SML V2C52 A Practical Person

Mo Fang naturally saw that Li Ming didn’t take that answer that well. He blinked his eyes and then immediately morphed his expression into a teasing smile. “Ah, Bro Li, look at you! You really look like you think I would hook up with somebody that much older than myself. Honestly, I’m just a bit exaggerating. He was probably just barely thirty. He just seemed a bit older to me because I was still so young then. Don’t take it seriously.”

Li Ming’s expression turned a little subtle at that. To be honest, he probably would’ve believed that explanation if not for what he had already experienced with Mo Fang. But now, he couldn’t help but feel that he was just saying this to make him feel better and because he didn’t want him to think badly of him. Unfortunately, that also reminded him of how Mo Fang seemed to have this bad tendency of slightly evading the truth if he didn’t feel like it would be one that was appreciated. He really didn’t know if that was something he liked.

He hesitated for a moment and rubbed his neck, trying to think through what he wanted to say. This was something that they had to deal with. He had already told Mo Fang that honesty was very important to him. And it was true. He would not be able to deal with it if his partner was lying to him. Especially not if it was becoming a habit.

A small white lie here and there for a specific purpose was still alright if it was told so that you could do something for your significant other like when you were lying about what you were doing to prepare a surprise party for their birthday or when you were intending to have a nice date but didn’t want to admit to what you were going to do exactly. But if you were regularly covering up your true thoughts and intentions, then how could you have a relationship?

This was something that he was adamant about. He wouldn’t budge. He just couldn’t live with somebody who was lying to him all the time. But then, this was only the second day of their relationship and Mo Fang was probably still insecure because of the things that happened with Lan Heng.

It also didn’t help that he had already told him yesterday that he needed some time before he could get closer physically. If he now told him that he wanted him to be completely honest because he couldn’t take his dishonesty, then Mo Fang would definitely feel admonished. That also wasn’t something that he wanted. It might actually ruin their relationship before it had really begun.

In the end, Li Ming couldn’t bring himself to do it. He smiled faintly and then gave a nod as if he really believed that explanation, shelving the thought for later. “Well, even if you did, as I said before, it wouldn’t change anything. Your past relationships are important experiences that you made. If at that time you felt the need to give it a try with somebody twice your age, then there will have been a reason for it. I think that from your side, there isn’t really a problem with that. I would, however, question what that man was thinking to hook up with somebody this much younger. It doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.”

He didn’t know how Mo Fang had looked when he was younger but right now, if he told somebody that he was twenty, he didn’t think that anybody would dare to presume otherwise. He really looked a few years younger than he actually was. So at eighteen … had he already looked that part or had he also seemed younger than that? Depending on that, that man’s actions might be even more reprehensible. Just because something was legal that didn’t mean that it should be done. He was a firm believer in that.

Mo Fang didn’t seem to see anything wrong with that though. “Ah, a lot of men like to go for the younger guys. I guess I can’t blame them. They want them to stay pretty forever.” He brushed through his hair, seeming not to have a care in the world.

Li Ming really didn’t know what to say to that. It seemed that in this point, the two of them differed quite a bit. Well, he had known that before ready. “Well, as long as you were happy and didn’t feel forced, it’s alright.”

Mo Fang smiled brightly at that. “Don’t worry, I didn’t. I’ve never felt forced into any relationship. I would only ever start something with guys that I really liked. If somebody tried something shady with me, I would definitely get help if I can’t solve it myself.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Mo Fang straightened up again, his smile turning sweeter. “Well, I think you’ve already asked two questions in a row now. So I guess that means it’s my turn now.”

Li Ming nodded. “It is. So, what do you want to know?”

Mo Fang gave a hum, pondering for a moment. The last few questions had turned into longer discussions. While that was good in general, they would also get exhausted if they talked like this all the time. So for now, they needed a few questions that could be answered in a more concise manner. “Ah, well … What are the three things you would take with you if you had to go to a lone island?”

Li Ming laughed. “That type of thing? Well, something practical I guess. Maybe a rope, a knife, and a net. I’d think about it a bit longer if I really had to go to make sure I really made the right decision though.”

Mo Fang laughed. “You’re really such a practical person. I would’ve thought of taking something like a signal flare or a megaphone so I can call somebody for help to get off the island again. You’re actually thinking of living there.”

Li Ming laughed as well when Mo Fang pointed that out. “Ah, I didn’t know it was an option to just leave the island again. In that case, I might join you in trying to get help. Maybe we should just take a boat with us so we can leave ourselves.”

Mo Fang’s smile turned mischievous and he batted his eyelids at him. “Well, if we were to go together, it wouldn’t be that much of a lone island anymore. Maybe I’d even like to stay there.”

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