mo Fang first grabbed his hand and then wrapped his arms around Li Ming’s, smiling mischievously. “Well, I don’t want to put any pressure on you but you know, if you took me home, that wouldn’t be a problem. Then you could just cook for me again.”

Even though this was pushing the boundaries of what they had agreed upon before, Li Ming’s heart still couldn’t help but flutter. That kind of home life where they would spend a quiet evening at home and he would cook for his partner every day was definitely something that he was looking forward to.

Mo Fang really knew how to say the right things and paint a picture of the future that he just couldn’t resist. If things would really turn out like that, he’d definitely be the happiest man on earth.

With that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, Li Ming didn’t even notice that Mo Fang had slightly overstepped and just counted it as a cute remark at the side that deserved a reply in like. “I can still do so in the future.” He smiled and then pulled his boyfriend down the road, looking around to find a place they could go to.

Mo Fang didn’t press the issue and just followed him silently, pointing at a few stores every now and then. In any case, he was currently ahead. That was a moment where he needed to dial it back a bit. Otherwise, Li Ming also wouldn’t be happy. A bit of teasing was alright but if it got too much, it would instead become annoying. “How but that one over there? It looks like it’s a comely place. Not that small though so going there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Li Ming slightly raised his brows. A problem? For a moment, he didn’t know what he meant but then he remembered how they had spoken before about how it might be a problem to go out as a gay couple and that this was why he preferred to cook for his boyfriends.

Right. While it could definitely be that they were just coworkers or friends, if Mo Fang hung onto him like this, it would be plain for everyone to see that there was more between them. Who knew if that would turn out well? Being reminded of that, he was actually worried.

It had been quite some time since he last went out for a date or in a relationship and after two days where they hadn’t been disturbed at all, he hadn’t worried about it at all. He hadn’t even thought of it. But experience told him that this was something that couldn’t just be ignored.

Mo Fang could see that his boyfriend had gotten a little distracted after what he had just said. He raised his brows and then patted his shoulder, pulling him over to the door. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve done this a million times before. Nobody is going to complain.”

Li Ming was a little unsure. Even if nobody outright complained, he could already imagine the looks they would get. And this wouldn’t be like yesterday where they would have a room to themselves that gave them lots of privacy. After all, this restaurant didn’t look like they had that kind of amenity. The tables were all out in the open, at most separated by half-high walls. That kind of place, not only would it be able to see the others, they might even be able to hear some of the conversations. This was bound to end in a disaster, wasn’t it?

Mo Fang just pulled him in though and acted as if he was completely at home there. Soon enough, the two of them were seated at a table on the other side of the restaurant. There weren’t that many tables around because theirs was right against the outer wall but he could still see a few.

A straight couple was sitting at the table right next to them and diagonally opposite, there was a larger table with a group of several men. In the other direction, he could see three younger girls sitting together that were still waiting for their order to arrive.

Mo Fang reached over and patted his hand. “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright. Just be natural.”

Li Ming slightly furrowed his brows. He knew that he was making things awkward for Mo Fang as well but he couldn’t help himself. This was just the kind of situation he didn’t want to be in and it wasn’t like he could change it.

He felt a bit sorry for being like this. This was only the second day of their relationship but he seemed to be complaining constantly while Mo Fang just took everything and face-value and tried to make it right. No wonder he didn’t dare to be honest to him. He was probably afraid of his reaction.

Mo Fang gave him a long look but didn’t try to persuade him. In any case, if he was worried, he was worried. Just because he told him not to be, it wouldn’t change a thing. No, if he wanted him to calm down, the only thing he could do was to show him that it wouldn’t be a problem. But right now wasn’t the time yet. No, for that kind of thing, he had to wait for the right moment. Thus, Mo Fang pretended not to see. Instead, he just let things unfold for the time being.

Soon enough, there were a few bowls of food in front of them, the fragrance enveloping them and making Li Ming’s tensed shoulders relax slightly. Well, he just loved good food so the familiar scent calmed him down a bit. And anyway, as long as they just ate, nobody would notice a thing, right? Yes, he did not need to worry. They would just have a conversation and maybe lower their voices a bit. Then, there would definitely not be anything going wrong.

Unfortunately for him, Mo Fang definitely didn’t have the intention to just keep things silent. He finally had the boyfriend he wanted, naturally, he would take advantage of it.

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