SML V2C49 Something Work-Related?

Li Ming was quite curious what kind of story Mo Fang would come up with. To be honest, he had half expected him to say that he already knew that story because it was the one where his father had caught him and his first boyfriend doing it in the car. At the very least, that sounded like the kind of thing where you’d be mortified after it happened.

But Mo Fang hadn’t mentioned that. So either he just hadn’t thought of that story or there was actually something that was even more embarrassing to him. He really doubted the former since Mo Fang had mentioned that story just the other day so it should be fresh in his mind but on the other hand, he also had a hard time imagining what kind of thing might be worse.

After all, being caught by your parents while having sex … that in itself was embarrassing enough. It was even worse because Mo Fang hadn’t come out before that and, well, his boyfriend had been quite a bit older. If it had been him, Li Ming really wasn’t sure if he ever would have dared to look into his parent’s face after that.

In any case, Mo Fang’s thoughts on the matter seemed to be quite different. He was actually smiling happily as if there wasn’t much to be embarrassed about in this story and as if he actually thought the matter was funny. Well, Li Ming couldn’t help but think that maybe after quite some time had passed, he wasn’t taking it too seriously anymore. Who knew how long ago this had happened?

Mo Fang was about to answer that question. “Actually, this hasn’t been too long ago. Maybe two or three years. It could also be slightly longer than that but it should have been around that time.

“I had just been doing a photoshoot. It was for a company that wanted some young people to pose with their products, nothing difficult. I knew the photographer so he invited me as one of the models. After the shoot, the CEO of the company came to have a look since we were doing everything on company grounds and he wanted to see if there were any problems or if they needed more people.”

Li Ming nodded to show he understood. It seemed that this was something work-related? Well, considering how seriously Mo Fang took his job, this wasn’t unexpected. He made sure not to interrupt him and just continued to listen.

Mo Fang’s smile got even more pronounced. “Well, one look, and I think the two of us just knew that this might work out.”

Li Ming’s brows shot up and this time, despite what he had told himself before, he couldn’t help but ask. “Are we talking about working out in a longer work-related relationship or …?”

Mo Fang laughed at that and reached over, kissing his cheek. “No, not that way. Of course, I’m talking about privately. You said that you didn’t have a problem if I mentioned any exes.”

Li Ming rubbed his neck and nodded. “No, I don’t. I just … I didn’t expect it to go in that direction, to be honest.”

Mo Fang just chuckled. “Well, it wasn’t something that went on for a long time. He seemed to be super busy so we couldn’t really spend much time together and as I’ve said before, I’m usually interested in spending a lot of time with the person I’m together with. If you don’t spend time with each other, is there really a reason to be a couple?”

Li Ming nodded. He remembered that. It seemed that it really was something that was important to Mo Fang. “You broke up?”

“Well, we broke up in the end. The embarrassing thing was actually what finally led to the breakup. I had been complaining that he almost never made time for me so he finally invited me along for a small trip. It was just a week but he promised that we would spend all the time that he didn’t need to work together with me.

“I was quite happy about it. In any case, I’m not going to break up with somebody immediately just because I’m unhappy for a bit. If I can see that they are working on it, then I don’t mind giving it a try. He seemed really apologetic and it’s not like he didn’t have a reason for it either. If we could make it work, I would’ve been really happy.

“In any case, we went to that hotel and things were going really well for the first three days. He had a bit of work but we were able to spend the whole night together, got up together in the morning to eat breakfast, and sometimes, we would also grab lunch or dinner together depending on how his work schedule looked. It seemed a lot better than what had been happening before. So I was really ready to forgive him.”

Li Ming nodded but also felt a little sorry. It seemed that things had finally not worked out despite these efforts. “So what happened to make you reconsider?”

“Well …” Mo Fang seemed a little sheepish and inched closer, hugging Li Ming’s waist. “You’re not going to get angry, are you?”

Li Ming raised his brows. “No, of course not. Why would I?” He pondered for a moment and finally shook his head. “In any case, it’s been several years ago. No matter what you did in another relationship, I can’t complain about that.”

Mo Fang nodded, satisfied with that. He stayed close to Li Ming, playing with one of the buttons on his shirt. “Well, you know that I’m not that shy, right? When it comes to being physical with somebody, I don’t mind it at all. So I figured that on the fourth day since he was making such a big effort for me, I should also reward him a little.” He smiled sweetly and then looked up, blinking his eyes at Li Ming. “I’ll leave it up to your imagination what I had planned.”

Li Ming requited his gaze, suddenly feeling a bit hot. With that introduction of whatever had happened, he was pretty sure that it was something steamy. He cleared his throat and then forced a smile. “Well, I’m sure you thought of something spectacular.”

“Yeah, I did. It’s a pity that I didn’t really get to make use of it. He was out for a business dinner and running slightly late. At the very least, that’s what I thought. Then, the door opened and somebody came in. At that time, I was lying on the bed and only looked over my shoulder since I was pretty sure that it was him.

“Well, guess what? It wasn’t. Instead, it was his wife. She found out that he had taken somebody along and came to confront them.”

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