SML V2C50 An Eye-Opening Story

Li Ming stared at Mo Fang with wide-open eyes. “She …” He tried to imagine that scene and couldn’t help but be mortified just at the thought of it. “So you were in bed …” He trailed off again, not quite sure how to go on. From what Mo Fang had said before, he was pretty sure that he had been naked as well. “And then a stranger basically barged into the room and surprised you?”

Mo Fang nodded. “Yes, exactly like that! I was a bit surprised as well.”

Li Ming opened his mouth and then closed it again. Honestly, ‘a bit surprised’ probably didn’t even begin to cover this. “Well, what did you do?” He didn’t even want to imagine being in that kind of situation. Just how had Mo Fang dealt with that? He was only in his early twenties right now. If this had been three years ago or even a little more than that, he had only been around twenty. Was that really the age where you were equipped to deal with things like this? He wasn’t too sure about it. Personally, he probably wouldn’t have been at such an age.

Mo Fang didn’t seem to think much of it though. “Well, I looked at her and asked her what she wanted. You can imagine that she wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. I’m sure she was expecting a female mistress instead of a male lover.” He laughed at that. “So after seeing me, I guess she had quite a few questions of her own.” Mo Fang still chuckled at the thought. Just remembering her expression when she saw him really lifted his mood.

Li Ming raised his brows higher, not quite sure if he understood Mo Fang’s mood right now. He didn’t seem embarrassed at all. Instead, it seemed like he found the overall situation funny. Well, but then again, after a few years, this kind of thing might turn out to be funny. After all, it really was a strange situation. “Did you just leave afterward?”

Mo Fang shook his head. “No. After she started to understand what was going on, she was even more unhappy than before. So she started to cuss me out and wanted an explanation.

“Well, what was I supposed to say? I hadn’t known that he was married. If I did, I wouldn’t have hooked up with him in the first place. You know that I don’t like cheating. If somebody cheats on me, I will definitely leave them. And letting me believe that they are single while they are actually in a relationship and even married, I’m really not alright with that.

“So I was actually quite angry at him. On the other hand, I was angry at her as well. You know, I always find it weird how people will blame the other person for getting in-between them and their partner. I mean no matter what the circumstances were, it’s still on your partner if they cheat, isn’t it?” He looked at Li Ming, wondering what he thought about that.

Li Ming nodded slowly. “I guess, for the most part, that’s true. If the other person tries to get between you and your partner, I could understand being angry though.”

Mo Fang hurriedly nodded even though he still felt that the person cheating was the actual problem. The other stuff was just the context. There really was no reason why anybody should ever cheat. “Well, in any case, I wasn’t about to let her berate me like that. So I just got up, and told her that if she wanted to be angry at somebody, she should just go and confront her husband, not an unrelated third-party.”

“She probably didn’t take that very well?”

Mo Fang shook his head. “Of course not. She actually started to threaten me. At that point, I really had enough of her. So I just looked at her, and asked her if she intended to stay married to her husband.”

Li Ming didn’t quite understand where that was coming from. “Why that?”

“Ah, she also didn’t seem to understand. But I said that if she wanted to make trouble for me, she shouldn’t forget that her husband had been sleeping with me. There were messages and everything to prove it. If I had made that public, I bet the two of them would’ve lost a lot of money. I mean just imagine the scandal he would’ve gotten himself into!

“So I asked her if she wanted that to happen or not and then told her that she should rather confront her husband and make sure that he kept it in his pants outside of the home instead of trying to make trouble for me. Then I also reminded her that contrary to her husband, I wasn’t in any relationship. After that, I just put on my clothes and left.”

Li Ming raked a hand through the air, feeling distraught on Mo Fang’s behalf. “And they really didn’t make trouble for you?” That was hard to imagine.

Mo Fang smiled and patted his boyfriend’s chest. “You’re so cute!” He pecked his cheek and then pulled back immediately so that it wouldn’t seem as if he was trying to do anything he shouldn’t. “They really didn’t. I called him right away and told him that he had been busted, that I was breaking up with him for being a lying piece of shit, and that he should better take care of his wife or he would get to know another side of me.”

“Weren’t you scared at all? What if they hadn’t been scared to lose face? I mean they were probably pretty rich.”

Mo Fang just smiled at that though. “You are forgetting one thing: Even though my family might not be super-wealthy, it’s not like I broke things off with all of my exes when we were in a bad place. Sometimes, we also just realized that we weren’t doing too well together so we split amicably when everyone went their own way.”

Li Ming stared at him, not quite sure what that was supposed to tell him. “Your exes … what did they have to do with this?”

Mo Fang seemed a little surprised that he would ask that. “Well, the guy before the CEO was a lawyer. I’m pretty sure he could’ve gotten me out of most trouble. And if not, there are still others that would have been willing to help me. I mean, just look at Si Tao.”

Li Ming still wasn’t quite sure what to think of that. It seemed that in terms of past relationships, Mo Fang had really had quite the extensive past. Somebody like him who only had a handful probably couldn’t understand. Just this story alone was eye-opening.

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