SML V2C51 A Big Age Difference

Li Ming didn’t know how to continue for a moment but finally just shook his head and went with the part that was likely the easiest to talk about. “You seem to have a pretty good relationship with some of your exes. I thought it was great how you get along with Si Tao.”

Mo Fang beamed at him. “And there he said I was high maintenance! Honestly, I’m not somebody that needs much to be happy. So of course, as long as I was treated well, I won’t have a problem getting along with them afterward. Also, let’s be honest, there are only so many gay guys around. If I had a bad break up with all of them, I might have to die alone.”

Li Ming chuckled. “I’m pretty sure that our numbers aren’t that limited.”

Mo Fang gave a hum in response and rubbed Li Ming’s chest, leaning a little closer. “Well they’re not that limited alright but it’s still not easy to find the right ones. I mean I wouldn’t get together with just anybody.”

Li Ming raised his brows at that. They had already talked a bit about what kind of things they would like in a partner but he hadn’t asked anything in the other direction. “So what would be a no-go in a man for you? Something that would instantly make you go ‘no, I wouldn’t date him’. Is there something like that?”

Mo Fang chuckled. “There is but you don’t check out even a single one of these. So you don’t have to worry.” He leaned even closer and then pecked Li Ming’s lips before pulling back again.

Li Ming looked at him and then reached out while pulling him slightly closer again and kissing him back. He wasn’t sure if Mo Fang was doing this consciously but he had noticed that he was getting close all the time only to pull back a moment later. Most likely, he had really made him self-conscious with what he had said before. It seemed that he would need to make amends soon or this might stunt their growth as a couple in the near future.

“I’m happy you say that but I was actually just interested though. Personally, I think I’m quite open. I might have a certain type that I’m more likely to go after but overall, I think I’d be able to give it a try with all kinds of people as long as I feel that our personalities match.”

Mo Fang looked at him, one of his fingers tugging the hem of his shirt. “It’s because you’re such a nice person. I’m pretty sure you could get along with almost everyone.”

Li Ming gave a hum. “You know, you’re really good at complimenting somebody.”

Mo Fang chuckled and put his head on Li Ming’s shoulder, making himself comfortable again while he brushed his torso with his fingers. “It’s because I don’t hold back and just speak my mind. If I think something, I’m likely going to just say it out loud. Come to think of it, I think that would be one of the things I wouldn’t accept in a potential partner: I don’t want somebody who’s going to talk in circles and not get to the point. Also, somebody who can’t take my honesty wouldn’t do either.”

Li Ming nodded. Yes, he could imagine that Mo Fang might clash with somebody who wasn’t able to take just how direct he was. Even he had to admit that he kept being surprised even though he had already noticed this about him. It was definitely something one needed to be willing to accept to make this work. “Anything else?”

Mo Fang pursed his lips. “Well, I wouldn’t want somebody who’s much younger than me. I don’t mind if we’re the same age group or if it’s just slightly but right now, I just wouldn’t feel good with that.”

Li Ming raised his brows when he thought of that option. “Well, we are still pretty young. A few years can make a big difference at our age. Ten years from now, things might be different.”

“I still wouldn’t go out with them if they’re below twenty.”

Li Ming shot him a look, wondering where exactly that had come from. Not wanting to date somebody younger than that almost felt like a given to him. After all, a big difference in age could make things really complicated. But ten years from now, the two of them would already be in their mid-thirties. Did he really need to mention dating somebody below twenty? That kind of age difference … He wasn’t sure if it would be alright. But then again, considering Mo Fang’s dating history, he couldn’t say that he was surprised.

“Say, if you don’t mind me asking, what was the biggest age difference you ever had with a partner?” Considering that he just told him how he dated a married CEO while he was barely twenty, he could imagine that the difference was actually quite large. So maybe Mo Fang’s thoughts on this topic would be different from his. He wasn’t quite sure what exactly he thought of that but while they were in a relationship, it wouldn’t really be a point of contention so maybe he didn’t need to answer that question either.

Mo Fang needed a moment to think about the question. “The biggest age difference?” That was actually quite hard to say. He didn’t always ask about such details as age. In fact, there had been quite a few guys that he didn’t speak much with at all. In those relationships, the physical part had always been more important. As long as they were fit and good-looking, who cared how old they were? But because of that, he had a pretty difficult time answering Li Ming’s question. “Actually, I’m not quite sure.”

Finally, he could only admit to it but he felt that he should at least give an estimate. “Well, when I was eighteen, I briefly dated a guy in his mid-thirties. So I guess you could say that it was about a seventeen. or eighteen-year difference. I’m not quite sure how big exactly it was though.”

Li Ming stared at him speechlessly. Never mind the fact that this kind of almost twenty-year difference was pretty huge, but if Mo Fang had been eighteen at that time, didn’t that mean that he had dated a guy pretty much exactly twice his age? He really didn’t know what to think of that.

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